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    How to get some type of battery to last long pulling 1500 watts

    I'm trying to run multiple lights that take up 1500 watts each. I know I can get a ups and a battery with that can run 1500 watt for 42 minutes and take 10 hours to charge. Any other ideas?
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    Lights and add a controller switch / watts

    hello everyone I don’t know much about electricity but I’m looking to do a little diy project. I bought some lights now the lights say max 0.75 watts and I’m looking to add a controller to lights and that’s says it outputs 144wats will this cause a fire or some sort of unsafe project Thank...
  3. L

    Va on a transfomer for watts

    I wanted to get one of these transfomers: https://cpc.farnell.com/camdenboss/ctfc100-12f/transformer-100va-2-x-12v/dp/TF01354?st=12v%20transformers What does the 100va mean, how many watts can I put through this is I run from 240v mains, from the 12v side? Thank you :-) Leo
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    DIY Garden - Solar Lighting

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but hoping to gain a little help. I want to purchase a solar panel that will power around 15 led's in a homemade garden lighting project. I don't really know where to start in terms of what components to buy - there are tons of solar panels out there and...
  5. K

    Lighting circuits query

    If a 6a domestic lighting circuit had say at least 30 lights on it , including lots of 50w gu10 bulbs what code if any would you put on a eicr?
  6. M

    leisure battery

    Good evening gentlemen, i have just bought an 110 amp deep cycle leisure battery, or so i thought, i hooked up a cool box, 5 watts it say,s , i left it overnight and it was stone flat in the morning, not impressed ,i hooked it up to an 8 amp charger, all day and all night, my charger was still...
  7. O

    Domestic 13 amp cartridge fuse.

    Just how much current can a 13 amp fuse potentially (no pun intended) pass? I've seen loads plugged into fused multi-ways in excess of 3120 watts and wondered if anyone had ever tested this. New here so sorry if this has been asked to death!:waving:
  8. S


    So I popped in Screwfix and whilst waiting, I noticed lap GU10 led dimmable lamps £6 each anyone used these yet on here
  9. V

    Domestic Nightime Background Power Consumption

    What is the background night time power consumption in your house when you are asleep? A/ Less than 100 watts? B/ 100-200 Watts? C/ 200-300 Watts? D/ 300-400 Watts? E/ 400-500 Watts? F/ Greater than 500 Watts?
  10. A

    MK switches 10amp

    I'm just wondering, Is this 10 amps per switch or overall, or per switch, I've got a 2 gang switch thanks
  11. E

    Domestic How to calculate battery backup power needs

    First of all, I would like to apologize for creating an account solely to ask my question. I honestly don't know where else to turn to find out this information; I've exhaused every google search and the knowledge of people around me. I'm hoping someone won't mind helping me with this. I live...
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    Socket extension question - max amps

    This has no doubt been asked often by non electrical minded folk like me but when a socket extension says maximum 13amps, does actually that mean 4 plugs fitted with 3amp fuses like desk lamps etc (or 5a+5a+3a) or does it go by the actual amps of the equipment and you could have say 6 plugs with...
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    diy panel help please

    Hello, i am new to the solar powered world and i enjoy reading about it , but i need some help trying to figure my math out, basically i need 36 volts and 150 watts. this is for a well pump ( it can use from 12.6- 40 volts ) made to wire directly to panels. I am wanting to make the panels...
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    How many watts can I power from the 12v cigarette lighter socket in my car please?

    Hi guys Appreciate a bit of help please. I know this isn't really an auto electrics forum, but I'm hoping maybe somebody will know anyway, not sure there's a better forum to ask this in? So I'm disabled, and I need to find a safeguard way to re-charge my mobility scooter in my Ford Transit...
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    4 gang 2 way 600 watt dimmer

    Does anyone no where I can get one from or if they exist. can you get them in a grid system which will fit in a 2 gang back box? Thanks chris
  16. M

    SSE DNO FIT potential problem 16A

    I have a quote which I would like to go ahead with, but with the proposed cut off with fits, will the below system have any problems with SSE DNO and how would I complete the application form to ensure no problems as there is no space to state two invertors. or would it be safer to reduce by...
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    4kW worth of panels and a 3.6kW inverter

    I'm due on the C&G 2399 course next week and hopefully I'll come away with more answers than questions but one thing I keep seeing is inverters seemingly over rated in that a 3.6kW inverter is recommended for a 4kW system. Could anybody please offer a brief reasoning behind this?
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    Am2 pfc

    Im confused about doing the PFC test in the AM2, i no you have to test N-L1-E, N-L2-E, N-L3-E but im not too sure whether i have to test been phases i.e. N-L1-L2 or E-L1-L2 any help on how to properly test PFC in the AM2 exam would be great help thanks!!!
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    fuses on fridge freezers?

    Hi there. Im new to PAT testing. I am confused as all the fridges/freezers I have looked at range from 55 watts to 135 watts and from what Ive been taught any appliance under 700 watts requires either a 3 or 5 amp fuse. However, all the above that I have seen have a 13 amp fuse and the CE rating...
  20. H

    Max load on 850watt dimmer

    ? trying to work out max load on 800watt dimmer with 50watt low voltage down lights have to calculate the load by the amount of 60va transformers instead of the lamp watts not sure how to convert the amount of 60va transformers into max watts for the dimmer
  21. C

    back to basics higher the volts lower the amps?

    hi guys am i right in saying that generally the higher the amps the lower the volts ?? watts divided by amps = volts watts divided by volts = amps amps x volts = watts taking that in mind a 12v extra low voltage spot light which is 50 watts = 4.1 amps 240v low voltage 100w bulb = 0.4...
  22. R

    Underfloor Heating

    Hi im new to the forum, a DIY enthusiast. I have underfloor heating, originally made up of 20meters of cable, running 240 V at 320 W 160 ohms. Now i want to half this same cable to 10m, however this would lead to a reduction of resistance by half, effectively doubling the power going through the...
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    Dimmers keep blowing

    Can anyone advise me? I have changed 5 dimmer switches in a pub and after around 2 months they stop working this has happened twice now. I have put 1000 watts dimmers as the load is 700 watts, so I not overloading it, could it be that the lights are on for around 12 hours everyday?:confused:
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    Lcm, booster, photo cell key switch

    Hi Done tube work wired lights and photo cell, the key switch, Lcm and power booster done by another guy, switched on lights ok but they are very dim and take 1 hour to warm up, photo cell not working? Around 13-14 lights on a long run, if the lights were from the board via a key switch things...
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    Heavy duty Timer Light Switch

    Hi, I'm looking for a timer to replace a standard light switch which has been installed to control a pond pump rated at 700 watts (max) but all I can find are units rated at up to 400 watts. Anybody come accross anything like this or have any suggestions? Thanks a lot. Johnnymag
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