1. S

    Inverter waiting but plenty of voltage so what is missing

    I have 2 arrays on 2 SMA inverters. One is 500v single string and the other is paralleled 2 x 300v strings. I have just lost one of my arrays via SMA 2500. It is lit but no power generation. I replaced with spare Steca which would not work as it needs more PV voltage so I had to swop over the...
  2. H

    VCB Panel sizing

    How to calculate sizing of vacuum circuit breaker ?
  3. F

    fixed wire testing

    quick question has there been any change in the new bs7671 in regard to fixed wire testing now i no there hasnt. But someone i was talking to is adament there has, ive not invested in the new book yet waiting till end of febuary when the on site guide and gn3 is published
  4. M

    cut out fuses

    Hi all Which fuse am I most likely to come across on a domestic property cut out fuse 1361 or 88 I understand that an 88 comes with bolt holes or clips and 1361 is a bigger version of a 1362 fuse
  5. R

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Still waiting for niceic

    Happy new year everyone, just a quick question, iv been waiting for my assessment from niciec since september. just wanted to know how long it normally takes for them to send someone out, losing jobs because of it
  6. P

    Claiming Jobseekers

    Not had much work lately, had enough money coming in to get by but that seems to be drying up pretty quick right now. So was thinking would I get any Dole if I was to apply for it just to give me a little it of something to at least help make ends meet, being self employed I have never had to...
  7. Q

    PIR Bulkhead Light Wiring Problem - Help Needed Please

    I have a bulkhead light with an integral PIR fitted outside my garage. The light is fed from a 2 gang light switch inside the garage. The 2nd gang on that switch feeds the interior fluorescent lights in the garage. The feed into that switch is spurred across from one 'IN' terminal to the other...
  8. S

    Delay on MCS Database

    Currently 5hr delay, probably longer as the week goes on. You'd have thought they would have got it sorted this time!
  9. G

    Back to work.?

    Hi all and happy new year so are you all back to work as of tomorrow (tues) and if so what rate you giving 43 or 21, or are the government appealing so that needs sorting out first.? thanks Grand
  10. Markc

    Installers interested in a group website

    Hi all, There's been some interest via a thread on forming a group website to promote your own individual website. A sort of lead/enquiry website that links to your own if a potential customer clicks to that area and one that has been optimised etc for high search engine prominence etc...
  11. L

    Megger Avo 310 : what causes multimeters to fluctuate so much when not connected ?

    Is it normal for them to "float about" waiting for you to take a reading etc . Mine when waiting to do a simple volt test runs up and down like a nutter sometimes hitting 42.0mv have not used a multi for some time !! is this just a atmosphere reading ? cheers
  12. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) registering with the JIB

    Could anyone tell me how can i obtain the JIB register form. :o Danny R Bailey
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