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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    NAPIT leads website? another scam or decent?

    Saw this online and it seems NAPIT are setting up a job leads service and then charging its members for them. not sure how well this will work and if it does then i expect certsure to quickly muscle in on the action and use the NICEIC brand to get some of the market share and money being made...
  2. Dan

    CheckaTrade | MyBuilder | RatedPeople | TrustaTrader etc - Who's with what and why?

    CheckaTrade | MyBuilder | RatedPeople | TrustaTrader etc - Who's with what and why? Thought I'd start a poll off to see if we can see who's with what type of rate-my-builder website, if at all. And which ones seem to work, and if they do, why etc. I've also put some other options there to see...
  3. Uheat – Jake

    uHeat New Website - Forum Special Offers

    Recently we've launched our new website with a stylish new design and some new products but with the same exclusive discounts to forum members. https://www.uheat.co.uk/ All forum members receive 5% discount using the code electriciansforum at the checkout. Trade members can get a 15%...
  4. static zap

    Do people have a favourite Test Website - (My complicated reference WAS Maplins)

    PaigntonPete -says he has connectivity issues ! ..i previously had similar issues with "Maplin web site and PC" ... Sadly that test is no longer available. Sites with a shopping basket are normally Good !
  5. Diver233

    2391-3 website or video clip

    Does anyone know a good website or video that goes through the whole practical test of 2391?. Loads do bits of it. But any all in the correct order
  6. S

    b2b quote tenders. Does anyone use this tendering website

    Tendered a few times for the local council who use sell2wales as their tendering portal (I’m based in Wales). Came across b2b which from what I can gather provide both public and private tenders. Iv signed up for free and all this allows me to do is she the titles of tenders posted. To get...
  7. C

    Best website to Purchase Texecom / hikvision if not in the trade?

    hi there, As the title suggests i am after an alarm and cctv system, but i am having trouble purchasing the products i want as i am not in the trade a lot of websites only sell to registered installers not end users? any help would be much appreciated hank you =]
  8. Dan

    10% Off THE WHOLE WEBSITE at FilPlastic.com with this code!

    Hi Guys, Just a quick message from @FILPLASTIC :- For the first time ever, Filplastic are offering 10% off our entire site on orders above £100 (Ex VAT and Delivery) until Sunday 30th September. FilPlastic already kindly give us 10% off of Tilt Bins on their website, but this discount code...
  9. Joshua

    Earwig, a new upcoming agency rating website.

    I hope this is in the right forum I thought I would share this, it's a website that's due to be released by the end of the year. It's a Service for agency workers to review agencies and rate how good they are. Hopefully it'll benefit someone in the forums. You can sign up here earwig -...
  10. Ben Upton

    Web developer introduction

    Hi everybody, I've just joined the forum, and posted in the new member introductions but thought I should also post here where it's more relevant. I'm a full-time web developer looking to eventually branch out on my own. I have relatives in the industry and an interest myself, so helping...
  11. Ben Upton

    Intro from new member - Web developer

    Hi everybody, I've just joined the forum, and it's great to be a member! I'm a full-time web developer looking to eventually branch out on my own. I have relatives in the industry and an interest myself, so helping electricians with their websites/online marketing is hopefully a good fit for...
  12. R

    ECS card is troublesome to get (ECS Website). Any advice?

    Hello guys. I have recently been trying to apply for an ECS gold card. I have already sat the H&S awareness test and passed it. The thing is I don’t know what card I should be applying for. Each one I am about to try for on the website has an alert from the “rules engine” saying that my...
  13. DPG

    On the BBC news website today (dodgy cable)

    Fire risk cable 'in homes across UK' - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41391343
  14. The_Wanderer

    2391 returning, well on website it is anyway?

    Was randomly on the C+G site today, and happened across the old 2391 course showing as "Coming soon April 2017". Im confused, they bringing back an old certificate again, anyone have any info. Purely just curious myself, i got my 2391 over ten years ago, not doing it again. Electrical...
  15. N

    Getting business on google search?

    I have a website which isn't anything fancy but for a sole trader is hopefully fine. I know everyone wants to be at the top of the page on a google serach, but I am not even at the bottom! I have a free yell.com listing, but even when I search for an electrician in my area via google and get...
  16. P

    Power up electrical

    We are an nic eic registered electrical company we undertake all types of electrical work from full house rewire to adding and extra light or socket. We install intruder alarms, cctv door entry systems, Ariels, fire alarms, Internet cables, testing and inspection and landlord electrical...
  17. Dan

    Link Building and Link Swaps for your websites!

