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  1. A

    Integration of Solar system with multiple utility company's sources in a home

    I have installed 4kw (5kva) solar system at my home. I have 3 phase supply (3 single phase meters instead of one 3 phase connection, i.e 3 separate phases and 3 neutrals, These neutrals are combined at source end of utility company) from the utility company. when I shifted load of one kwh meter...
  2. happyhippydad

    Is an extractor fan required in a NEW utility room?

    The customer is having an extension. This will include a utility room which will have the usual in it, i.e. sink, washing machine, fridge. There will be a window. Approved document F is pretty big and I was hoping that someone could assist in pointing me to the right bits on whether an...
  3. C

    Power to tail light problem

    One of my tail lights remains on permanently. When l switch it on it turns off. The other tail light works as it should. Can someone please help?
  4. S

    Domestic Installation of a RadiaLED Utility JC23203WOP

    Hi I need some help. I recently bought a RadiaLED Utility JC23203WOP bulkhead light on the understanding that it was a suitable replacement for my old porch light which had a PIR sensor incorporated into the circuit so that it switched on when anyone approached. The installation instructions...
  5. B

    Domestic wall sockets keep failing in utility room

    Hi guys. I'm hoping somebody may be able to shed some light on what is a strange sequence of events. Here is some basic background. 9 year old houe moved in 2 years ago separate utility room has washer, tumble, american fridge freezer, boiler, microwave and main fuse board for house in this...
  6. R

    Access to utility network plans

    Can anyone help me with a utility network plan for a site I’m currently working on? Iv tried sp energy networks, rang the number it says on their website, got passed pillar to post for 35 minutes then hung up on by the last department they were transferring me to! Ideally needed before...
  7. J

    Shower in a utility room?

    I have a small utility room which has a double 13amp socket from which a washing machine is powered. I'd like to install a show cubicle in the same room but this would mean the 13amp socket would be about 2 metres from the shower which is I believe, non-compliant. Is there any compliant way of...
  8. D

    Utility room extractor fans

    Apologies if this has been discussed before, for background I am first fixing a new extension with the electrician happy to check and test when I have finished ( I have previously completed a domestic installers course), according to building regs, a utility room needs an intermittent...
  9. D

    Extractor fans in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

    Morning.. Just wondering if anyone knows what official building regs state about having to install the above when doing a refurb of house? I have had building control officers tell me in the past that fans are required in kitchens bathrooms and utility rooms, but I can't find anything in the...
  10. K

    Moving switch.

    Hi. Hope someone can advise. Moving a light switch from an outside shed, through the wall and into my utility room. Have drilled through and re-connected switch but now have no lights in shed but do have in the utility room. Is all connected up exactly the same. Seems to be where we position it...
  11. D

    Light in utility room back on to lighting circuit.

    The light in our utility room is currently spurred off a double socket in 2.5mm T & E into a fused connection unit then upto the light in 1.5mm T & E. The FCU also doubles up as the switch. Because we are having the kitchen done I now have the opportunity to get the light back onto the...
  12. D

    suppliers fault

    hi, Popped round in laws house last night as they were having power loss issues. As I pulled up noticed the utility guys on their road hard at work sorting it out. So out of curiosity I thought I'd check the voltage readings as they had power but you could tell the voltage was low. I was...
  13. G

    solar iboost ct

    Hi all does anyone know any reason why i cant put a ct clamp inside the CU as the only other option is between supliers cut out and meter
  14. B

    generator earthing systems

    can anyione give me a definitive answer to this question please . does a standby generator in a large building is it required to have a multiple earthing, earth rod + earth supply from main dno connected to one point on generator
  15. J

    Domestic Is 2way switching for a fan the same wiring as 2 way lighting??

    hi, doing some work for client and they have asked for a fan to be 2 way switched, 1 switch in utility room and the other in the bathroom next door my query - is 2 way switching for a fan the same wiring as 2 way lighting with a permanent feed going to the fan for a run on timer?? thanks
  16. S

    want to offer your customers 10% extra on generation tarrif post december

    2p extra paid on generation is a huge gain on the reduced fit 3 year contract garantee, contact me for details Mark
  17. S

    Installation Questions

    Hi there, I am new to the trade, having retrained due to redunancy from employer. I am going to be doing an complete rewire of friends house, big 5 bedroom old style house single bricks walls throughout, with complete new 3rd floor in loft space added, new kitchen extension and rebuild of...
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