1. M

    Brand new washing machine tripping circuit

    Help please, we've had a brand new Bosch washing machine delivered twice now and both times it's tripping the circuit as soon as it starts the cycle (not when it's initially turned on). The old machine never had a similar problem. We've tried other appliances in the socket and it works. Using...
  2. J

    Washing Machine in bathroom?

    Hello everyone, I would like to put a washing machine in a cabinet in the bathroom, and run it's power cord through the wall that separates the bathroom from the bedroom, and plug the washing machine into an electrical socket in the bedroom. Would this be permitted? If not, any suggestions?
  3. J

    Washing machine help

    Hj our washing machine tripped out electrics the other day. Everytime we switched it in the electrics cut out. We noticed a larger bend in the water pipe so straightened the fault remained for 1 day but now the machine is working fine . Any ideas why this happened please ? I still have a...
  4. E

    Washing motor - bench test

    My beko will not run, it attempts to move in both directions with a belt or not fitted also shows no faults in checking with a meter across its tacho, stator or field as it will not run. The brushes are a good length of 30/40mm when removed. Need to bench test to prove if the motor is at fault...
  5. C

    Help with a tripping washing machine

    Hi Guys, I'm having trouble diagnosing a fault on a customers downstairs socket ring, which only ever trips when the washing machine is used. The fuse board is an MEM Memera 2000 the downstairs ring is on a 32A 60898 MCB, protected by a 61008 RCD 100A 30mA there are 2 other circuits on the same...
  6. AminAmin

    Washing machine Wf106

    Hello, don't worry, I have a Samsung WF106 washing machine. It shuts off during operation and the motor rotates correctly at first, but it stops working in the middle and the time passes. The time returns from 28 to 32. The washing board gets very hot and makes a buzzing sound. The voltage is 4...
  7. F

    ISE 10 washing machine doesn't finish cycle

    My 9 year old ISE 10 W256W (ASKO WM70.1) stops at 4 minutes from the end on the Everday-wash cycle. I've drained it with the tube (not much came out) and checked the drain pump is clear. The stop/start and open door buttons don't work. Turning it off and on it changes it to 12 minutes and it...
  8. F

    Convert washing machine isolation switch into a plug?

    Hi there, I have two isolation switches above a kitchen workcounter. They currently turn off the power to a pair of unswitched sockets which are hidden in a cupboard. They were previously used for a integrated washing machine and tumble drier we had plugged in, which we removed. As the plug is...
  9. C

    Burnt Washing machine plug and wall socket

    Hello My dear old mother tried to clean the tiles in our utility room by using a damp rag and I think some water may have dripped into our plug socket which is connected to the washing machine. She removed the washing machine plug whilst she was cleaning the tiles and plugged it in afterwards...
  10. T

    Is it safe to plug in a washing machine and a refrigerator into the same outlet?

    I am getting a new front-load Maytag washer. I have a regular old refrigerator. Can I plug them into the same double outlet? What should the breaker amp be? It is currently 15A.
  11. H

    Dedicated double socket or single sockets for washing machine and a tumble dryer.

    Existing double gang socket in the corner of a kitchen on a dedicated 12m length above ceiling 2.5 final circuit to CU, was used for a WM and a tumble dryer protected by a 32amp MCB. I wish to keep this arrangement but on lifting floor boards above ceiling I noted entire run of cable/s was not...
  12. V

    Bosch washing machine tripping fuse box

    Hello everyone. I've bought a second hand Bosch series 6 (2 years old, minimal use). The first washing went without any fault during the cycle, but after the cycle fully finished (10 seconds later), the machine tripped the fuse box. I've removed back and top lid to check if any wired connection...
  13. V

    Bosch washing machine tripping fuse box

    Hello everyone. I've bought a second hand Bosch series 6 (2 years old, minimal use). The first washing went without any fault during the cycle, but after the cycle fully finished (10 seconds later), the machine tripped the fuse box. I've removed back and top lid to check if any wired connection...
  14. T

    Washing machine is tripping the house RCD

    Hi, Do you know why our washing machine is tripping the RCD?......it works for a bit, then the RCD trips......the other L-N breaker doesnt trip.
  15. vards9

    Washing machine and Tumble dryer in shower room - issue with electrical install

    Hi There, Homeowner here with no electrical knowledge, so go easy on me! We've had our garage converted, and coming to the end of the project. We've had a shower/utility room (2.7m x 1.5m) added as part of the conversion, within which is housed a stacked Tumble Dryer on top of a washing...
  16. M

    Washing machines

    Have washing machines improved much Is it mostly the liquid or the powder Thinking of changing but I dunno
  17. T

    How much power does a washing machine draw on spin?

    Hi, the below says a washing machine is 800W.... https://unboundsolar.com/solar-information/power-table ...is that the average power over the whole thing including spin? How much power does one typically draw during the spin phase?
  18. S

    Shocks from new washing machine. (Un earthed)

    Hi. Did a call out just this morning as customer was getting shocks from Kitchen sink. On arrival I could see the sink was earthed and had good continuity back to the main bond. The client told me that it was when he was using the washing machine underneath that he had the shock when he...
  19. S

    Washing Machine Starter Capacitor constantly engaged

    Hi all, I am trying to diagnose an issue with a BEKO WMB101433LW washing machine where it was reported (by the missus) that the drum has far more resistance than usual. I've ruled out bra wires etc and anything between inner and outer drum and have isolated the issue to the high torque setting...
  20. dokkan1080

    Bathroom zones washing machines

    Are washing machine allowed in a bathroom if they are outside of zone 2 and go into a flex outlet thats fused outside the bathroom? And for good measure its in a cabinet?


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