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  1. static zap

    Are Downloaded Images , Videos OK at moment ? (or just me ! ....)

    ..And my deviant setup. Links to ext videos working but , on site Videos and User downloaded images appear poorly .. ( Just letting you know ) .. No reply urgency , if have bits to sort out !
  2. Dan

    Follow people; and now you can have alerts when they post new content (videos, threads, replies, etc)

    https://www.electriciansforums.net/account/following Checkout this area, this is the people you follow. If you'd like to, you can change alert options for each one. So you get different alerts for each member you follow. :)
  3. Dan

    Ways to encourage members to add videos to our media area....?

    How can we encourage members to add media to our media area? I'm wondering if you guys can come up with some suggestions. Possible ones. So some tools we have are perhaps the tags system (reward users with a tag?), the reactions system (kinda trying to use that with the new winner reaction)...
  4. Part 5 - Solving Circuits with Kirchhoffs Laws - Electrical Theory Video Lessons

    Part 5 - Solving Circuits with Kirchhoffs Laws - Electrical Theory Video Lessons

    Part 5 in the series of Kirchhoffs Laws electrical theory videos. Continue learning how to solve circuits with Kirchhoffs Laws
  5. Dan

    How to add videos to the forum videos area - Step by Step Guide

    How to add videos to the forum videos area - Step by Step Guide Step 1: Click 'Video' in the main forum menu Step 2: Click the orange 'Add Media' button Step 3: Select the category for your video (let me know if you can't find a suitable category, or select 'Other') Step 4: Select either...
  6. Dan

    Uploading videos directly to threads coming soon!

    With this forum version, I'll be releasing features every couple of weeks. The next one that's coming is the ability to upload videos directly into threads. Should help in places videos are better than pictures to get a better understanding of where a cable comes from and goes to (hard to tell...
  7. Tes369

    Electrical Videos

    Damn :praying:
  8. Leesparkykent

    @pete999 Videos...........

    Here you are Pete all those comments about his coffee has made him change his habits lol...plus I think he's been scared off from showing his electrical work as it's all about the cost of living :disappointed:
  9. C


    Hello All, As I might have mentioned on the Forum previously I am subscribed to the IET for the `Wiring Matters` magazine which I think is now only online. I also receive regular Emails from the IET about Electrical Regulations and all manner of things `Electrical`. Today I received an Email...
  10. N

    Useful youtube videos and other resources for trainees

    I am planning on finally starting my level 2 when I save for the deposit. I am quite lucky in my current job that I get an hour's break for lunch and i plan to spend my time wisely learning as much as I can before I start. I have been watching he's videos on youtube (is he a member here?) I...
  11. Wes1000

    Dangerous how to guide.

    Check out this guy! I nearly fell off my chair when I watched it and just had to share it. If this isn't an advert for dangerous work I don't know what is?!
  12. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Nutter

    This bloke is a nutter, funny though
  13. Pete999

    Pete's Videos The best Apprentice ever

    Would you employ this div?
  14. B

    15A bs1362 fuse ????????????

    Popped up as a sugestion on ebay "you may like" It certainly got me interested. 15a fuse 1362 | eBay The common sizes are 3A 5A and 13A (seen a few 10A on older appliances and there is suposed to be a 1A 2A and a 7A but not seen these. No suprise its from China and on Ebay. Seached this...
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