1. B

    Mains supply for light industrial units.

    Hi guys. I’ve just take over a job that had been already started. It’s 7 light industrial units that have supplies already wired underground in 25mm 4 core. The client wants 7 meters at the mains which is all well and good but the question is.... The previous spark said he was going to put a...
  2. P

    Consumer Units under stairs

    On a new build can you still fit a CU under the stairs.
  3. J

    Advice around testing of mobile units

    Hi All, New poster here!! after some advice surrounding testing of mobile units... I have had to rewire 7 Ice Cream Units (static ones that are used at Theme Parks), as they were originally from Spain, and nothing in them conformed with our current regs (Gotta love them Europeans!) Ive...
  4. E

    MK K7666sMET consumer units, Ansell downlights and other unneeded stock for sale

    8 MK metal dual RCD consumer units. All come fully loaded with 100A main switch, 2 x 63A RCDs, and 10 MCBs (1 x B40, 4 x B32, 2 x B16, 3 x B6). 1 is missing the busbar (I used it for a job) but I have an MK replacement. A couple of the cardboard boxes are not perfect but the CUs are untouched...
  5. T

    Air con units and it equipment on RCD?

    Hi , I usually do domestic work but i have an office job to price and i was wondering if the following items should be RCD protected, the reason i ask is for nuisance tripping. Air con units 3ph and single Sockets for the office computers Comms/Patch panel Thanks
  6. I

    Testing and signing off mobile catering units.

    Hi all, A friend of mine wants me to help him out renewing/converting trailers and horse boxes to be used for catering of film sets or in the public. I've got all the info I can get from Section 717 but what I'm not sure about it to what level I need to test and how certifying comes into play...
  7. T

    Fusebox consumers units

    Has anyone used the brand Fusebox before, how do people rate it as I’m just looking at there main switch spd board with RCBOs We always use Hager! But just shopping around...
  8. OnlQQker

    Predicting The Future Of Consumer Units Etc...

    I think they will become computerised to a degree, either like a mechanic connects his laptop to the cars computer or a digital read out giving all the information you need regarding diagnostics etc! Everything is changing at a great rate of knots! Happy new year to everybody by the way. 🍺
  9. L

    Metal consumer only option now?

    Following on from this saga: SWA questions, doubting electrician - https://www.electriciansforums.net/threads/swa-questions-doubting-electrician.180536/page-2 I had an electrician out to quote to rectify the problems yesterday after dealing with the tripping issue myself. I have now been told...
  10. I

    Testing portable welfare units with built in generator

    Hi I’ve recently tested a unit and rcd times are fine and R1R2 but Ze and Zs are High values and are not within bs7671 for a tns supply , I don’t really know what ze I should be getting to start with and would it be better treating it as a TT ,I will admit I’ve never done one before and only...
  11. F

    Testing CBR units

    CBR units appear difficult to trip time test on some occasions. Not only myself but other colleagues too when testing 300ma/500ma CBR units find even using a variety of manufacturers instruments that multiple trys are required before a succesful trip test. Often no trip occurs at all. Is this...
  12. Q

    2 Consumer Units or 1?

    Hi All I need some advice please. I am getting my house rewired and have asked for each room to be rewired on a separate circuit so if 1 room has any problems and trips it does not affect the lighting/sockets in any other room. its a 5 bedroom house and kitchen diner and living room (total 7...
  13. S

    Are 30mA split load consumer units non compliant under 18th edition

    Hi All, Just wanted to see what peoples opinion is is installing a 30ma Split load board compliant/ non compliant under the 18th Edition or you have to use RCBO's for each final circuit? BS7671:2018, Page 155 regulation 531.3.5.2 is a note which says on TN systems which states " Exept where...
  14. FatAlan

    Kitchen refit - sockets moved from wall to units?

    32amp rfc supplying two gang sockets in wall behind kitchen units. At present horrible holes have been cut in the back of the units to get access to the sockets for appliances. New units going in. Whats the best way of extending to a pattress in the back of the unit? In essence Im looking for...
  15. T

    Recessed consumer units

    Does anyone know of a decent recessed consumer unit? Needs to be 6ways with a surge so 8ways total with a main switch
  16. B

    MK Consumer Units

    Rumours are circulating that MK are going to stop making Consumer Units. Anyone know if there is any truth to this?
  17. Gavin John Hyde

    MK to discontinue comsumer units

    Just read online that MK are to discontinue the Sentry consumer unit range. Blaming issues moving from 17th to 18th edition. I didnt realise MK used siemens technology inside there protective devices. MK have been going down hill for a while the prices they charge I would unless an offer is...
  18. C

    Imersion timer

    We have an vented system boiler, the boiler is quite large and struggles to run rate low enough to just heat water. The tank has an imersion heater fitted, I'd like to switch this with a contractor driven by a singe channel heating programmer. I plan to put a tank stat between the programmer...
  19. P

    Quinetic wireless units - power reset

    Does anyone know if quinetic wireless units (switches/receivers) retain the memory after the power is cut, and if so for how long?
  20. H

