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  1. N

    Testing whilst quoting?

    Little discussion with my boss regarding when quoting for say an extra socket to be installed. My idea was test the existing circuit on quotation to confirm existing circuit is a complete ring and do the Zs at the socket I’m coming off. His reply was just quote job, do the job then test...
  2. Pete999

    Stupid things you have done whilst away working

    Got sent to the Seychelles for a job once, yes more like a holiday, heard it all before, anyway where are the Seychelles? smack dab in the middle of the most Shark infested Ocean in the World, used to go for a dip in the mornings, got odd looks from the locals, wasn't until the barman warned me...
  3. John Preston

    The most unusual find whilst on the job!

    Many moons ago I was wiring the heating systems that British gas were installing throughout Ordstall housing estate in Salford, Manchester. It was the type of place where you needed to be streetwise if you know what I mean. I was working on the top floor of a 3 storey block of flats one...
  4. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Found this whilst there was nothing to do

    Don't where you can get one, what use it would be, but clever none the less
  5. S

    Re L: Electromax Combi Electric Boiler Problem.

    Good Morning Forum. I have an issue with a customers Heatrea Sadia Electromax Combi Boiler, i was wondering if any one had much dealings with fault finding on those units. Im based in Aberdeen, going on 19 years self employed up here. 6 years ago we installed one of these Electromax Combi...
  6. darkwood

    Film/Movie scores

    There are some classic/cult movies out there that are further enhanced by the musical score, so here's a thread to stick your choices up for viewing and reaction... I love this track and the film LEON is a very powerful and emotional film, a must see if you haven't clocked it yet.
  7. R

    Galv conduit

    Good mornings, Quick one before I head out, Whats the secret to avoiding teethmarks in the conduit whilst its clamped and you threading? Thank you
  8. R

    sockets near a gas hob

    Hi all, hope all are well. Went to a job today and noticed that they had a socket less than 300mm away from the edge of the hob, I would say more like 150-100mm away. Told them that this wasnt correct and should be moved but obviously they didnt want this as would mess the kitchen up. They said...
  9. A

    Anyone done a 'short course' and made it work???

    By that I mean, has anyone done a quick course, got some of the basic qualifications and made it out into the world into a job to get some real experience? Most of the short course options seem to have 17th edition, 2382, maybe 2391 and 2377. No 2330 or NVQ's though...... Basic Part P...
  10. P

    Continuity Testing

    Hi, I having a problem with the readings I'm getting whilst doing continuity tests. The readings tend to fluctuate up and down, starting at say 1.90 then going up to 2.8 then back down to 2.3 for example. Is this a problem with the meter? or does it point to a problem with the cable under...
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