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  1. S

    Security lights upgrade

    Hi We've just moved in to a new house and it's got 3 outdoor security lights in the back garden. I've tried to trace the wiring back inside but I cannot find where it goes other than finding the ring that it's on. The plug (if there is one) could very well could be hidden under the attic...
  2. A

    Domestic Consumer unit upgrade

    Looking to upgrade the current consumer unit, it is located in the garage, the new cu will be in the same location. Having read various posts it appears that the Hager boards are well regarded but the MK boards not so But my electrician is adamant in wanting to install an MK RCD board 13 way...
  3. S

    Need to upgrade main panel?

    I have been meeting with solar system installers to install a grid-tied system at my house. Before I commit I want to verify whether I need to upgrade my main service panel. I have been reading about the 120% rule and am not sure if my current main service panel is sufficient. Any assistance...
  4. S

    18th edition and the requirement to upgrade consumer units when electric hobs are replaced

    Good morning does anyone know about anything in the 18th edition and the requirement to upgrade consumer units when electric hobs are replaced? i had a customer ask me about it this morning. Many thanks Simon
  5. P

    New consumer unit, builder says upgrade supply

    Hi As part of a loft conversion to my 2 (now 3) floor flat in a Victorian Terraced house I have added about a dozen 2-gang sockets, a shaving socket, and about 16 downlights to my new floor, plus swapping four pendant lights for 16 downlights in the floor below. An electrician was installing a...
  6. M

    Domestic Consumer Unit - RCBO Upgrade??

    Hi all, Looking some electrical advise. I've been told by an electrician that I need to install 5 Nr RCBO's to this consumer unit. Is this correct or is the current set up ok? He has provided me with a condition report stating a 'C2' on the cables concealed in walls. If an upgrade is required...
  7. C

    Meter tail upgrade what the hell

    UKPN came out for a client as I suggested they have their supply upgraded to 100a. My new tails are 25mm from the consumer side of the service double pole isolators. What I can’t understand is that UKPN won’t upgrade the head because the tails which I cannot touch (between the bottom service...
  8. N

    IR testing on CU upgrade

    On an eicr we can write LIM for L-N testing and do a test with L-N connected to earth if there's too many electronics to unplug. What about on an EIC when only doing something like a CU upgrade? Can't do the IR test between L-N with too many things to unplug and we can't write LIM on EIC in...
  9. Phill

    DB upgrade advice appreciated

    Ok, I’m a relatively new domestic installer and would value the opinions from you more experienced guys. Went to look at a job which was outside lighting, gate lights, drive lights, security etc and changing some fluorescents for down lighters in an outbuilding... straightforward. When I went...
  10. V

    Help regarding three-phase upgrade for flat conversion

    Hello all, I am about to receive planning permission for 6 one bed flats conversion from an existing family home. The current single phase 100A supply will not be sufficient so I have applied for a 3-phase upgrade. My question is on maximum electrical load per flat. I have done a similar...
  11. Fitzy

    Domestic EIC completion on consumer unit upgrade

    Just want to pick your brains. When your completing the EIC on a consumer unit upgrade,what do you guys put on these parts of the schedule of inspections. Section 8.3, 8.7. My accessor said I should put “LIM”, but you can’t put “LIM” on a EIC! Obviously for section 8.7 you can’t possibly...
  12. P

    Domestic Tankless water heater upgrade

    Hi, everyone. I have a shower room that currently has hot water provided by a 7kw tankless water heater. The room is plumbed for hot and cold water from the domestic hot water (oil fired), but the pipe is so long (more than 60m) that it's barely warm by the time it gets there, hence the heater...
  13. Alrebcon180

    Dangerous upgrade to crabtree rcbo's

    Has anyone installed the new compact rcbo from crabtree and noticed a flaw that they have introduced that doesn't exist on the older larger model starbreaker rcbo.. The basics of it are that the new compact rcbo when plugged into the busbar in a circumstance that many will come across where you...
  14. JC Heat

    Upgrade your old underfloor heating thermostats

    Just for your information, to conserve energy consumption with your underfloor heating, it is a great idea to replace your old thermostats with the programmable thermostats. With this kind of thermostat you would be able to set the timer to go on and off at certain times of the day. With this...
  15. C

    Large 1940s mains upgrade

    upgrade to a 1940s ish installation mains busbar due to soldered joints failing on busbar isolator, 20 ish switched fuses of the same age on it. Large installation(hotel) that never closes and has alot of c1s on existing out of date certs but they want the mains upgrading 1st before the rest of...
  16. J

    Fuse board upgrade price.

