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  1. X

    Solar PV Help / Contracting

    Can any one assist, we currently only do 5-10 Residential PV installs per year and are thinking of hanging up our boots due to the amount of legislation, paperwork, etc. We are a well-established construction and electrical contracting company and have a commercial enquiry from one of our good...
  2. A

    Glowworm 18sx boiler + Danfoss Dual zone wireless system. Water not heating

    Hi Guys, We have a Glowworm 18sx boiler. We have 2 zones - one for heating, the other for hot water. All controlled by Danfoss wall panel, thermostats & actuators ( these near cistern ). All this installed end of 2011. The heating zone has thermostat in hall while the water thermostat is near...
  3. H

    Bosch Alternator wiring

    Hi Can anyone confirm this is where this brown spade connects too on a late bay vw alternator diode holder? (Never let your dad dismantle your alternator then leave the country) Alan Or
  4. P

    Domestic PIR Wiring... Please help

    Hi Everyone, I want to install a PIR sensor in my garage so thatthe lights automatically switch on and want to wire from the light switch.(Basically use the PIR as a second switch) I have installed 1 switch as permanent on/off and 1 switch toisolate the PIR, so i can switch off the PIR or have...
  5. I

    Room Thermostat comes on and off too regulary

    I over the last few days and noted that the room thermostat,located in the hall,comes on between every 10-13 minutes and stays on for about 20-23mins and then this cycle constantly repeats throughoout the day. Room thermostat is a Honeywell T6360 with lamp and is set to 20c. I also have a wall...
  6. P

    Domestic Need help identifying a Service Head fuse

    Hello all I've recently installed a ryefield board and just when I am about to connect itto the service head I find out some one has nicked one of the fuses. I cantidentify it and therefore cant source another one not allowed to post pictures but its ceramic and 45mm wide and 135mm long. I...
  7. S

    Hortsmann E7 Quartz 1 hour Boost Not Working

    Hi.. Can someone help me out with this Hortsmann E7 heater's 1 hour boost. The light comes on when I switch on the 1 hour boost but the heater just does not kick in.. its not heating the water at all.. the main timer and the off peak heating is working fine .. its just the 1 hour boost that is...
  8. M

    Immersion Tripping RCD

    Hey folks just looking for some info here.. Im after changing my element for my immersion as it kept triping the RCD.. I installed a backer bt7 7" Rod, I wired it the following, (1)Live to The Element (2)from the other side if the element I connected it to the L on the immersion (3)Neutral to...
  9. M

    VENI VIDI VICI - Marosz's TURBINE ( small /big pipe = small big wire and electrons )

    FIRST TEST PROTOTYPE MAIN RULE RADIAL FORCES ARE NOT THE SAME BUT MASS M and RADIUS IS THE SAME ? WE NO NEED TO PUSH MASS M OPPOSITE TO MOTION -- we can use only internal forces ( radial forces action without reaction ) PL <span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family...
  10. J

    Domestic Bosch/Neff Ceramic Hotplate Connections

    Hi, I'm trying to replace one of the hotplate elements (Bosch 180mm 2000w hilight 644726) on my Neff Hob (T1373S0/01). I've received the replacement part but the new one has 5 connections on the wiring block compared to 2 on the old one as you can hopefully see on the pics. I suspect the...
  11. G

    Megger MFT 1552 Multifunction Tester (Package)

    Due to relocating and some unwanted tools I no longer require, I am offering the following items as a complete set. 1 x Megger MFT1552 multifunctional tester, c/w test leads and hard carry case (good condition). 1 x Brother PT7600 Label Maker c/w manual/cd, charger, and carry case (good...
  12. W

    3 Phase 4 wire, Line Harmonics, Common N question

    Theoretically speaking If I have a 3 phase 4 wire supply L1 L2 L3 and N And the 3 hot phases are 120 degrees offset, bar any faults and line harmonics etc, the max load on the common (shared) N, would be that of the heaviest load on a single phase right , EG L1 draws 63a L2 draws 69a and L3...
  13. J

