1. D


    Hello, my name is Deya and I'm new to the site. My user name is Deya Tech and I'm based in London, UK. E1. I'm 40 years of age, Male and currently studing for my BS7671 blue book Exam. I am already currently part P certified. Just a quick question, will I be permitted to find work as an...
  2. B

    Hi from the UK

    Hello folks, my name is Matt, I live in Cambridgeshire in the UK. I started working for a scientific maintenance company in October as their new Storeman. I was asked to look at the PAT testing equipment and familiarize myself..(a Seaward Pat Tester 250+). I have done the Pass/certificate on the...
  3. i=p/u

    Canada Working in Canada

    Hi, would love to go to Canada and work as electrician. I've only started reading about and was wondering can anyone point me in right direction as they have already been there. #canada #express entry
  4. Baddegg

    Baddeggs life hacks...your welcome

    Generally gone within the hour...
  5. Dan

    Test New Reactions (Likes) Here! - Suggestions welcome

    Hi peeps. Thanks to those who subscribed, we have been able to get the customised reactions system sooner than I'd planned. Feel free to test on my post. And if some people can reply, even with some (family-friendly!!) jibberish, you can all test a few different reactions on various posts to...
  6. G

    Thanks for the welcome

    Hi have joined the forum to seek advice. Afraid I wont be able to offer much myself as certainly not experienced with auto electrics. However, who knows, one day I might be able to help out with information for another member.
  7. O

    Hello, advice and gentle ribbing welcome!

    Hi All, I just thought I'd say a quick hello and ask some advice. I'm not an electrician and I'm looking to get involved an qualified in the industry. Whilst I don't want to be working for other people apart from the odd job to help a mate or family out I'd still like to achieve the...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Welcome to the world of the 18th Edition

    Now we are officially on the 18th edition, has anybody bothered changing anything on stationary, websites etc.. or encountered customers moaning about new regulations affecting jobs/quotes etc...
  9. J

    Hi from Iver, Bucks..

    Hi, I'm an Engineering Technician working mainly as an LX on marina and related installations, and on commercial vessels. A lot of this is regular inspection and test work, and I am also involved with remote monitoring of equipment. Its an interesting time for LX guys if you can keep up to...
  10. A

    New member, Andy from Wallsend

    Hi All, new to the forum.
  11. jimmy gunstone

    hey guys, new member here :)

    hey, im an avid diy-er and surprised ive not joined this site before.. Im happy to be here and hope to fit in with all you other guys nicely :) thanks for having me!
  12. LisaHamilton

    PTPA! - Intorduction! New Mem

    PTPA! Hello! I'm Lisa Hamilton. Glad to find this community. :) See you around! Lisa.
  13. Chizzle

    Hi to all. Studying to become a qualified electrician

    Just a quick hello from my self as i am new to this forum. My name is Chaz based in London. I have just recently started studying into becoming a fully qualified electrician and have just completed my domestic installer course. Look forward to reading and getting great advice on this forum
  14. Zdb

    Hello - electrician working in the southwest of England.

    Just signed up and thought I'd say hello to everyone. I'm an electrician working in the southwest of England.
  15. D

    Newbie to the site

    Hi guys, just thought I'd say hello. I've just done my Part P so that i can safely make alterations to our circuits at work, should be registering with Napit as soon as i get my cirtificate. Then I'll be buying some kit, so far I'm set on a Kewtech K63 meter unless i can be persuaded...
  16. C

    Hi all

    Hi, just joined the forum as I'm looking to learn more about the art of electrics.
  17. Flux

    First post

    Hi all, New to the forum, hope to get some help along the way and share advice etc. Thanks Adam
  18. M

    New fella

    New user of forum and starting my own electrical journey. Glad I found this resource. Mart
  19. G

    New member looking for work

    Good afternoon guys and girls, just a quick hello from Me, looking forward to interacting with you George
  20. G

    Newbie from South Africa

    Hello everyone. Just a heads up, English is not my native language. I rely heavily on the the spellchecker to help me correct my words. So some of the words may not have the meaning that I intended. I am from South Africa, a white male, 44 years old and one of an identical twin (we shared one...
  21. Clodbuster

    Howzit Guys

    I am not an electrician but deal in electricity of sorts. I have been supplying and installing Electric Fencing for 40 years. Firstly in Central Africa then here in the UK after being booted out by Mugabe. I have had occasional conversations with electricians and am always willing to supply...
  22. C

    Hi All

    Hi All from london..
  23. robman29


    Hi, I'm a sparks working in the Essex and Herts area and (unfortunately) London sometimes (always a long drive with lots of traffic, or early in and out), pretty much use the forum for reference, most questions I want to ask have already been answered and I'm very greatful for that, a lot of...
  24. G

    Hello all

    Hi Joined the forum for advice and to learn a few things. I was doing an apprenticeship having completed my c&G 2365 L2 and 3. Unfortunately the company went under and I couldn't complete it. Worse thing was i only had a few months to go and was about to prepare for the AM2 exams. Spent last...
  25. JasperOban

    New Member Intro

    Hi all, I've been registered here for a while so an intro is well overdue. I'm an Industrial Electrician working at Europe's biggest Super Quarry, Glensanda. I'm an Approved Electrician, Approved Certifier of Construction and an IET Technician Member. I'm involved in everything from small L&P...
  26. J

    Good evening electricians forums from Norfolk

    Hi, I'm James a Gas Safe engineer from Norfolk,I'm joining this forum with a view to enhancing my very average at best electrical knowledge. Cheers
  27. EMMEC

    Newbie here :)

    Hello All Sparks :) I'm new here , but iv got some clue about " how to be a sparky" .... I'm an electrician since 1995 and I'm running a small family company based in North London / but we working nationally , sometimes :)) / I hope I'll find some place for me in this friendly nest :)) Arthur
  28. J


    Hi new to the forum, just saying hi
  29. darrenwells1990


    Hello all, use this forum a lot just to read others opinions. Been a member for a few years but never posted anything and never sign in, Hope to post more on here more often.
  30. G

    new to forum

    Hi there new to forum thanks
  31. E


    Hi, I'm an M&E Engineer having a butchers at this site.
  32. G

    new to site

    hi every one and welcome new to site a bit late but happy new year to all
  33. W

    ...and one more ... Hi All.

    Hi All from Australia. ...lurking since 06.06.2012 Geoff
  34. K

    Newly Qualified

    Hi all, Just completed the C&G 2357 and passed the AM2 last year. This is a second career for myself having completed 23yrs in REME as an Armoured Vehicle mechanic. Been with my current employer 6 yrs, since leaving the Army. Searched this site a lot during my course, found many useful...
  35. Bersnter

    Hello sparks

    New here, great site. Plan to do some house renovations and will need some top tips and advice along the way.
  36. W

    New to this

    Hi just getting to grips with this, I will find my feet eventually .......bare with me
  37. M

    Just a hello

    Hello to electriciansforums.co.uk peeps...
  38. P

    Just joined - saying hi

    Just joined the forum - hi anyone who's listening!
  39. S

    Introduce myselfe

    Hey There My name is Sam, i'm Qualified as Inspection and Test, C&G 2394/95 ( level 3 ) Also i'm specialist in Smart Home system that works based on Wifi or GSM or IP Camera and Zwave too, my background is an Industrial Engineer ( Bachelor outside the UK ) and have experience in Industrial...
  40. Morgie007

    new to forums

    Hi to all thought this forum might help me out with some elec troubleshooting, i am just a DIY r although i know a bit about wiring and the basics. Im really trying to sort out British Gas dodgy installers shortcuts that are going wrong now.
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