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  1. M

    Claiming on panel warranty (axitec - 2014)

    Im attempting to claim under warranty for an Axitec 250w, contacted Axitec, their response was Has anyone else experienced these issue, if so how did they get around this? I'm assuming they have started up as a new company in 2015, but most sources online say they have been trading since 2001.
  2. P

    How long warranty to you give on parts?

    I recently quoted a customer for a few bits and pieces including supplying and fitting an external pir floodlight. She emailed me to ask how many 'years' warranty I give on the floodlight, and I said a one year parts and labour warranty. She emailed back to say that usually they come with a 2...
  3. S

    Samil (inverter warranty)

    It seems they no longer do business in the UK. What chances of an inverter replacement under warranty for a customer? no reply from the contact form to their website yet. anyone had any luck with this?
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Do you honour a guarantee on work when house is sold?

    I did some work for a lady a few months back just before christmas. she was selling the house and had me change some outdoor lights that had gone rusty, stopped working (bulbs non replaceable). Installed 4 new lights that the lady supplied (cheap LAP wall lights). Had a call this afternoon from...
  5. E

    Samil Warranty over 2 months wait for a replacement.

    Anyone else going through this? I had a warranty claim (finally) accepted mid December but still no sign of a replacement. UK agent has been waiting for stock for months and there's a big list ahead of us. Poor service. Edit: At what point are they in breach of their UK/EU warranty...
  6. A

    PowerOne free warranty upgrade 2011 – info required

    PowerOne free warranty upgrade 2011 – info required When I had my install in November 2011, I was convinced that I had sent off a warranty card from the inverter box to PowerOne for a free extension of the warranty from five to ten years. When I contacted ABB last week, they said my warranty...
  7. M

    warranty insurance for PV

    hi all just to let u know today logged in to register a job with ec.. ... workmanship warranty & the price has gone up from £22.00 to £49.00 & another price increase for June sometime another 12%. Obvisouly big increase just glad we are at plot 16-36 & would have been nice to be at 36 but there...
  8. G

    fault on inverter?

    Hi all, fault on a inverter i installed 5 yrs ago, packed it all in then also so dont know much about these has i havent kept up with it all, i think the inverter was eversolor if i remember , going to look tomorrow ive attached piccy if you dont mind looking over guys and if you can help...
  9. Lou

    Complete Electrical Solutions

    Complete Electrical Solutions is a Cambridge City centre based electrical firm serving domestic and commercial customers. We are Part P registered and offer full warranty to our customers. We carry out a full inspection & testing service and take pride in our work which is always completed to...
  10. Davisonp

    Lightrabbit do not honour their 5 year guarantee claim.

    Be warned, Lightrabbit do not honour their 5 year guarantee claim. According to their web site, all lights sold by lightrabbit have a blanket 5 year guarantee with no conditions or further action notified on the web. I have just tried to get replacements for to lights that have failed after...
  11. polo1

    Beesleys, Swindon

    Hi all, giving a public "well done" to the above company. I had a warranty issue with the shoulder strap of my VetoPac XL ( the stitching on the padded side of the shoulder strap had pulled through the outer cover exposing the padding underneath). I bought the VP early 2015 from Beesleys. I...
  12. polo1

    Beesleys, Swindon

    Hi all, giving a public "well done" to the above company. I had a warranty issue with the shoulder strap of my VetoPac XL ( the stitching on the padded side of the shoulder strap had pulled through the outer cover exposing the padding underneath). I bought the VP early 2015 from Beesleys. I...
  13. Worcester

    Another one bites the dust ... And Another..

    AS the Queen song goes. Just got another call - system installed by a now non-trading concern, fried inverter, Samil in this case. The question is, what do you replace them with - Samil only had a 2 year warranty. Like for lIke? Something with a longer warranty? ABB / SMA ?
  14. J

    Iboost and immersion heater thermostat

    Hi All, more by way of a query really, we had an Iboost (immersion heater proportional controller for diverting excess solar power) installed when our panels were put in last october and the thermostat recently failed on the immersion heater - in such as way as the Iboost keeps providing...
  15. J

    NAPIT Certification Scheme napit or NIC registration pros & cons

    Hi All Im considering joining Napit or NIC in order to self certificate. Just wondered if any of the pros have any advice which might be better (pros & cons) Thanks in advance
  16. O

    Megger MFT 1730 Calibration Fail

    Hi, just got a bit of a shock this morning, turns out my Megger has failed calibration and needs to go back to Megger for a "fixed price" repair charge of £426.24 (inc VAT) and that's before it gets re calibrated!! I had a feeling that it might still be in warranty but after checking found out...
  17. Leesparkykent

    Renolit alkorsolar.

    I've been looking at this mounting system for some new build blocks of flats I'm doing. 120 panels in total over four blocks/roofs with single ply membrane roofs. just wondering if any one has used it and if they have what's your thoughts on it? Cheers lee.
  18. P

    Integrated LED Downlighters or Separates?