    Advice needed on cooker circuit cable selection

    scenario: old kitchen being replaced cooker circuit protected by (i think) a 30A rewirable fuse 6mm T&E going from DB the the 45A dp cooker switch 2.5mm T&E cable then goes from cooker switch to a double socket plugged into which will be the plug for the cooker and plug for the gas hob's...
  14. T

    House to Garage Mains supply for pottery kiln

    Hi forum! I'm not an electrician...I thought this was a good place to get some advice on my situation though. I've just bought an electric pottery kiln - 230 volts, 26 amps, 5980watts, which I plan to use in a detached garage in our garden -approx 10 metres from closest house wall, and 20...
  15. bartkusal

    Ge rcbo

    Hi all, Just a quick one, can anyone advice where I can get General Electric 6A 30mA RCBO type B, looked on int. couldn’t find, just type C. Seems that it very unpopular. Alternatively, what other RCBO will fit that board, the board was installed in 2000, it is a split board, only half...
  16. R

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Thought i would share what elecsa said

    After quite few threads ive seen here on whether care-homes is Commercial or Domestic and notifiable or not, i spoke with Elecsa and they advised that work im doing in a care-home WOULD BE notifiable....Reason being that the requirements of Part P states on page 5, The example of Appication: A...
  17. bartkusal

    comercial board change

    Hello everyone and HNY. I need clarification on this: I been asked to change the fuse board in commercial premises, it is a sub main SP board in a basement area. The earthing cable/cpc to board is the armor of SWA cable, all circuits to the accessories has the cpc via metal conduit. I had a...
  18. G

    Domestic Neutral is re-earthed in the control panel

    I have bought a house in Bulgaria which needs to be rewired I have been doing a bit of research into how the electrics should be wired in Bulgaria and came across this useful PDF document by Legrad, 'International electrical standards & regulations'...
  19. V

    What make this 4mm solar cable?

    Hi, Dos any one know what make is this 4mm cable. My instaler telling me that is Nexans Energyflex. Please see attached picture
  20. C

    Isolation switch for boiler supply?

    Been asked to look at a house on a small development completed about 5 years ago. Really messy situation involving builders and houses having no completion certificates or even planning permission in one case. Gas central heating is installed but the boiler is wired up straight to a 6 amp...
  21. R

    Customer Help

    Hello Im looking some help , if you can give me the wisdom on how to: Expected Minimum Electricity Generation from a PV System Expected Minimum ROC’s Payment @ 17.22pence(current rate) Expected Minimum Savings Total Minimum Payment/Savings per annum If you could simplify it we would...
  22. S

    Faults on inverter

    Looking for advice/help I have have been getting a number of faults on a G83 3600TL Powfutuer inverter, one fault that keeps coming up is“Grid Voltage Fault” The gird voltage has exceeded the permitted range according to local gird regulations. Following causes might lead to this error: ...
  23. whinmoor

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT Survey

    I received an email with a link to NAPIT's survey about FiT consultations. It seems to be open for anyone to complete so I guess non-NAPIT people could express their views if they so wished. ************************************************ NAPIT are...
  24. L

    Testing street lighting columns

    Hi all i have some work coming up testing street lighting columns on price per columns so i want to get myself ready, I've done street lighting work before but all the testing I've seen done was never done right This is what they are looking for Polarity Continuity of Protective Conductor...
  25. C

    Industrial Ecs card scam

    :nuke: Beware folks. There is a company who aparently come out top of the Google search list who are running a scam for electricians wanting ECS acreditation and cards. Some of my guys have been caught out. The company is or Construction Support Line or...
  26. 4

    Dodgy agency............... BEWARE sole trader sparks !

