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  1. J

    Unused conductors in trunking

    The client has decided that redundant circuits, created by us by decommissioning obsolete equipment, should be, in the first instance, removed completely. If this can be shown to be unsafe, cutting back a metre at each end would suffice. I seem to remember a regulation that unused conductors in...
  2. J

    Supply loft light from unused shower cable

    I was asked a question today if it would be possible to use an existing cable that was previously installed to supply a shower which has been taken out (6mm T+E) to feed a light in the loft. Initially I said no it wasn’t good practice to do this, but now I’m thinking as-long as the MCB is...
  3. Pete999

    If anyone want a pair, I have an unused pair, not wanted any more £20 plus postage PM if interested Nearly £40 if bought from new so a good deal
  4. Adj

    MEGGER MFT 1720 For Sale - Unused

    Bought April 2015 as a spare. Kept in office since and never used. Registered with Megger for 3 year warranty (runs out in April). £450. C an deliver to most PE,LE,NN postcodes, parcel post for £15, or collect after funds clear. Paypal, bank tranfer or cash.
  5. L

    Confirmation of Hive Wiring

    Just swapped a Danfoss RX1 for a Hive v2. I initially thought I would just put the wiring into the same place, easy enough. Didn't work. I notice the terminal allocation is different between the two: Danfoss: N - L - 1 (unused) - 2 (COM) - 3 (ON) - 4 (OFF) Hive: N - L - 1 (COM) - 2 (OFF) - 3...
  6. N

    Nest Heat Link on a Worcester Bosch 280

    I have an old Worcester Bosch 280 combi. Currently it doesn't have a stat connected so the connectors on the board are N (Unused) 1 & 2 (marked as Room Stat) are jumpered, and I get 240V from 2 when metered out, but nothing from 1 (assumed to be stat switch on) 3 is unused and unmarked 4 is...
  7. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Of interest to anyone?

  8. happyhippydad

    Extending cat 5 cable or telephone cable and maintenance free requirements?

    I was wondering if the maintenance free requirements (MF) are the same with communication cable as with low voltage supplies? I can't see why they wouldn't be. The junction boxes for cat 5 cable or telephone cable where you just use the insertion tool have no screws that could come loose but I...
  9. sjhall

    kewtech 1710 voltage tester

    For sale , unused kewtech 1710 voltage tester. Unused with instructions £70 is the cheapest I can find it... Offers
  10. S

    Bits for Sale

    Seaward MFT with Cert of conformity - unused £250 50m Wander lead - unused £30 Super Rod Mega set - unused £50 The new Tech LC Veto Pro Pac unused - £90 Cheers
  11. B

    MFT 1553 Megger.

    HI,new to this forum for one reason and that is to sell my unused megger,i received this as security payment for work i had done for a company who are unfortunately no longer trading.I have no idea of value and first reasonable offer will be accepted, Regards, John.
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