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  1. C

    Veritas R8 6 beeps unset

    Hi all, Requesting your help please! I know this is an old system but has been working amazingly for 7 years! I had an engineer out who done a reset apparently however it hasn’t cured my fault! When the system is not activated the main control box beeps every 30 minutes or so three times...
  2. V

    Veritas R8 alarm set not working

    Hi, I have a veritas R8 alarm and corresponding keypad. Recently a powercut caused one of my keypads to stop working. I replaced the battery in the main alarm unit and after a reset the keypad started working but everytime I try to set the full or part alarm, the keypad seems to go into a walk...
  3. C

    Texacom Veritas, Seniors forgot the code, currently alarmed and PIR’s taped up

    Morning All Qualified electrician, usually stay away from alarms but my friends parents have issues. Texacom Vertas panel, not worked for over 3 years (since they had the front door changed. Located the cable and linked out to see if this overcame the issue, it did. Problem now is that the...
  4. B

    Texecom veritas alarm

    Hi I’ve recently installed a texecom veritus excel alarm system but having an issue with the sounder not going off when triggered by the pir I’ve only got one pir wired in to the control panel and the other 7 zones are linked through. When I try and do a walk through test the pir isn’t being...
  5. N

    Veritas R8 - Disable PIR

    Hi, moved into a house with Veritas R8. One PIR is faulty, stopping alarm getting set. Don't have engineer codes (tried 1234, 4321 etc). How can I permanently disable the zone which is faulty?
  6. T

    Texecom Veritas 8 - Zone open when setting alarm

    Hi, Our alarm always has a zone open whenever we set it. The zone consists of two door sensors and three shockguards. Is there a way to work out where the problem is? Also we dont have an engineers code. Thanks!
  7. M

    Veritas alarm question.

    Hello. Wondering if someone could give me some advice on my Veritas alarm. I recently had an extended power cut, when the power was restored, the alarm still worked. A week later, I had another power cut lasting about two hours. When power was restored, the alarm came on, though I...
  8. J

    Veritas R8 settings options

    We have a veritas R8 with remote keypad. Currently there is the one pass number which allow users to set all/part of the system. I would like to add another passcode which has a different range of zones. So say a master (1234) - which will set/unset all 8 zones - or part plus a visitor (5678)...
  9. G

    Texecom veritas R8, lost engineers code, how do you factory reset. End user code works ok, but cannot reset without engineers code. can anyone help??

    Texecom veritas R8, lost engineers code, how do you factory reset. End user code works ok, but cannot reset without engineers code. can anyone help??
  10. C

    My Veritas R8 alarm went off when not set showing Tamper

    My burglar alarm went off last night when it wasn't even set. When I went to Keypad it was showing TAMPER with a Red light. I could not silence it either with the keypad user code or Engineer code and had to take the battery out of the control panel to silence it. Today I went round all the...
  11. W

    Veritas 8 Compact

    Hi All, I've installed a Veritas 8 Compact today, and when it came to carry out the walk test all of the zone lights came on at once. I have wired it with 1 PIR to each of 6 zones. the remaining two zones are linked out. I am using a global tamper which is wired in series. All other tests are...
  12. B

    Settings on veritas r8 alarm

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum thread. I have installed myself a Texecom veritas alarm system. it’s either the r8 plus or excel, as it has a shared manual and no mention on the remote control panel. I initially was trying to change the part set bell delay, but concluded it’s not...
  13. D

    Veritas R8 keypad unresponsive after power cut

    Hi, could somebody please give me some advice? I have a Texecom Veritas R8 alarm. I recently turned off the power for some DIY work, and the external alarm rang until the power turned back on. I’m aware that this is an issue with the battery, however the alarm usually works fine when power is...
  14. Bob Geldoff1234

    Veritas 8 compact lack of fuses?

    Just a quick question regarding a Veritas 8 Compact alarm panel I fitted.Where is the fuse protection for the bell,key pad etc? I noticed that there aren't any fuses any more. What happens when there is a short in one of the cables? In the past you would replace the fuse and it would work...
  15. T

    Desperate for help - Veritas R8 alarm

    Hi there, could anyone please offer some advice on the following? We had a power cut on our street and when the leccy came back on our alarm went off and it took ages to stop. Anyway, now when we enter the house the alarm goes off immediately. I have tried doing the following but it's not...
  16. J

    Security Alarm recommendations

    First fixed for a security alarm about a year ago in my house and it's nearly time for second fix, I've only ever installed veritas r8's before, what do other people use? Are veritas a good brand as I have nothing to compare them to. I would like perhaps some phone app connectivity, the only way...
  17. J

    Veritas R8 Troubleshooting

    Hi all, Just an old problem I wonder if anyone can advise me on. First of all I do not have the engineers code to my alarm, I have read suggestions it can be reset by powering down but it may be locked. How do I know if it is locked or not? I can't find info on that in the manual or anywhere...
  18. Ben Hall

    Veritas alarm problems

    Hi all, Recently my Veritas alarm stopped working (I don’t know the model sorry!), it turns out the battery blew so I’ve now replaced it but it seems like the whole thing has factory reset. When I power it back up the unit gives single beeps that won’t silence using my code. If I trigger a door...
  19. F

    Veritas R8 alarm system issue

    Hi, I purchased a house and the seller gave us the code to silence the alarm and smoke alarm, however it did nothing when the oven set it off. I attempted to change the pass code but just get a deep beep, i suspect is an error beep. Also, when attempting to disconnect the integrated doorbell, I...
  20. R

    Texecom Veritas 8 Stand alone keypad button replacement

    Hi, If anybody has already replaced the keypad buttons on a Texicom Veritas8 stand alone alarm, please would you tell me how to get the old buttons away from their housing. (See photo) I have the engineers code. Thanks in advance.
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