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  1. H

    Alternator failing to produce power until revs rise

    Hi people . My first post . I have a 1989 turbo diesel Landcruiser with a 24 volt system . The alternator , for many years has needed to be spun up before it began to produce power and the dash lights extinguished . About 1250 engine rpm or three times that for the alternator . Recently it would...
  2. Marti

    Domestic It weren't broke until I got there an' improved it.

    So... This is all on my house and no animals were harmed in the making of this hash up but the Mrs doesn't know...yet. A few years ago we had this house rewired. Usual story, a lash up by an unqualified because we knew no better and it was one of the incentives for me to qualify and offer a...
  3. J

    How long until you receive AM2 certificate??

    hi, Does anybody know roughly how long the AM2 certificate takes to arrive on the post, after you found out that you have been successful?? Cheers
  4. einstein

    so my current ECS card is valid until 2020

    what happens when i need to update to 18th edition?
  5. MDJ

    2 Weeks to go until the big one

    Until we meet the Green men in the six nations that is, time to start some humour and banter
  6. Q

    Drilled through wire sheath, advice to make safe until after Xmas

    Hello, I drilled a hole late last night after a long day and stupidly didn't check the wall directly under the plug socket (I know). The RCD tripped and it appears to have just exposed the copper wires, just the sheath is damaged (pics attached). From a bit of googling it seems there is no...
  7. O

    Withholding certificates until you've been paid?

    I was asked today to review an EICR produced by another , a in Exeter to be precise, so far to far for me to be even vaguely interested in the job What caught my eye on their email was the following: Please note the process to certification is as follows: 1. Electrical testing carried out...
  8. Pete999


    Following on from Sam's request, I thought I would try one, anyone on the Forum work for DOE/PSA from 1971 until Thatcher decimated the department in the late 80s?
  9. GMES

    Run up to Christmas

    So lads what are your plans upto Xmas, will you be full pelt upto the death or have some of you started to wind down already. It's been a mad year for me and my lads this year so I am trying to calm it down next week, we will be still going until Friday but hopefully office bound from Thursday...
  10. Sintra

    Miet Or Tmiet

    Was thinking about applying for membership of the IET but their online form isn't working. Always fancied a few letters after my name lol. Any of you guys got membership?
  11. Q

    Quiet time of year

    I was super busy in December right through to February. Almost unable to keep up. Then March has been almost dead! A few little jobs but the enquiries have died right down.. How is everyone else finding things at the moment?
  12. R

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Membership not even a year ?

    Just a quick one but how long does a NICEIC membership last ? Joined in December last year but not accepted until March this year so couldn't practise under there banner until then But just had an invoice for dec -dec for another 12 years membership So my 1st year was for 9 months then ? Any...
  13. G

    annoying IR fault

    Had an IR fault on a newly installed lighting circuit today, 0.00ohms with continuity of 0.37 between neutral and earth, split the circuit down and down again until I find which room it's in, full of spotlights, keep splitting until I narrow it down to the last spot, disconnect spot fault...
  14. F

    Help with a fault :)

    Any help would be massively appreciated.. I have 230v supply to my board.. Switch some mcbs on the voltage drops and other mcbs the voltage reads zero. Any ideas ?
  15. G

    Commercial Generator + UPS Woes

    Greetings, I'm in the Philippines and have an office full of PCs that need to run with as little interruption as possible. Power is pretty reliable here in general, but we have rotational blackouts for an hour a day at the moment due to a regional shortage caused by damage from the typhoon in...
  16. L

    Insulation resistance Live to Earth on lighting circuit dead short

    Hi all, Tested a lighting circuit recently and got live to earth dead short and neutral to earth dead short on insulation resistance all loads were still connected there was a fluorescent fitting on the circuit and signs of green goo in switches and ceiling roses and the MCB was not tripping. Do...
  17. P

    veritas 8c alarm

    Sorry can't access the alarms forums hence why it's here. The plan is to move a veritas 8 compact alarm into an upstairs cupboard and have a remote keypad at the door. When fitting the keypad today just to see if all is ok (which it is), I noticed when I disconnected the supply and battery the...
  18. sparkless

    Quiet tonight

    It's quiet on the Forum tonight, is it the post Christmas hangover? or is it like me, and not going back properly until Monday
  19. P

    code 1 on EICR

    my amtech flags up a code 1 when max zs is reached on a protective device when tested and the results entered ELECSA guidance notes quote it as a cde 2 anybody suggest which to follow as it can create problems on site
  20. P

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme Renewing SJIB grading card obtained in '06

    Hi folks i was wondering if someone would be able to clarify the steps i need to take to renew my grading card that was obtained in November '06 with CSCS. Basically i went travelling and the last thing on my mind was sparking so my grading card has expired along with my CSCS. It is time to...
  21. G

    Back to work.?

    Hi all and happy new year so are you all back to work as of tomorrow (tues) and if so what rate you giving 43 or 21, or are the government appealing so that needs sorting out first.? thanks Grand
  22. D

    Anyone got bookings for post-12th Dec?

    ..Just wondering, does anyone have any installations booked for after the 12th Dec? We've got 1 customer whose new roof won't be ready in time but has vowed to press ahead anyway..
  23. J

    Booked on a PV course for NOV 14th

    Do you think I should be getting my money back? Really in two minds whether it's worth doing now
  24. T

    Apprentices working alone

    Need some help on this one? What are the rights and wrongs of sending apprentices to jobs on their own. Is it legal, seeing as how they should not be regarded as competent yet, even though many of them are?
  25. Goody

    How long does take to deliver?

    Hi, has anyone ordered the "Green Big Book" through and how long did they take to deliver? I am so desperate. :juggle2: Thanks
  26. P

    agency work

    hi there, new to the forum. im getting laid off from work on Friday due to lack of work and was wondering if anyone could recommend specialist agency's for sparks in the herts/beds area?. done all my college,am2 and just handed in my nvq portfolio so just waiting to receive certs so i would...
  27. C

    Over sized switches

    Hello EF, Got lost from some of Dan's other forums but thought I’d post a question anyway. So I took on a little redec job, a quick in and out one but one of the other things we had to do is change a few random brass face plates for white to match the existing. All fairly straight forward and...
  28. D

    Domestic Installer Course Offer

    Good Afternoon, We have a few spaces on our next EAL VRQ Domestic Installer course at Stoke-on-Trent and Willenhall, Wolverhampton. The usual cost of the 5 day course is £775 but for spaces on the following dates the cost will be £700 inc VAT. Willenhall Centre - May 17th. Course times from...
  29. N

    Domestic Burnt sockets

    Hi, I have a socket that has been badly installed and has burnt the wires and the cover. I think the insulation has been screwed down onto the thread. I have removed the socket, but need to get some new wire before I can do anything else. How do I make the wire safe so I can turn on the power...
  30. V

    customers......................................... .

    a customer calls to question the saftey of my installation.stable block. he states that he has had the work inspected by another contractor and it has been condemed.he will not disclose the name of said contractor or his findings. he states that i cannot remove my equipment(for free)as it now...
  31. T

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic forms 16th edition format

    Anyone know how long we can use these forms for as still got alot of the 16th edition format left and dont want to buy replacements until these are used up really but the schedule of inspections form is different now for the 17th not sure if any other form changes? cheers if anyone has any answers.
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