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  1. littlespark

    Daughter wants to play minecraft over net

    Uni daughter has come home and wants to play minecraft with her pals. It means setting up my router apparently, and I don’t want to muck up my router! So I need a static IP address, which my bt residential account doesn’t offer. looking at DDNS for free, but I’m getting lost in the websites...
  2. edexlab

    Employer wants paying for IPAF course

    I've got a new job starting next month and my current employer is saying I have to pay for an IPAF course I did last November I had to sign for the card when company received it, and i just put a scribble on it , I was told it was just saying I'd received the card, never read it ( my bad)...
  3. J

    internal house hallway, 2 way lighting, customer wants to retain 2 way light switches but add aPIR

    Hi Guys, customer's house hall has 2 way light switched circuit, I have been asked to add a separate PIR to the existing light circuit to allow the lights to come on when PIR is activated, he wants to retain the existing 2 way switches as overall on/ off control when required independent of...
  4. B

    Novice wants to add led interior lights

    Hello I require a little advice. I'm looking to add some rgb led light strips to the interior of my car. I want them to power on when I open my door. That bit I know how to do. But I also want it to be powered by a switch that I can turn off
  5. R

    Electrician London guy wants an off-grid solar installation in southern Spain

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, and appreciate first posts can sometimes be expected in a different section of some forums. Apologies if I'm breaking protocol. I'm building a house in an urbanisation near Benahavis, Malaga, and I'm at the stage where I have an...
  6. E

    CU change, submitted EIC but landlord wants eicr too?

    i was under the impression that a board change requires a eic as that is all that was altered and to be taken responsibility for? im thinking the landlord is trying for a free eicr out of my boss, i certainly dont want the liability of the existing installation.
  7. J

    switch heights!!!

    started a new job today full refurb+extension builder wants the switches 920 ffl to middle of box -I did say blimey thats low!- he said architect wants them all inline with door handles :s know this aint too much of an issue as isn't a new build- but any of you guys been asked to do it that...
  8. T

    Lollipop or not?

    I started installing a radial circuit in 4mm² singles in white 20mm conduit for an office. MCB=32a. T-N-CS The client has decided to cut costs and while the builder is erecting a stud wall partition office he (the builder) will continue with the wiring. The builder wants to form a junction with...
  9. O

    This caught my eye today:

    Court case against Pimlico Plumbers: Plumber wins workers' rights battle against Pimlico Plumbers - BBC News - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38931211 The bit that stands out is: "The case is about the distinction between Mr Smith's status as either a self-employed contractor or a worker...
  10. Phil Thompson

    Wirefree/Wireless PIR sensor for lighting recommendations please.

    I have a request from a customer who basically wants a number of LED floods installed. However he wants it set up that all the lights come on when any PIR picks up motion. 1 light will be a lot more labour intensive than the rest, but he's looking the sensors in awkward locations in regards...
  11. R

    3 phase motor Question

    Evening Guys, A commercial customer of mine has asked me to price a manual and a programmable speed controller for an existing ventilation motor. At the moment the motor is started and stopped manually. I have no expertise in this area so some advice would be greatly appreciated. The motor is...
  12. E

    Infinite Prime Wireless Alarm

    Hi A customer wants me to install an Infinite Prime Wireless Alarm. Are they any good? Does anyone know how these compare with the likes of the Guardtec 600 and Visonic wireless alarms?
  13. N

    FCU and timer switch.

    Does anyone know if you can get a FCU and timer switch in one unit. Customer has a switched FCU off ring main powering some outside lights and wants them to be put on a timer. Any recommendations. Thanks.
  14. S

    Socket height

    Am I right in thinking a garage conversion attached to the house DOESN'T come under the 450 -1200mm height rule
  15. M

    cable repearing in domestic

    Alright guys a friend of mine said he could hear banging sounds from his walls and his fuse blew ' 30amp...hes on rewireables' so I go round and everything is fine. I sit down In his front room having a little think and 5mins later i hear a slight sparking sound from the walls. Then huge arcy...
  16. Y

    sockets on a chimney

    Hi guys, my daughter has just bought an old terraced house and she has started to redecorate but before doing so she whants a few more sockets. An electrician is going to do the work because it will probably need a complete rewire from what I have found so far. Some of the socket locations would...
  17. sparksburnout

    old wylex board

    Now, I know this is a c**p question, but iv'e got my tin hat on and am braced ready. I am trying to help the son of a mate of mine who has bought a house miles away, but wants some advice. The only information on the CU i can get is that it is a 10 way wylex, with 5 ways on it's left hand side...
  18. S

    How many EICRs in a day?

    Hi all I have recently been offered a job carrying out large quantities of EICRs. The manager has stated that he wants 4 EICRs done in a day. The properties are small 3 bed houses all on the same housing estate. Is this possible based on a normal working day? He is offering a day rate of pay...
  19. R

    socket in kitchen

    I do a lot of work for a kitchen firm and do a lot of sockets on pat tresses in cupboards. Were I need to for intregrated appliances.otherwise there buried in wall behind appliance on isolator at work top level. There solid backs not like hardboard.a customer wants a double under the sink but am...
  20. S

    two chimes on one doorbell pushbutton

    hi, a customer wants to replace his wireless doorbell with a wired system. now the thing is, he wants a chime in the house and a chime in his garage on the same button. what is the best possible way to do this??? would i need a bigger transformer to power both chimes??? cheers
  21. B

    best complaints stroppiest customer

    Come on what's the best story, we have all had them customers who like to winge.. Couple of weeks ago council rewire.. Upstairs flat owner comes done and asks if we can keep the drilling till after 12 as he watching Jeremy Kyle Or the customer who complains about chasing the wall to conceal...
  22. B

    EICR on one Spotlight

    I have just been to a property where I have been asked to issue a EICR for one spotlight installed in a bathroom, the home owners have been asked to get this as there bathroom fitter installed it and well it was not signed off. So turn up have a chat with the guy and go through the formalities...
  23. B

    TP-LInk internet over mains.