    I thought I'd start a thread for link building for your websites. We have had a few but the way the Internet is, I'd guess many sites in the old threads have now closed etc Those of you who consider link building worthy, please post your website in this thread and allow others to post your...
  18. L

    Website build and email address

    Could anyone advise me or recommend somewhere that can build me a website and somewhere I can sort out my own email address please. I'd like to be able to send emails to people with a letterhead of the company on it. I haven't a clue how to sort any of the above out!! Cheers in advance.
  19. GMES

    Where is he

    I know it isn't Electrical but thought it would get more views here. As anyone seen or heard from our Davesparks, According to his profile page he hasn't logged in since August 13th which is no like him at all, he was always an active member with plenty of input. It may be that he is just...
  20. C

    Electricians Mate Looking for Electrical Labourer/Mate Work in London

    Hi All, Looking for any roles in assisting electricians as a labourer or a mate. London is preferable but willing to travel further. I have limited experience in electrical work, which is helping family friends out in fixing and installing electrics. Qualifications include: 17th edition, C&G...
  21. BigSim

    Supervisors CSCS card

    Hi guys after some advice. I have completed the IOSH Working Safety course, the CITB SSSTS course, and hold a JIB Approved Electrician gold card. Would this be enough to get a CSCS supervisors card, as it's not clear on their website if these are acceptable or not? Many thanks.
  22. J


    Hi there, my name is James and I have finally got round to signing up. Have browsed htrough forum many a time but never for some reason or other got round to signing up. I'm a one man band down in Devon, beautoful part of the world and run my own electrical company called.....jml electrician. I...
  23. J

    Have you used the underfloor store?

    Hey there all. I'm after some Heatmiser neoair kits and found this website. UnderfloorStore.co.uk I've got a page with The Underfloor heating Store open but the above website is slightly cheaper. Anyone used them before?
  24. E

    Advertising and websites

    Hi everyone was just wondering how much money people spend on advertising and how much work they receive from the advertising? ive been on my own for about two years and 90% of my work is word of mouth, I have an ad in yell and get the odd call from it. also with websites do you pay for seo...
  25. M

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Gold Card

    Hi all, How do I go about getting a JIB Gold Card? I have the following qualifications: NVQ Levels 2 & 3 AM2 17th Edition Do I need any other qualifications? ie health and safety etc etc Have asked a few people and getting different opinions. Pls help. Thanks
  26. J

    NIC/EIC or NAPIT etc

    Hi all I have recently set up on my own and after joining nic/eic or napit ETC Which one is the best in terms of cost and helpfulness ?? Also where's best to advertise ? I do yell.com, Facebook, Twitter, google+ and have a website Cheers
  27. S

    MFT 1720 & On Site Guide

    Hi Guys, just purchased a new 1730 - anyone interested in a good condition 1720? Unit, case & leads only, will require calibrating - can include a £10 off calibration voucher with Testermans if you can use it. £400 17 edition OSG, Red, good condition... £15 posted
  28. Q


    Hi everyone im starting up on my own after 18 years and am getting a website built. I'm being quoted £700 by someone recommended to me. Plus £200 by someone else to build a logo and supply it with business cards, email letterheads. Can anyone spare some advice from your own experience about...
  29. mhar


    Did a re install of operating system over weekend and have just tried to access pirform website using both firefox and ie and get stopped with warnings that the website is unsafe. Just tried to send an email to [email protected] and have had this returned with the message that the ip address...
  30. P


    Hi, im looking at setting up a website, what type of domain would you go for? .biz .uk.com .eu .info
  31. J

    Show us your website!

    Just saw a thread about someone wanting critique on there website and saw how many pages long and the mayhem it caused lol. So a thought it would be a good idea if everyone who has a website for their business post the link and let others critique it. Get posting !
  32. A

    2394 revision notes

    Hey people Starting my 2394 soon and was wondering if anyone here had some good revision notes so I can be slightly ahead before even starting the course. Thanks in advance Ant
  33. M

    Trust a Trader vs Rated People

    Has anyone out there subscribed to both and can offer any views and advise on Trust a Trader. I am registered with Rated People and all the short comings assosioated with them - there are loads of threads on this subject. I have recently made enquiries recently with Trust a Trader and first...
  34. A

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) how to get ecs/jib card

    how would i get a ecs/ jib card . when i have no electrical job and been out of electrical work for 2 years . havent you got to be working for someone to get it cheers
  35. M

    Web sites do they work

    Hi guys im mark ive been popping in and out of here for sometime now but have never joined in the chat/banter Anyway im thinking of building a website (or having one built) what are your views on them do they work for you ie getting enquires and leads for work
  36. applemac

    contentys mobile web design company

    these people keep phoning me offering for 99 quid as im a quite new business new website for mobiles and iPads and redo my old site there telling me that price is all in and no monthly costs im just interested in getting more web traffic really on my website but this bloke reckons that he can...
  37. S

    Public Liability Insurance

    Hi quite new to forum just wondered if anyone out there knows where i can get decent public liability insurance ( £2 mill + ) at a comprehensive price, many thanks
  38. Amp David

    Website tips and advice

    Anyone know about making websites. Been thinking about one for a while, don't know if i should DIY or pay for a professional one?
  39. N

    reg book digital ?

    Is there anywhere i can get the new regs book digital so I can have it on the go on my iphone and iPad makes things easier so u can search for specific words etc and so u dont need the Internet for it either as some sites don't have signal or data Thanks
  40. A


    Right so you've probably been getting fed up with me going on about Websites and SEO so this is my last post on it!! (Hopefully ;))! The website i use is Moonfruit.com - I have now just noticed that the site is published in Flash.. I have also heard that FLASH is BADBADBADBAD for SEO!! As...
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