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  1. KeenPensioner

    What's the Banjo doing?

    As a trainee can I ask why the banjo is on the outside of the Wiska box. I understand that the earthing of the SWA must be maintained but would having the banjo outside mean you need to drill through the IP66 box to connect to earth and by doing that are you not compromising the IP rating? I...
  2. R

    Why can we spur unfused from rings?

    Can someone explain electrically why we can spur unfused from a ring final on a 32a breaker when the cable is 2.5mm rated at max 27a?
  3. L

    What's going on here?

    Hello - see attached photos of the downlight fitting in my bathroom. In short, the consumer unit recently started tripping, and on investigating I found a scorched cable, which seems to have been resting on the uncovered incandescent GU10 lamp, the heat from which eventually burnt through the...
  4. Rockingit

    EV charger (for me) - what's the lowdown on the easiest/cheapest way to do it?

    I'm going to start some construction projects at my own gaff soon, including sorting out some better outdoor supplies. Currently have a 32a supply via SWA in what I think (need to check!) is 10mm which the previous installer has conveniently put a junction box join for right where I can...
  5. H

    What's wrong with this subpanel?

    Bought this 35 year-old house 5 years ago. On numerous occasions have found the 50A breaker in the main panel that supplies a subpanel in the detached garage, tripped for no apparent reason. Little if anything running in that garage at the time. I have a suspect as to what it might be, so I'm...
  6. W

    What's next after college?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is possibly the correct place for this as I'm new here, but I'm looking for some help. I was looking for an electrical installation apprenticeship but now I'm too late into my Level 3 C&G qualification to be able to do the apprenticeship apparently. So now I'm looking...
  7. I

    New MFT, what's the best units to look at? EICR industrial, time saving!

    Hi, I've just landed a job as an electrical tester and need a new MFT (mainly light industrial). As I'm going to be spending considerable time testing I thought I'd ask about the new high-end options. what are peoples favourites? Are these new fancy options like Bluetooth on the mergers...
  8. W

    What's gone wrong here

    Ok, I admit this stuff should be left to electricians now! I was fitting a new ceiling light and it's caused some issues. I got the ceiling light to work fine but now it's knocked out (but not tripped) the rest of that circuit and I don't know why. It looks like some lights still go on but only...
  9. Mike Johnson

    What's happened to the Format of the Forums

    The Forum seems to keep changing its format, very difficult to navigate now, lots of text in the dropdown box's and the top banner scrolls up with navigation so notifications are not visible until you scroll back to the top, definitely not an improvement IMO.
  10. E

    Electrician's mate vs improver vs electrician - what's the difference?

    I see mates jobs asking for quals and duties to include pulling cables, termination, chasing, patching, snagging, fixing issues, basically everything except testing and inspection. So what is a mate really and how is it different from a bonafide electrician? Is it just the qualifications...
  11. Jimmymage

    What's this outlet for in my garage?

    Dear all, I am a new home owner and I recently found a bigger-than-usual outlet in my garage: My question is what is this outlet for? Thank you!
  12. happysteve

    What's the most badly designed accessory you've had to install?

    What's the most badly designed accessory you've had to install? I present my nomination, the ML Accessories/Knightsbridge RWL5 wall-mounted LED guide light This nice-looking wall light has a low profile, is IP54 rated, and looks quite neat in "anthracite" colour. It's also about the right...
  13. W

    what's the discount code for Electricals2go

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows what is the code to get the Electricals2go discount for members of this forum? I am at a loss. Newbie, Joan
  14. D

    Power tool connected to a socket doesn't activate when power switch depressed, but it turns on the light fixture in ceiling. What's going on?

    Power saw connected to a socket doesn't activate when power switch depressed, but it turns on the light fixture in ceiling nearby while power button is depressed. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to correct this problem. Please let me know if you need any additional details...
  15. C

    What's your preferred floodlight brand?

    I've got a job to replace three floods with 20w led pir with a manual override. We only really use Collingwood but I can't get them until mid next week which is a pain. Bonus with them is they are colour switching, struggling to find a similar product.. Any recommendations lads/lasses Cheers
  16. M

    What's your most important items of equipment for electrical work ?

    18v Sds Voltstick IR tester
  17. Lucien Nunes

    Low insulation puzzle: what's this?

    Damp here this morning, and the insulation resistance on a piece of workshop equipment seemed a bit low. I could influence the reading by pressing my hands against the outside of one of its controls. That, and the fact it is getting a bit stiff to operate, show that it's time for this control to...
  18. V

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Just got called to quote for a new job, and as part of doing so I asked to check the board. This is a Niglon board, fitted by a sparky about 18 months ago. Answers on a postcard if you can spot an issue!! Bonus point if you can guess the four letter word I muttered.
  19. DPG

    What's this? (Lamp post related)

    The lamp posts on a small lane near me have had blue triangles painted in front of them. It looks like these are to mark the presence of a small metal pin, similar in appearance to a rivet. Anyone know what they are for? Too small to be an earth rod.
  20. D

    What's the best approach to swapping out this alarm for a new ring alarm?

    I have the following alarm system, but I've just purchased a new Ring alarm bundle that I want to swap it for. Couple of reasons why I haven't just ripped this out to start over with my new one: 1. The original alarm keypad by my door has a power cable I'd like to use for the new Ring keypad...
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