1. N

    Upgrade breaker for induction hob?

    Hello. Please could I double check something as I have zero clue about electrics. I have a 32a breaker on its own circuit currently feeding my 5.9kw hob. I'm upgrading to a 7.35 induction hob. My electrician said I NEEDED to upgrade my breaker as it definitely wasn't ok to use on the 7.35kw...
  2. Moley

    Should I upgrade my power leads?

    I've recently watched Dave at EEVBlog changing the batteries in a $4500 Chord Hugo DAC and it got me thinking about my audio equipment. I was thinking of first upgrading my power leads. I was looking at one of these Nordost Odin 2 I would need a 2.5m lead which at £32,375 seems quite a bargain...
  3. sythai

    Time for an upgrade.... any suggestions for punch down tool

    Hi Guys Think it's time I brought myself a 'decent' punch down tool. Any recommendations would be appreciated ? Been eyeing up both of these...... Thanks Sy
  4. xedbot

    SSE 3-Phase Upgrade Gone Wrong!

    Hello, Looking for some advice following a botched 3 phase upgrade today. Some background: Commercial unit originally fitted out (4 years ago) with single phase main supply feeding into 3 phase DB. 2nd DB run off breaker to service single phase requirements (small kitchenette, lighting...
  5. Alan McMaster

    G-TAG 490X help or upgrade

    Daughter has bought a house and it has a home security system, G-Tag setup. Issue is the alarm panel displays are pixelated and you cant see anything on either display. The 0V was disconnected from both panels so it couldnt be set, Ive connected them in and I am able to set the alarm ok but...
  6. M

    MFT Upgrade, what Metrel MFT would you go with?

    MFT upgrade.... I've got an older Metrel MFT that has been working fine for the last 5 years. I have recently completed my EV course and need an adaptor. My old MFT is not compatible, your thoughts on which Metrel MFT would be most suitable. Thanks.
  7. I

    Smart Switch Upgrade

    Hi, I have a 220v House I want to change this switch to smart switch, but I am stumped, I don't have a neutral so I had to return the switch I bought and got another one that needs a capacitor. Attached is the wiring diagram for the new switch and the current connection. Please help me which...
  8. W

    Consumer unit upgrade

    Just looking to see if anyone’s had a similar job or has any other ideas. Got a consumer unit to upgrade, the current one is fitted inside an enclosure that houses the meter head. It’s on old Mem DB, the cables are wired in conduits which are all terminated onto the the inside of the enclosure...
  9. CopiamElectrical

    Fuse board upgrade (PRIVATE)

    Hey guys, Im starting to put my company out there more. And this is all a new journey for me being an apprentice and now being qualified/2391-52 qualified as well. I was speaking to a friend about how he would go about a board change which I don’t agree with. tell customer a fixed price...
  10. Brittainica

    Upgrade From Honneywell to Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

    Hello everyone. Budding DIY enthusiast fascinated with how things work - and, to a lesser degree, fixing things that are not working. I suppose my newfound interest in DIY coincided with becoming a first-time homeowner. One of my first projects was replacing our new home's existing Honneywell...
  11. W

    Dual phase upgrade to 3 phase

    Hi, we are converting old farm buildings to commercial units, and as my father used to run a vacuum pump and compressor in his dairy I always assumed we were on 3 phase. However, having had an electrician check our supply, it turns out we have a dual phase supply with 100A fuses on each. Have...
  12. S

    Warehouse mains upgrade and generator

    Hi guys I have been tasked with upgrading some old rewireable fuseboards for a food warehouse that runs continually 24/7. I was asked to do an EICR on the install as there maintenance guys were having issues with blowing fuses. Wiring issues are sorted now. These fuse boards are old asbestos...
  13. M

    When to upgrade the fusebox?

    Hi All, I look into my electrical cabinet and wondering what are the reasons or when to consider some upgrades. It looks dated. The system last time has been checked in 2018. I can summon an electrician to check it but I could also ask him to make some upgrades. I don't expect all the devices at...
  14. M

    3 phase power connection upgrade

    Hi we want to upgrade our single phase power to 3 phase power at our commercial premises. 3 phase is next door just beside our doors. We need 67 kv of power for our sunbed shop. Will electrical supplier need to put new cable or they can connect us to existing one ?
  15. C

    UK Converting 12v suspended tension wire to LED? I

    I have an old IKEA Norrsken 12v suspended ceiling tension wire system, which runs x7 20w MR16 bulbs, from a Min 4x20w/Max 10x20w transformer. Can I replace the 240v/12v transformer with an LED driver, alongside 7 new LED MR16 bulbs, say, 5w each, or is the plastic coated cable not suitable for...
  16. A

    T T consumer unit upgrade

    Hi I am installing my first tt system consumer unit I understand that I need a 100 amp time delayed rcd main switch but can I use rcbos in line next to them or Mcbs and does any one know of a lockable board as I need to install it vertically thx
  17. Carolina

    Oil-filled radiator element upgrade

    I have an 80's oil-filled heater at home and although it's almost in mint condition on the outside, it's the heating element that's giving me trouble, it's on its way out as it's only using about 700W out of the 1500W the heater is rated at, because of this, the oil and fins never hit a...
  18. J

    Meter pack install and service upgrade

    I have a few questions on a service upgrade project. I am working on a ~100 yr old tri-plex in washington state. The existing panels (3) have "edison" type screw in fuses. Two of the panels are co-located and the third remote panel and meter are at the other end of the building. I plan to...
  19. N

    LED lighting upgrade - PCR?

    Hi all, We've been asked to upgrade 450+ 6ft single fluorescent battens to LED. The client had requested for each fitting to be connected into the existing wiring via a plug and socket arrangement to aid the maintenance team in the future. The existing wiring will be reused and is 1.5mm 3-core...
  20. S

    Campervan Battery Upgrade

    Hi All, first post here therefore please be gentle! 🤣 I've just purchased a new campervan and first weekend away, the leisure battery drained/died after 2 days off grid/wild camping, due to only being a 75ah battery installed. The existing is a Lead Acid and I would like to remove that and...


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