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    software for mapping electrical (commercial) installation

    Anyone know of software to produce schematics of distribution boards and circuits plus sub mains etc.?
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    Commercial As installed drawings

    Hi guys, I've been asked to supply an 'as installed' drawing of an installation I recently carried out to include the position of the sockets/lights and mark up the EM lighting Ect... I'm no expert on CAD drawing but was wondering if there was a simple...ish program I could use to do the...
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    Design software

    Hello, has as anyone got any advise on which software to use instead of Microsoft Visio, don't really want to pay £250 of a product I might use once a year I only want to be able to import drawings (in pdf format) and mark lighting and switch locations. Would be great if the have the correct...
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    Pro Solar PV Schematic System

    Hi Can anyone recommend a 'professional' system for drawing solar-pv schematics? I'm looking for something (hopefully) pre-built symbols which can assist with my systems. Thanks /Newb
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    software !

    I'm looking for some computer software that does your room plans for rewires, I'm not sure that such software is available but thought i'd ask. I have drawn them by had and to scale but would like it to look more professional. I don't know if something like auto cad is what i need.
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    anyone recomend any software

    anyone recomend any software for schematic diagrams and such, is there any out there? oh and free. just bored and thought i would do a plan of my house with all electrics in and alterations intended and done, maybe it will come in handy for nvq etc. i got to admit this house is electrics are so...
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    Circuits Drawings on PC

    Hi For my college course 2330 I have to do a circuit drawing of the install that I did on my practical exam. Is there any software available for this so that I can keep it very neat. We have to use the BSEN symbols. Thanks SKY
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    Deign Software

    Hi, Does anyone know of any good, free Electrical design software?
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    design software

    Does anyone use any sort of design software, or just pencil and paper? I had a few architecture programs but they where way more than what I needed and a bit too advanced for my self learning :p Want something more defined for electrical installations. I have been using visio, but means I can...
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    Drawing software

    Hello guys, Which software do you use for drawing electrical diagrams? Cheers! :)
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