    Hi all. Recently had the misfortune of working at Gatwick airport on a major build with a mickey mouse contractor and agency! The electrical contractor was Davies & Fox and aledgedly went bust. I was there for a few weeks employed through an agency called RIGHT CONTRACT SERVICES LTD who are...
  27. D

    PV Installation

    Hi people my first post on this forum. I need advise with a proposed PV installation on my house. I have a quote with a company to install the system for me which I am quite happy with, the only problem is one of the sub-contractors they use which happens to be the electrician. It is a...
  28. A

    overhead lines between buildings and structures

    Overhead Lines : ( some good Reading ) Between Buildings & Structures . Requirement’s of the ( ESQCR ) 2002 ( Electricity Safety , Quality & Continuity Regulations 2002 . as Amended ) Appendix 2 – ( Informative ) p/240 / 241 Phil where do you want me to drop this One ?? - 4 Pages A4
  29. P

    PIR reporting and competent persons.

    :there have been a few posts recently asking "Can I do a pir without being in a scheme" The simple answer is "YES" :Do I have to have my 2391 to test, NO but it does go towards proving your competence to do so. the other parts to the answer that only you will be able to answer is; are...
  30. N

    Calculating 3 phase kva

    My brains switched off chaps and i can remember how to calculate 3 phase kva i know its V x I x 1.73 / 1000 so is it 230 or 400 x I x 1.73 / 1000 fee a right numpty cant belive ive forgotten it not done 3 phase calcs for a while please enlighten me to the correct figures then ill give my...
  31. EoinConway

    Free Fire Cable Guide

    Hi Guys, I just received a Free Cable Guide, specifically; "Selection and installation of fire-resistant power and control cable systems for life safety and fire-fighting applications - code of practice" It mightn't be everyone's cup of tea but it is FREE and handy if it happens to interest...
  32. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Which course for JIB recogniton

    Hi, Have worked as an electrician since 15th edition have my 236 pt1 & 2 just updated to 17th edition have worked on industrial,commercial and domestic .I was looking into applying for a JIB card in the hope this would improve my chances of getting work as getting the 17th hasnt, regardless of...
  33. Sintra

    Basic Testing Procedures

    Safe isolation The procedure for proving dead should be by use of a test lamp or two pole voltage detector as recommended in HSE Guidance Note GS38. Non-contact voltage indicators (voltage sticks) and multi-meters should not be used. The test instrument should be proved to be working on a known...
  34. M

    JIB CARD - how do I get one?

    hello does anybody know how to get a JIB card. I have finished my 2330 level 2 and 3 , 17th edition IEE, Part P, I have CSCS site operative card and I have recently passed my ECS health and safety exam which is essential for a JIB card. the thing is that I have no experience as an electrician in...
  35. K

    Testing tt system

    Hi guys did a perodic test on a house today, was a tt system, all readings were coming back 493 ohms to 503 ohms which seems a little high to me. however max zs on tt systems on various mcb is not in the regs book, so what do you guys put in for you max zs??? do the above reading seem high...
  36. R

    Opportunities for Adult Trainee/Apprenticeship Given The Economic Downturn

    Hello All I want to know what effect the economic downturn has had on the number and availability of training opportunities there are for an adult (25 year old) trainee. Especially in the South, as I’m relatively new the area. I've worked for years in other construction areas and other...
  37. S


    Hi everyone, I just made a website for my company in Plymouth. Would anyone like to give any feedback? :eek: Andy
  38. V

    Cooker trips the RCD

    Fitted a new consumer unit in my flat for additional safety and installed a 10way split board with two 30mA RCD’s protecting 5ways each. The RCD protecting the cooker circuit trips when the cooker is switched on, so checked the cooker elements with a 500v insulation tester and found that some...
  39. M

    new light circuit and certification

    Hi, I have recently applied for DIS NICEIC, I don’t have much experience in certification.. :( I have to replace a lighting circuit in bedrooms, existing circuit is completely dead.. Well my question is after completing the job which certificate do I have to use,, Minor Installation or full...
  40. W

    PIR CU Change and EIC

    Interested to know if others take this route?. If a customer wants a CU Change and have not got any previous electrical records do you PIR first to check the installation and also pick up any remedial. Then complete the CU Change. Then supply an EIC. Comments Appreciated :)
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