1. robertl

    UK 3 phase inverter welder from Split Phase / Bi Phase supply 480v

    Hello all, I have discussed my power install before as i am sure a lot of you will remember as it is quite different to a normal setup. I have a split phase / Bi Phase system, 2 phases coming into the workshop from a center tapped transformer. 240v phase to neutral and 480 phase to phase. I have...
  2. R

    UK Temp extension cable for welder

    I have a 80m run to the bottom of my garden is it practical to run 2 extension cables down the garden and join them together with a make shift link lead both outputs joined together into a single output socket. to allow better current load capability and hopefully less voltage drop to drive my...
  3. J

    UK Installation for welder

    Hi. I'm planning to buy single phase walder with supply current of 16A. In got unused 32A mcb in my breaker box. I want to replace it with 16A type C or D and use about 7m long 4mm cable to connect 16A interlocked socket. Socket will go on wall of garage that is part of house. What type of...
  4. 2

    Welder - what sort of amp input it will need at 240v

    I recently bought a welder (picture attached) I was wondering what sort of amp input it will need at 240v
  5. the pict

    Welder transformer zapped

    Hi all I need a bit of help from the wise wizards I mate has a heavy duty mig welder which gave up the ghost on him I have had it apart the transformer that supplies 24vDC has no continuity through the primary and on close inspection the "in" if you like has detached itself from the terminal...
  6. I

    More POWAA for my welder

    Okay so, I have a shed down the end of my garden where I like to weld and do stupid stuff. Anyway I have an arc welder which at maximum power gives me 160A @ 20V which is 3200W. When my parents built the shed they didn't take into account that there son was going to be a raging metal melting...
  7. P

    what size wire do i need for welder in garage

    Hi garage 37 metres away .From main consumer unit in house to a consumer unit in garage 47 metres .The garage runs off 2.5 swp under ground and operates lights 6 amp and a 32 amp ring everything works ok for what I used it for ,now I am thinking of running a welder .So my question is would you...
  8. Daveylennon93

    Welder supply question

    Hello just after joining the forum. Just have a question about the power supply for a welder im buying. Was hoping to get a 300amp mig welder that requires a 32amp supply. But after reading a bit about the power needed to run it full power im not sure is the supply at my house good enuf. The...
  9. S

    2 Phase Projection welder

    I have a job to provide power to a 2 phase 140A projection welder. The run is 35M. According to the regs i would need a 35mm cable to run the 140A. However with it being short bursts of power can i get away with a smaller CSA? Anyone have experience with these i would love some advice. Thanks...
  10. N

    Mig welder

    Hi guys, I've gone to a job and the customer has a 5-5 split Rccb board, and there shed is wired from a 32amp mcb. But when the welder is in use it trips the RCcb the welder is brand new. What could be the cause? Cheers
  11. S

    Domestic Wiring garage supply, breaker size recommendations for welder.

    Hi guys, I'm planing on putting some power to my grandparents garage so I can work on my car. I'm going to put in one double socket which will be running a freezer, and my welder too, and then a couple 5ft fluorescents or x2 battenholders.. whatever gives the best spread of light? The thing...
  12. madseb

    Industrial 3 phase welder 2 phase supply?

    hi all I have been asked by a friend with a small workshop to swap the plug on an ali welder he has just purchased. upon inspection the welder has an old style bakrlight plug. and also is stated on the machine as 400v single phase 50-60hz when the old plug as removed there was only three 6mm...
  13. Hellmooth

    Blue commando socket

    Hi I have a commando socket to fit in my work unit to supply a gas welder, am I right in saying these come in 16 and 32 amps? What size of breaker would be best, I can't seem to find the right info on the welder for working out the max load? thanks craig
  14. P

    CPC over heating

    I was called to a farm today as the RCBO protecting several 13amp sockets on a work bench kept tripping intermittantly. Upon removing the first socket (all metal clad twins fed in PVC conduit/egatube) I found that the 1.5mm CPC insulation had melted and welded itself to the neutral & live...
  15. R

    Domestic Options for a 32 amp supply to out building

    Hello, are there any helpful sparks out there who will answer a question for me? I want to put a 2 way CU into a garage for lighting and a few 13amp sockets but I also want a 32 amp socket for occasional use of a welder. I'm doing the first fix myself as I have the ceilings down anyway. My...
  16. P

    3 phase question

    Hi all - newbie to the forum. Am looking for a bit of advice as electrics is not my strong point. We've recently moved into a new house with the great benefit of a double garage. I'd like to run a TIG welder from the garage, but I've looked into the cost of getting 3 phase installed and it's...
  17. G

    Welder "must be connected to a 30A fused spur"

    My old man just rang me wants to buy a welder but the manufacturers instructions say the welder has to be connected to a 30A fused spur, He hasnt bought it yet he said hes going to get more details for me tomorrow which ill post up, From what i gather this'll have to be on a dedicated circuit...
  18. I

    30a fused spur needed for welder

    hi i live in uk and bought a 160a arc welder and itsays i need to connect it to 230v 30amp fused spur but all sockets at my house are 13amp 230v so how can i use welder and what socket do i need and how can i use it or make a 30a fused spur?
  19. Amp David

    Help with Makita battery problem

    I have a pairof 24 volt 3.3ah NI-MH batteries and yesterday I put one to charge. Within 10 minutes the charger had said it was fully charged. Put it onto the drill and there was almost no speed with the drill. Checked the voltage today and its showing 24.6 volts, but when used its like a flat...
  20. F

    Welder Installation

    I've been asked to install and American TIG welder in a workshop at a site where i do some more normal commercial works. The Welder requires a 400v Supply (no problem as TP supply nearby) but the current DB is a Hager unit for whichi can only find max MCB's of 63A. this welder requires...
  21. R

    Installing a supply for an arc welder in a domestic environment

    I recently picked up a job to install some power and lighting in a new small shed/workshop being built in somebody's garden. When asking about what was going in there, the builder told me it would just be a couple of small power tools, but on further investigation the customer wants to use an...
  22. B

    400 Volt Single Phase Welder

    Hi everyone, A friend has bought a 400 volt single phase welder for his workshop and has asked me to install a supply and connect it up. Having not seen the welder yet and never been involved with anything like this before could anyone enlighten me as to the supply for 400 volt single phase...
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