    Two consumer units

    Two consumer units and meters. One pair for a flat above a shop and the other set for the shop. The armoured cable rising diagonaly above the consumer unit ajacent to the building electric supply feeds the the shop meter and consumer unit in an other basement room.
  21. Charlie_

    Multi room ventilation units

    Recommendations please.. To service 4 en-suite bathrooms. All on 1 level, average run of 5m
  22. S

    18th edition and the requirement to upgrade consumer units when electric hobs are replaced

    Good morning does anyone know about anything in the 18th edition and the requirement to upgrade consumer units when electric hobs are replaced? i had a customer ask me about it this morning. Many thanks Simon
  23. Charlie_

    Height of consumer units

    I always install my consumer units between 450 and 1200, sometimes at 1400.. Am I right in thinking that CUs come under part M? Extensions and rewires not covered by part M? Anybody still installing them up at ceiling height?
  24. westward10

    Phase Guard consumer units.

    Need to do some remedial quotes and the consumer units are noted as Phase Guard. Need some mcbs for them, anyone heard of them or who sold them?
  25. gazdkw82

    Customisable consumer units

    I'm looking for a customisable consumer unit for a log cabin install. It seems most of these sorts of boards only come in larger sizes and I'm really only after a 4 way board. I found Schneider and Hager do the fully customisable fronts but to be honest, just a black or brown board would be...
  26. SparkieMarky

    Termination of SWA into new style flush Consumer Units

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to terminate an SWA into the new style flush CUs such as Hager's, BG's etc.? I ask as all seem to either employ oval or square knockouts, which is great for the surface boards when using truncking etc. but no great if you are trying to comply with...
  27. G

    Compex Units course help and advice please

    hi, Recently done the 2019 Compex , the Velcro equipment board is an online assessment now with drop down menus and I failed the Ex01 part of this, is there anyone who can clarify the following for my knowledge please Exd equipment can be used in zone 1 and 2 also If I have a cable 3m long...
  28. S

    NVQ level 3 knowledge units questions

    Hi to evryone, I am starting NVQ level 3 with quickstep and I am wondering if anyone would like to help me with all those knowledge units questions? Not for free of course. Thx
  29. B

    Max Demand for mixed use commercial units

    Hi, Looking at a potential job. Agricultural buildings being divided into 10 mixed use units of around 1000 sq ft each. Present supply is a 100A TPN incomer. Future use of units is unknown at this stage, but planning is for B1 B2 so uses could be anything from a warehouse with a bit of lighting...
  30. I

    Testing with 2 consumer units

    Hi all, quick question, if I fit a new small consumer unit for a shower do I just test this board or do I need to test the existing house consumer unit as well ? Thanks Ian
  31. K

    Domestic Consumer Units? Is there any difference between manufacturers

    Hi All So I am going to be looking at upgrading to a new a consumer unit in the next few months and I would like to know whether there is such a thing as premium units and budget units because the prices I've looked certainly indicate this to be the case. If so are there actually any...
  32. Andy-1960

    Voltage Optimisation Units

    Hi All, Have come across a site today where the client has had a voltage optimisation unit fitted on his incoming mains supply. The supply transformer is rated at 2MVA, and the voltage optimiser at 2250A (which appears to be undersized to me!) Just wondering if anyone has come across these...
  33. O

    Downlights - GU10 or Sealed units .........

    Fairly simple question about peoples preferences Personally I'm thinking that sealed units are now not really an option as there is too much waste when they go wrong and often it means time I'm not paid for Whereas customers can change GU10's themselves ....... Thoughts?
  34. Gavin John Hyde

    Stupid positioning of consumer units...

    Called by a customer yesterday as the cover on the consumer unit has come off and they were panicking. Agreed to call in this morning. Its a new build house, the consumer unit is located immediately adjacent to the side door. When it opens the door handle/ lock bangs into the cover. Over time...
  35. S

    Adding new circuits to all insulated consumer units

    hi guys, Is it still ok to add a new circuit to an all insulated consumer unit in a domestic dwelling. I only ask as my previous employer always changed consumer units for metal when adding a circuit. I know this is probably a stupid question. Thanks for replies
  36. Dal

    Connecting Consumer Units.

    Hi! First off I'd like to make clear that this installation is in Spain so UK regs don't necessarily apply but I'm just looking for some feedback and peace of mind that what I want to do isn't too stupid! (p.s. no ring main, all radial circuits and yes, we are earthed!) I've lived in a ground...
  37. the pict

    Meteor consumer units

    As above has anybody got feedback on the Live products Pict
  38. the pict

    BG consumer unit weird neutrals

    This has happened twice, during a board change all circuits connected, first switch on, I have a idiosyncratic procedure for this, all off then mainswitch on,first RCD on,push test button then back on test RCD, breakers on repeat for second RCD, twice now I have had nothing on rcd button or...
  39. bigspark17

    Contactum consumer units.

    Any one use contactum consumer units.? If so who/where do you buy them from?
  40. 7

    Ikea - sockets in units

    Im in the process of quoting for a kitchen refit which ikea fitters will be fitting whilst i complete electrical works. Dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer are all freestanding but below worktop so my plan was to provide a switched fused spur with single socket for each. Now, ikea...
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