    Hi, What would you roughly charge for a fuse board upgrade on a 4 bed house? Thanks
  17. R

    Pricing Kitchen rewire and consumer unit upgrade with bonding and Cert

    Good evening people. I'm about to price up a kitchen we wire for a friend I've done work for mates before and know how it goes. Anyway, was hoping to get some guidance as I'm an improved and steadily taking on larger jobs myself. Job: Kitchen rewire. 3 sockets 3 single sockets chased in 4...
  18. F

    Shower upgrade with slave consumer unit

    I am upgrading my shower room and will be getting a qualified electrician to do the work but I want some advice so I can ask sensible questions! I will be using a previous feed for an electric shower from the consumer board (down graded amps wise, which he has said is acceptable) and want to...
  19. Martyn Fletcher

    Consumer unit upgrade with no slack on existing cables

    Hi all, As the title suggest, I have today replaced an old (1977) Wylex fuse board for a nice shiney 10 way consumer unit. However, when I took the old fuse board off the existing cables gave no slack, not even a smidge. They were solid and with just 200mm of cable left hanging out of the wall...
  20. Dave OCD

    2 day CU upgrade,a bit of a pain.

    Yes it's a chore this one. 30 year old MK unit with main switch and no RCDs in sight. 18 circuits and on every one the original installer thought he'd write the MCB rating and cable size, no other circuit info at all ! There are 5 rings, 2 cooker circuits, 2 immersions, 3 socket radials and 6...
  21. Gavin John Hyde

    testing of coax cable for a system upgrade?

    Just been speaking to a possible customer, she wants CCTV upgrading in her business. Currently has an old system with co-axial cables and seperate leads for power at each camera. She wants as little interruption as possible with the new digital cameras, I am thinking power over coax... I have...
  22. H

    Domestic Consumer Unit upgrade and wiring issues

    Hi All Looking for some advice please. We moved into our new property a few months back and we're in the process of decorating downstairs including a new kitchen. We have noticed that the electrics are not great. Firstly it's a old consumer unit with only MCBs and no RCDs. Secondly, by the...
  23. Pip

    Pub / Restaurant refurb Upgrade Boards or not?

    Hi Guys, Been asked to look at an old rambling pub/restaurant/ hotel by the new tenants. 8 letting bedrooms, bar / restaurant area, couple of conference/function rooms, commercial kitchen, c/w large freezers etc... Some areas are a bit messy, mainly the boiler room which was condemned a while...
  24. M

    Advice Needed: Upgrade of Commercial Supply

    Hi. Brand new member looking for guidance. Am trying to take a lease on a commercial premises but I require a lot of electricity. See attached the photo of whats already in the premises. I'm being told its only a 45 kVa supply. I require (I think) a 300amp supply. I dont really know my watts...
  25. D

    Mains distribution upgrade work, 3 phase,old isolators, steel conduit & trunking providing CPC

    Hello everyone I'm picking up some remedial works from an EICR fail in a commercial property. Its a 3 phase supply with old steel conduits , trunking & coupled metal equipment, that provides the earth to the various locations. At present the earthing is insufficient, every earth in the...
  26. lurch

    Losing power to house post meter upgrade??

    got called back to a rewire I completed 5 years ago. Customer reported intermittent loss of power across the house. I have a swa sub main from a 63amp switch fuse to the CU. I have checked all terminations at CU and switch fuse . . . . all good. Have thrown thenmain switch 4-5 times to see if...
  27. S

