1. W

    Veritas 8 Compact

    Hi All, I've installed a Veritas 8 Compact today, and when it came to carry out the walk test all of the zone lights came on at once. I have wired it with 1 PIR to each of 6 zones. the remaining two zones are linked out. I am using a global tamper which is wired in series. All other tests are...
  2. B

    Settings on veritas r8 alarm

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum thread. I have installed myself a Texecom veritas alarm system. it’s either the r8 plus or excel, as it has a shared manual and no mention on the remote control panel. I initially was trying to change the part set bell delay, but concluded it’s not...
  3. W

    Veritas R8 keypad unresponsive after power cut

    Hi, could somebody please give me some advice? I have a Texecom Veritas R8 alarm. I recently turned off the power for some DIY work, and the external alarm rang until the power turned back on. I’m aware that this is an issue with the battery, however the alarm usually works fine when power is...
  4. Bob Geldoff1234

    Veritas 8 compact lack of fuses?

    Just a quick question regarding a Veritas 8 Compact alarm panel I fitted.Where is the fuse protection for the bell,key pad etc? I noticed that there aren't any fuses any more. What happens when there is a short in one of the cables? In the past you would replace the fuse and it would work...
  5. T

    Desperate for help - Veritas R8 alarm

    Hi there, could anyone please offer some advice on the following? We had a power cut on our street and when the leccy came back on our alarm went off and it took ages to stop. Anyway, now when we enter the house the alarm goes off immediately. I have tried doing the following but it's not...
  6. J

    Security Alarm recommendations

    First fixed for a security alarm about a year ago in my house and it's nearly time for second fix, I've only ever installed veritas r8's before, what do other people use? Are veritas a good brand as I have nothing to compare them to. I would like perhaps some phone app connectivity, the only way...
  7. J

    Veritas R8 Troubleshooting

    Hi all, Just an old problem I wonder if anyone can advise me on. First of all I do not have the engineers code to my alarm, I have read suggestions it can be reset by powering down but it may be locked. How do I know if it is locked or not? I can't find info on that in the manual or anywhere...
  8. Ben Hall

    Veritas alarm problems

    Hi all, Recently my Veritas alarm stopped working (I don’t know the model sorry!), it turns out the battery blew so I’ve now replaced it but it seems like the whole thing has factory reset. When I power it back up the unit gives single beeps that won’t silence using my code. If I trigger a door...
  9. F

    Veritas R8 alarm system issue

    Hi, I purchased a house and the seller gave us the code to silence the alarm and smoke alarm, however it did nothing when the oven set it off. I attempted to change the pass code but just get a deep beep, i suspect is an error beep. Also, when attempting to disconnect the integrated doorbell, I...
  10. R

    Texecom Veritas 8 Stand alone keypad button replacement

    Hi, If anybody has already replaced the keypad buttons on a Texicom Veritas8 stand alone alarm, please would you tell me how to get the old buttons away from their housing. (See photo) I have the engineers code. Thanks in advance.
  11. A

    Veritas R8 Pre 2000 Magnetic contact problems

    Hi all, I've just replaced the keypad on a veritas r8 pre-2000 system as the old keypad had few worn buttons which weren't working correctly. The new keypad seems to be working fine yet at the same time I also replaced the magnetic contact on our front door as it was very hit and miss, think it...
  12. A

    Veritas R8 Help Please

    Hi all, New to the forum, looking for some advice please. We have sold our house and going to be moving out soon so we are currently putting any little things right that need fixing for the new owners. One of the things that needed fixing was the alarm keypads on our 2 alarm systems, both have...
  13. H

    Alarm Systems

    I fancy reading a little on alarm systems - anyone recommend a good book that will teach me the basics?
  14. L

    Texecom (Veritas) model identification and possible manual

    You know the story, new house, alarm and zero information even regarding the installer although I do know the user code. The problem seems to be the programming, works OK on Part but not on Full, battery in unit is holding charge, sounder battery not checked yet. Can anyone identify the model...
  15. M

    Texecom Control Panel - Remote connection

    Hi, Can any one help with instruction on how to connect up a two channel receiver to a Texecom Control Panel. I would like to add a remote panic and remote (arm/disarm) Thanks Regards Ziyed
  16. N

    Veritas additional circuits an remote key pad

    I’m looking for some advice on VERITAS 8 alarm panels. I want to add 3 additional zones and remote key pad in my garage, but only have a standard key pad (no display) which looking at the instructions/manual could be a very long winded way of programming the new zones regarding parts sets etc...
  17. F

    Buglar Alarm

    i dont really want to be violent to a burglar, can anyone suggest a good quality alarm system for my home that i can wire myself? 4-6 PIR, caller, siren box etc.
  18. P

    intruder alarm

    Hi guys, On a new build at the moment,customer wants a wired alarm with two keypads and two remote key fobs,I have fitted several veritas systems but never one with key fobs. I have been told that the texacom veritas is not suitable for this application. I would prefer to use a veritas but any...
  19. Z

    Alarm Keypads

    Hi Guys, got a call earlier today asking if i could install a texcom veritas key pad onto an existing Sterling 10 alarm system,as the existing keypad digits been giving problems (God knows where he has got the veritas keypad from)...i said yeah no im thinking..can i? :confused:
  20. J

    Veritas 8 C Alarm HELP! Please :-)

    Hi, i've had a Veritas 8C alarm for over 1hr and out of the blue it suddenly went wrong. The 24hr light on the control panel has started constanly flashing red whilst the unset light stays green. The alarm won't met me set it. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks Jayne :o
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