    Hi Chaps, Can someone tell me if these devices (tp link internet over mains) will work on different ring finals? Chap I know wants to use these to connect his sky box to his broadband, only thing is his sky box is on the up ring final and his router is on the downstairs ring final, and there...
  24. U

    Underfloor Heating Programmer Advice Please

    Hello, I have been asked by a customer if i can replace his underfloor heating thermostat for a programmable thermostat. Is this possible? Could i use a room programmer? Can't seem to find a universal programmable thermostat on the market. Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers, D
  25. 9

    Pricing help

    Hi I am new to pricing jobs and looking for some help. I went to look at a job the guy is getting a new kitchen fitted and has already knocked a wall down which is took all electrics off for him and made safe. His consumer unit etc is all rcd protect which is fine He wants two 1g switches...
  26. D

    Switching a bank of fluorescent fittings

    Doing a shop fit at the moment and the foreman wants me to put 18 ceiling grid fluorescent on the same switch as there is minimal room in the existing conduit he wants me to re-use. Would the turning on of 18 fluorescents trip an RCBO ? (Not on loading because it's only drawing 5.6 A on a 10A...
  27. RogertheBodger

    Phone Query.

    Hi All. I have a customer who wants to move his office to his home. Consequently he wants to take his business phone number with him, he also wants to keep his existing home telephone number, he wants an ADSL line too, which shouldn't be a problem. What may be a problem is that there is only a...
  28. cbw

    Daft customer of the week

    Hello James, its #### When I use my electric pool cover winder it 'bangs' out the fuseboard. As a temporary measure so my kids and their friends can swim in this weather I have put a plug on the lead, and plugged it into an extension lead running from a non rcd protected fuseboard. I think...
  29. A

    service head and shower room

    I have a mate who wants to construct a shower room downstars in his house. The service head and CU are high level and will be in the same room, he wants to move the CU so it will be outside the room and build a cupboard around the incomer and service head and fuse. I guess he cant build a...
  30. K


    What areas do you live in? are jobs busy or waste of time!!!
  31. F

    industrial supply question.

    i have been to look at a small timber yard this morning with a small build ajoining the main building to look at some work her wants doing. the owner is looking to lease this ajoining building to a mechanic so a small garage mot center is going to be next door. the timber yard owner , owns the...
  32. N

    Skirting sockets

    What do others do regarding sockets mounted in skirtings in metal boxes when doing c/u changes?
  33. S

    New 3 Bed Pricing

    hello ha Ive recently been asked to price a 3bed house,consisting of 1x utility 1x office 1x Living room 1x dining room 1x downstairs toilet 1x Double garage 3x bedrooms 1x ensuite 1x bathroom He wants 6x spots in kitchen 3x spots in bathroom pendants all else where its going to have...
  34. La Poste

    Outside socket at a funny old height.

    Greetings all. My next door neighbour has asked me to put a socket outside his garage but at a very funny height. It will be used at Christmas to plug outside flashing and dancing lights and decorations into. I think he wants to light up the whole of the front of his garage. The thing is he...
  35. E

    cash payment from builder with no deduction??

    A friend of a friend said that there builder is paying him cash for work. What my mate wants to know is what does he do in this situation? The money has to go into the bank and he wants to pay his taxes otherwise you cant buy a house etc? I told him 20% should be deducted at source but this...
  36. S

    Domestic PIR costs

    Hi all,Been asked by a local builder, if I can do PIR's for him, for the local social housing company, he told me the guy he is using at the moment is doing them for £50 per house, is it just me or is that really cheap, I can't see how he is making anything on them.
  37. S

    Installation Questions

    Hi there, I am new to the trade, having retrained due to redunancy from employer. I am going to be doing an complete rewire of friends house, big 5 bedroom old style house single bricks walls throughout, with complete new 3rd floor in loft space added, new kitchen extension and rebuild of...
  38. S

    Memshield 2 board

    So, today I'm being put with a job by a manager who I don't think fully knows what he wants me to do.:confused5:. In March I did a periodic inspection on a distribution panel that failed due to numerous circuits having low IR. This panel was located in a plant room, which also holds an...
  39. 9

    3 phase

    hi i am a domestic electrician just not long served my time and i went to look at a job the guy is wanting 3 phase sockets in for food machine 4 of. not sure of the power the guy thinks he knows electrics and wants me to use exisiting taty singles which are in for isolators the now would...
  40. U

    underfloor heating!

    ok, in a bit of a debate with myself here?!! looked a t big extension on a bungalow, guy wants underfloor heating, already speccced it himself...................if thats what he wants to do, anyway, it looks like he wants two, one in the kitchen(2kw) and one in the downstairs showeroom, all part...
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