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  1. Strima

    Waterproof JB

    400 year old building with a damp problem, sandstone so not much chance of sorting it anytime soon. Plasterboard with 30mm gap which has a membrane to stop moisture migration but the dipstick who installed the socket cut through this. Customer is happy to remove socket and fit blanking plate I...
  2. S

    Down light waterproof - how to open

    Hi all New to the forumn! I need to change the led bulb on downlight and after trying everything i couldn't really figure out how to take the bulb out from this. I understand i am not great with diy but it can't be a rocket science? Any help and suggestions welcome.
  3. happyhippydad

    How to make this joint waterproof?

    Evening all.. I have 3 pillar lights that are situated along a customers driveway, perhaps 25m long. They are on the grass with a small amount of concrete underneath. They are full of crap and muck where the ants get in and make there nests. There is not enough room under this light to get an...
  4. R

    Outdoor lighting - no waterproof junction boxes

    Hi, could someone please let me know whether the attached pictures is safe for step lighting? From what I can see, the contractor has cut away the insulation from the cabling that was suplied by the manufacturer and used standard junction boxes wrapped with electrical tape. This doesn't feel...
  5. G

    Just an idea for making a waterproof low voltage inline joint

    You know how your tube of silicon sealer has gone solid just when you most need it!? Do you think that one could use this problem to make a permanent water tight joint, eg using twisted conductors secured in the usual connectors and placed in a suitable small plastic tubelike container and then...
  6. H

    junction box help waterproof

    hi i'm just looking for some help and ideas with a problem i'm facing when installing junction boxes for cameras the box comes like the pic below but i have to remove the gland to fit the steel conduit as it doesn't fit through the hole (i've asked around at local wholesalers for one that fits...
  7. S

    Which waterproof work jacket/coat

    What do you guys use and recommend?
  8. Tiny Spark

    Recomendations for a Iphone 5S case?

    As above really, What are you guys using to protect your moby? Just brought a new 5S and want to protect it with a decent case from the rigors of work heh.
  9. A

    50W LED outside light

    Right so i spoke to my merchants "How much for a 50W LED outside light" reply was £130 inc VAT... WTF I now looked on eBay and found this.. 10W/30W/50W LED SMD Floodlights Day/Warm White Waterproof IP65 Outdoor Garden UK | eBay 50 Quid...? Anyone fitted one from ebay they any good?
  10. E

    socket in a toilet

    hi all new to the forum got a call from someone earlier today asking if i can put a socket in a toilet for his washing machine for him my question is is it legal?
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