    Why do many sparkies fit integrated LED downlights such as the JCC FGLED range? I wouldn't fit combined units at all, at least not in a domestic situation. You're saddling the client with an expensive reinstallation bill if in the future he wants, for example, warm white instead of cool white...
  19. S

    Faulty extractor fan

    Hi I fitted a Vent-Axia extractor fan a little while ago (about a couple of months if my memory serves me correctly). Now my customer informs me it has stopped working. It will of course be under warranty, but do I have any rights when it comes to getting Vent-Axia to pay for my time/call...
  20. Andy78

    Ledhut 5 year warranty

    I started getting products from ledhut last November. One of their selling points is their 5 year warranty on all products which they advertise heavily on their website. I discovered however that their standard warranty is only 2 years and the 5 year is only available upon application. The...
  21. M

    Workmanship Warranty Help

    Hello All Hope someone can help, i have been asked by the workmanship warranty company to sign a personal Guarantee against my company going bankrupt, they advise me to seek legal advise on the matter. should i sign the document it is legally binding & also it is only rescinded by them, in...
  22. M

    Workmanship warranty

    Hi all I have been asked by workmanship warranty company to sign a statement saying should my limited company fail & a claim is made against work done then I would be personally liable, so here is the point should I pay the warranty & I am still trading it is down to me, should I cease trading...
  23. zap

    How to test a golf trolley battery charger

    Greetings, I have a 12v 36ah battery which is supposed to be a 36 hole golf trolley battery. The charger is specifically designed for Powakaddy (or Hillbilly) carts. The battery only pulls for 16 holes so I complained to the supplier who said, "sorry, it's out of warrantee". Which it is; by four...
  24. A

    Milwaukee drill messed up

    My Milwaukee has messed up since owning it December I am fuming it still works but not properly, you let go of the trigger the drill used to stop straight away now when you let go of the trigger it spins slowly until it stops question is who do I contact to get a replacement milwaukee or...
  25. J

    FSU or socket?

    Dishwasher is knackered and new one delivered. Old one was hard wired into a fused spur inside cupboard. New one has plug. Whats best practice, do I get plug chopped off and wired into fsu like old one or change front plate to 3 pin socket and plug in? Thanks for any help.
  26. T

    Warranty insurance

    Hi fellow sparks. This is for you folks that are with a part p scheme. Just as a matter of interest how many of your customers have taken up the warranty insurance since you first registered with them. I have to admit I don't push the boat out on...
  27. R

    Reciprocating Saw / DeWalt warranty question?

    Hi I am thinking about getting a reciprocating saw, sounds useful for many things and would also be useful for cutting up logs. Having looked at the options the Bosch GSA1100E seems the best but I see DeWalt do one which has a rotating blade so you can flush cut. Which all sounds good until...
  28. N

    Installation Claim

    What is the procedure to claim for a poor installation leading to roof leaks? The company no longer exists but was RECC/REAL and NICEIC. Thanks
  29. O

    Part P changes "mandatory" Insurance!!

    I was reading Sparks last night and is it just me but is this ill thought through idea of the "mandatory" insurance just a bad idea? I can just imagine the conversation with Mrs Jones: Sparky - "of course this Part P includes your insurance" Mrs Jones "what insurance?" Sparky "in case of...
  30. S

    New REAL DAWWI & Bond Pay Scheme

    Does anybody else find this whole thing utterly confusing??? We are about to do our first install in almost 1 year (we are first and foremost an Electrical contractor and have plenty of other work) and I'm struggling to get my head around the new DAWWI and Bond Pay PPS nonsense. From what I've...
  31. timo1

    Fix Megger 1552 ?

    Hi, I am thinking about buying a megger 1552 MFT which is described as not working. It turns on and self tests but no tests can be performed, but I don't have any more info until I see it next week. My questions are...Has anyone had a similar problem, and does anywhere do a fixed fee repair...
  32. S

    Oven Tripping RCD

    Got a job tomorrow on a Neff oven that trips the RCD. The customer says it follows no pattern as some days it does trip and some days it does not. it does not take out the MCB just RCD. Customer says fan is running OK. I'm suspecting the element is faulty - can anyone add any thoughts on this...
  33. A

    led gu10s

    hi all dont know if anyone has any idear on this but have change all my lamps round the house to led all work fine apart from the 3 gu10 leds in the fitting there work to start off with but only last about 3 months didnt know if any one had a idear on what could couse it
  34. infinity

    seraphim panels

    Have any of you installed seraphim panels yet? It states they came 1st in the photon test between jan and july this year. Have recently come across them so would like to know if anyone else has installed any?
  35. B

    Compulsory insurance to be added to notification fee to be implemented March 2013

    I just received this from Elecsa Government changes to our scheme authorisation * The following information will affect all contractors registered on our Part P*competent persons scheme. * In June 2012 the department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) introduced its new...
  36. B

    Megger 1730 error message FU5 or FUS (Not sure if it is a 5 or an )

    Hi I have just been testing a freezer compressor as its tripping the RCD. The Megger was working fine but now shows FU5 or FUS and wont give a reading on the ohms scale. Anyone had this before? its still under warranty so I am reluctant to start takeing it apart other than checking the...
  37. P

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa public liability dilio!

    Hi everyone I was thinking of joining either elecsa or napit .... £372 and £472 first annual fee then roughly the same every year afterwards.but what is strange is the public liability thing with napit it roughly cost £175 per year where as with elecsa they say that all you have to do is sign...
  38. G

    Fluke 1652C required

    Hi fellas, I'm looking for a new Fluke 1652C. This kit looks good to me (except I would like a 3 year warranty). Any ideas of where to get a better deal than £535 ex Vat. Also, I'd prefer to collect and pay cash. Any ideas or specials? Thanks
  39. T

    Workmanship warranty

    Hi all. I got my MCS accreditation earlier this year with NAPIT but as not much happening on the solar pv front I am relying on electrical contracting to keep me going for now until things pick up! My question is this - acording to the REAL rules we have to give an insurance backed workmanship...
  40. E

    Long workmanship warranties, desperate attempt before bust?

    Have just found out about a well established regional player in my area who was offering a ten year workmanship warranty in april who are now in administration. Is a long warranty now something to be concerned about rather than an advantage for a customer? Debate...
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