    Under cabinet strip lighting, Upgrade to LED

    Hi I have under cabinet strip lighting. The old 2 pin lighting. I want to buy LED. Question . Can I just use the same powere cable that I used before. I have enclosed some photos . If anyone can advise , it would be much appreciated Thanks Steve
  28. A

    PowerOne free warranty upgrade 2011 – info required

    PowerOne free warranty upgrade 2011 – info required When I had my install in November 2011, I was convinced that I had sent off a warranty card from the inverter box to PowerOne for a free extension of the warranty from five to ten years. When I contacted ABB last week, they said my warranty...
  29. A

    Electrician Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol

    Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol After consideration of the pros and cons, I have decided to upgrade my current inverter to the Solaredge 3.6kW with x16 power optimisers. Primarily it is because I like the idea of a 20 year warranty on the inverter (19 years...
  30. C

    Three phase upgrade question

    Hello all...hope someone here can help.... currently have three phases coming in to the property (old farm) but only receive single phase with a single phase meter. The overhead cables were upgraded a few years ago so the cabling up to the meter is all fairly recent, I can see the 3x100amp...
  31. O

    This could be tricky to upgrade...

    Been doing a partial EICR today due to a muppet changing a fuseboard, no certs, no invoice, very shoddy installation flagged by a visiting air conditioning engineer! This is a picture of the service head ............. the main earth needs upgrading to 10 or preferably 16mm - but is it possible...
  32. S

    Shower upgrade on a very old consumer unit

    Hi all Came across a situation today where somebody was enquiring about upgrading their shower from an 7.5kw to a 9.5. Apparently he had a very old consumer unit with only 4 circuits. lights up and down, sockets up and down. cooker and existing shower. I wanted to know how you guys would...
  33. K

    Electrician Consumer Unit Upgrade - SS15 Essex Area

    Hello We have just purchased a new property in Laindon, Essex (SS15) and would like to get the fuse board upgraded and notified to the local authority/certified. We don't yet have the keys to the property, but looking to get an idea for how much this work could cost us in the meantime. The...
  34. M

    Fuseboard upgrade. Surveying / condition reports and testing.

    Hi guys. I wanted some advice. I've been trading for almost 12 months and I'm still relatively new (and slow) at testing. And testing is the bit of the job I dread and lose time on. I'm NIC EIC registered as a domestic installer. So I can't officially do condition reports yet. I've noticed...
  35. P

    Upgrading power to garage

    Hi there please excuse my newbieness. I'd just like a bit of advice with regards to upgrading the power in my garage if possible before I contact a local electrician, or if it is something I'm allowed to still alter myself. I had power installed in my garage a couple of years ago, when to be...
  36. R

    Changing consumer unit in flat

    Hi, Ive been asked to price for a board change in a flat. I can see the incoming tails are 25mm. It's a PME install and the main fuse is about 50meters away at the end of the block. The gas/water bonding is 2.5mm which I can access and upgrade to 10mm. The issue is the earth which comes...
  37. A

    Electrician Electrical teams , London

    Hi, Looking for electrical teams for rewire council occupied properties in London., Most properties are pull through and kitchen chased in., Price for teams or can do day rates for individuals , 6x rewires per day at the moment so lots of work for right persons/ teams,. Works are in Stockwell...
  38. A

    Electrician 2391 tester required

    Looking for someone with 2391 to test type certs online or software after rewire, do EICR before rewires on some properties ( 10% ) , able to communicate with main Contractor on e-mail And send required certs on time , answer questions?? Good rates And very flexible, just need someone to do...
  39. M

    Upgrading tails

    hi everyone, I am sure this has been discussed many times but what do people think with regards to upgrading the fuse board tails on a consumer unit change? I have one to price up for a flat where the meter cuboard is outside the building, and the tails are run through the hallway up a riser...
  40. C

    3 phase upgrade

    I currently have a 100amp 3 phase supply. I would like to put in a >300amp supply. excluding the eclectical work past the Cut out. can some one please tell me the approx price on an upgrade? thanks
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