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  1. M

    Domestic What type of electrical cable will be good to bury in walls?

    Hello, I just bought an old apartment and i need to make 4 new dedicated power lines (AC , kitchen, Washing Machine and heater). There are concrete walls and cutting chases will be very difficult, i was thinking to choose some type of cable that can be covered with plaster, without tubes ( only...
  2. B

    UK Running conduit in walls to knockout boxes for low voltage cables?

    Background I'm running some low voltage cable (e.g. CAT6A data cable; coax cable; HDMI cable and speaker cable) to a number of rooms of the house and would like advice on the best way to do this to avoid plastering the cables into the walls - to give me flexibility to remove / pull new cables...
  3. M

    Advice for wiring in walls with damp

    Hi all, Was called to a house with a tripping RCD this week, traced it to the basement socket ring. The house is a ground and basement floors, with the basement excavated and converted into the living room and is about 5 years old, DB is up on ground level. Very low IR readings across the main...
  4. C

    Zones in stud walls

    Do zones have to be adhered to in a stud wall? The stud is 70mm with 60mm 30mm board on one side and 47mm on the other side
  5. KeenPensioner

    Dropping cables from loft

    Hi, I'm retired, but have worked as an electricians mate off and on - I know my limitations. I've been asked by a friend to fit a "picture light". The wall is plasterboard cavity with insulation, the wall has a 3 inch coving. I have access to the loft above and there is a single pendant in the...
  6. diyterry

    Cables and cavity walls

    If I want to run a cable up a cavity wall is it best to run it through the cavity or chase the wall out and run it through a conduit.
  7. 123

    Forget screws, this is the new way to secure back boxes to walls

    Silicone! And lots of it. Not a screw in sight.
  8. S

    Solid plaster partition walls with straw inside:fixing boxes?

    Came across these yesterday and wondered if anyone on here has seen them.Solid plaster with horizontal strands of straw inside.I finished up cutting the holes with a multisaw then driving 75mm screws thro the sides of the twin metal boxes,since plastic plugs were useless.Never seen these walls...
  9. Colin188

    Cables in cavity of walls

    Is it permitted to run twin and earth in a domestic cavity wall?
  10. Leesparkykent

    Stupid builders........

    Been doing a barn conversion/extension at a builders house I do work for. All the ceilings are vaulted/exposed oak beams....The builder boarded, insulated and tiled the roof from the outside leaving the beams exposed. Instead of getting me in to put the switch drops in from the chandelier...
  11. robd

    Crabtree 50a

    Afternoon all, I'm after a 50a pullswitch, crabtree in chrome. I know they used to make them but not sure if they still do or if there are any kicking around anywhere. Actually want one for my bathroom, don't suppose anyone on here has seen any lately?
  12. R

    Thick plasterboard wall?

    Not stricly an electrical question so apologies if this is the wrong place to ask... Has anyone ever come accross a dividing wall which appears to be solid/thick plasterboard? Drilling in for fixing trying to feel for the cavity and drill bit emerged in room next door. Wall seems to be...
  13. N

    installing socket in shed

    Hi, I'm currently on a level 2 C&G course at college with a bit of experience. I have to install a socket outside in the shed in my own house. I have a few questions i'm not too sure about: 1. is SWA cable the only one to use for taking power to shed or can I use T&E run in conduit? Is...
  14. J

    Alarm Wiring

    I know this isn't in the security category, I can't post in it. Ive never installed a security system in a domestic property. Will I have to chase walls like normal a electricial circuit? Haven't seen anything about how to run alarm cables to PIRs and I don't want to go to a future client...
  15. Dave OCD

    Supply for Combi Boiler - RCD required ?

    Allright chaps I have to connect a new Combi this Saturday morning, intending to fit a 3 amp fused switched FCU and take the supply off a handy socket [about 2 feet away and on a RFC not a spur] The consumer unit is an old MEM with cartridge fuses and there's no RCD, [TNCS system with Ze of...
  16. I

    Installing sockets in a thin block wall.

    Hi guys, I have been asked to install some additional sockets for a family friend. However when I have been to look at the house (1950's built) I have found that the upstairs walls are really thin. They look like breeze but are much softer (I can pratically scrape them away with a screwdriver)...
  17. M

    Difficult customers...

