1. Lou

    Corgi Direct in Partnership with Testo are giving you the chance to win an all electric brand new Van!!

    Don‘t be left out in the cold this Winter. Get yourself a Testo to enter our van giveaway! Offer Valid on the following models, testo 300, 300LL, 310, 327-1, 320B, 340, 550i, 550s, 557s, 557s, 865, 868, 871, 872, 883, 890. Buy a Testo flue gas analyser, digital manifold or thermal imaging...
  2. C

    12v - 5v stepdown for usb lights in van

    Hi All I've just fit some led strip lights to my campervan and face-palmed when I saw they were USB and on 5v, not 12v. I have cut the usb end off and wired to a switch panel in the van that runs off the 12v leisure battery. As a quick test, I've powered on to check all OK and fine. I can't...
  3. V

    EV Charger Installer Required - Electric Van, Home Charger & Tools All Supplied

    We are looking for someone to join the team here at voltEV. We are based in Uckfield, East Sussex and Rochester, Kent so living near or between those locations would be best. You will be provided with an Electric Van, Home Charger, Tools and a Uniform. Salary will be based upon experience...
  4. P

    UK Van Theft

    Hi During the early hours of Wednesday 1st of September a sparks who lives in my road had his Blue Ford Transit Custom stolen off his drive. He still has both keys to the van so thinks the thieves had some sort of device to start the van. He has it on CCTV two males in balaclavas turned up in...
  5. G

    I'm looking for advice on using a leisure battery for a catering van.

    Hello, I'm looking for advice on which battery to use to power my catering van. I don't want to use generators anymore as I want to be greener. I have a list of all equipment. Can anyone help? Thanks
  6. M

    Camper Van Installation Certificate

    If installing a new 230v AC electrical system in a camper van which has the option of being supplied from an inverter from leisure batteries within the van or from a hook up with a change over switch. What supply characteristics are recorded on the certificate The inverter side would be an IT...
  7. N

    New Van - Renault Trafic

    I'm considering buying a Renault Trafic (2019-). Not sure whether to go new (+ warranty), or used and unknown at this point. As far as I know, these are the same van as the Fiat Talento and Nissan NV300. Is there any reason to go for a different badge? Has anyone got a horror story with the...
  8. C

    Leisure Batteries & Inverters for Mobile Coffee Van

    Hi All We're new here and looking for some advice to make sense of the world of leisure batteries and inverters. We're setting up a coffee van in an old Commer Highwayman. We've got an LPG coffee machine with its own battery and inverter for the electrical parts of it (pump, lights etc) We...
  9. W

    Start up equipments and van lease/financing

    I’m in the process of getting myself organised to start up my own electrical business next year. I don’t want to come unstuck so I’m trying to cover every base so when it comes to the time and I finally declare myself as a ltd company I want to make sure I’ve got everything I need and no nasty...
  10. N

    2nd small van Peugeot partner v Renault Kangoo

    Morning all, We have taken on another member of staff so now maxed out on the amount we can carry in one van we only need a small run around. We currently have the Renault traffic sport and it’s been a cracking van. need one side door, not over keen on Ford Connect or Courier but have found...
  11. M

    Finding a van in this crazy world

    Good morning, my goal for today is trying to find a van in this crazy world. My long term goal is to start my business middle to end of this year, took collection is coming along nicely, it would be lovely to get a van to have somewhere to put it all! Haha!
  12. telectrix

    Van Insurance Rip-Off

    last year my premium was £317. renewal quote ( no claims or anything changed ) £430. thanks but no thanks. visited the meerkat, £217. some difference??????? and get sleepy Oleg to add to collection, winner.
  13. T

    when wiring catering van...

    when wiring catering van ...have I read correctly or incorrectly 1....... I see catering vans on the street with their electrics run over the wall boarding and enclosed in conduit to their sockets . i.e surface electrics . Have I read correctly or incorrectly in thinking ....certain Festivals...
  14. S

    Van Flooring Suggestions?

    Hello All, I have recently brought a used van and am starting the process of stripping it out and building racking etc for my own requirements. Can anyone who has kitted out their own van suggest any decent suggestions for the flooring? It is already boarded so I'll leave that as it is but I...
  15. Strima

    Van Insurance Moan

    Last year my van insurance was £262, that was with no no claims as it was my first year of trading. Had a van written off through no fault last October, took ten months to sort out and still ended up out of pocket. Had my renewal through this year for the princely sum of £415. How the hell...
  16. D

    A question to any auto electricians, Toyota hiace van missing immobiliser!!!!!!

    Hi all, I will just start by saying any advice is much appreciated. I recently brought an old Toyota hiace van d4d 2004. Quite quickly it developed a starting problem. So whether the van had been running for a while or starting it from cold it was taking longer and longer to get it to run. I...
  17. P

    Advice on van racking

    Evening lads. Will soon be getting a new van (Citroen Dispatch) and am keen to kit her out with some decent storage and racking. In the past have always cobbled up something a bit unimpressive with roof laths and plywood. Would like something a bit more upmarket and would appreciate any advice...
  18. I

    Desperate Van owner needs expertise

    Hi All, I'm a working man relying on his van to stay in business - but of course it's developed a horrible electrical fault that needs more expertise than I can muster (I can do minor stuff ok). Vehicle forums have got me nowhere, so now I'm hoping you guys will be able to help: I have a 55...
  19. bigspark17

    Van lease, looking to contract hire

    Im looking to contract hire a new vivaro probably on a 3yr contract, im just wondering thoose of you who have leased do you have any advice? Im happy with the costing Vat mileage ect but worry about the costs should it (probably will) have a bump or scratch?! Getting quoted around £240+v with...
  20. F

    I’m taking two guys back from furlough tomorrow. In Scotland. Does anyone know if they can share a van yet or is it still one van each due to current

    I’m taking two guys back from furlough tomorrow. In Scotland. Does anyone know if they can share a van or is it still one can each due to current restrictions
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