    In a chatty mood.... So just wondered if anyone had had any really difficult customers...Or the customer that calls you up to do the work and then they know better once you've arrived. Had one recently, Customer wants a downflow heater put in 2 of their bathrooms. Had a look around the property...
  18. D

    Domestic sockets on external wall

    Hi everyone. Can a domestic socket be located in for example a bedroom on the external wall. My father was a spark back in the 60's and 70's and taught me his trade and I can distinctly remember him saying you never put a socket on the external wall. Now I'm planning a rewire of my house on...
  19. B

    No consideration for other trades

    My latest annoyance is this joiner I am doing work for, he is throwing a fair bit of work my way so can't complain on that score but I am getting really annoyed at his lack of consideration for my part of the job. Went up to start wiring an extension last week and, not for the first time all...
  20. J

    First fix in a OMB (Sterling Board) House

    Hi All , wonder if anyone can shed some light on this ? , we've just landed a job on a massive 4 bed house that's entirely built from sterling board , outside walls , inside walls , roof the lot , so conventional wiring methods are not an option in some areas as we have no joists to run...
  21. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme cable runs niceic requirments

    Wiring 4 storey house hopefully using this job for niceic assessment Looking for some advice on cable runs etc in loft area and down cavities. Firstly the loft will have 300mm insulation put in ,basically looking for best way to lay cables according to regs as the insulation will be in last...
  22. V

    building inspectors

    Been having trouble with our own house here are some of the things you would never believe First day we had water running down the walls contacted the council and the inspector said " we have had a lot of rain and wind the last few days I am not surprised " Is it not a requirement these days...
  23. J

    Wireless PIR

    Hi, I am changing some communal stair lighting in a block of offices and they want them to be on PIR sensors. Does anyone know of a product that uses just a master PIR that you wire into the switch line for all the lights, and then a wireless sensor i can fit at each level that will active the...
  24. kingeri

    Flat plate screwless sockets etc.

    Evening all. I have a job coming up to replace all the white accessories with flat plate screwless ones. I haven't used these before, just wanted any heads up from anyone who has. Is there anything special I need to do or any problems I might experience?
  25. S

    Builders Prices

    can you guys give me an idea of prices for builders or even message me a guide. I really dont want to come unstuck as have done a few jobs on price for builders but with hold ups etc it soon eats into your money. As with boarding of walls whats the best route as some builders are helpful and...
  26. E

    9.5kw shower on a 6mm

    This has probably been done to death, but... What is the best thing to do if you find 9.5kw shower on a 6mm cable and 40 amp breaker?? I told the customer cabling needs upgrading
  27. B

    Socket height debate

    Ok , I know the regs say 450mm minimum from floor but on the job I am on at the moment the site agent is wanting the sockets at 40mm centres. After stating that they should be ae at 450mm to bottom he said they will be at 400mm centre end of story
  28. S

    sockets in stud walls

    do sockets in external stud walls need to be fire rated? also in timber framed houses is it only the joining walls that need to be fire rated? where can i find documents to help me with this, cant find much in document p or bs7671
  29. A

    Moving kitchen sockets a few inches using 4MM tails

    It's been a couple of years and very little practice since I completed my 2330 courses so I'd appreciate a little advice to save me any grief if and when we come to sell. Basically, our kitchen is being refitted shortly and I need to lower some sockets by 2-6" from their current positions as...
  30. Amp David

    What backbox in Kingspan backed plasterboards.

    When walls are going to be dot and dabbed with the insulated plasterboard, what type of backbox is mostly used. I was thinking of running my cables in as normal to position of sockets and switches, covering with capping/clipping to the masonary. Then if plasterer/builder bring the cable...
  31. L

    drilling 4" holes for fans

    recently i have been been coring holes for bathroom fans through outside walls and been taking ages to do it upto an hour when it should only take 25mins at most do you recon i should start drilling it on hammer with the diamond core bit allthough it can screw the bit up i am using a makita 8406
  32. C

    rules for pvc trunking

    loacl housing group are re-wiring 40+ homes around near me i was asked why thay are using pvc trunking for all circuits .. i remember in the late 80s doing houses with trunking but that was just lighting drops only .. what are the rules for pvc trunking in a house just seems lazy not to chase...
  33. Mark.W

    Spur with Mini Trunking

    Hi Peeps I have just spoken to a client that wants a few extra sockets put in around his house. He currently has flush sockets and doesn't want me to chase the walls. The only option I've got is to use Mini Trunking but my question is how can you spur off a flush socket using mini trunking...
  34. P

    Commercial clean supplys

    Hi can anyone help?I'm doing a bit of work in an existing bank and have been told I have to chase steel conduit into walls and run in studwalls to protect the Clean supply and the Dirty ringmain if they are not RCD protected.I dont want to put the clean on an RCD.Is there a workaround for a...
  35. A

    Fluke 2042 Cable Locator

    Anyone got any views on this piece of kit? A Fluke 2042 cable locator?
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