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  1. J

    whole house fan wiring to switch

    I recently installed a whole house fan (Master Flow # WHFS24M) as well as a thermostat to control it (Master Flow #PT6). I also wired it to a switch to be able to cut power to it as well. The switch is a dual rocker 3-way switch. I've broken off the terminal fin to effectively make it 2...
  2. Jordansenior

    UK One light working in the whole house

    Hi, I tried to put a dimmer switch in. There was a little crackling and the light was flickering. I put the old light fighting back on and now the light I was working on is the only one that works in the whole house. I have checked the fuse box and all the other electric things are working...
  3. J

    4293 elcb coding __________

    Been called to a job for a second opinion, Previous spark said current db set up would warrant a code 2 and therefore need a board change. Granted the elcb set up isn't great for discrimination but cant see this warranting more than a C3. But what about the elcb itself? It Tests out fine. Any...
  4. C

    Industrial SPD to cover whole site?

    Hi Guys, Having recently done my 18th, and various reading of SPD requirements, I feel that within the factory where I work (food industry), we should be using SPD's? We have an onsite transformer which we own, 11kV to 400v, which then splits after the meter to two main switch panels, which...
  5. diyterry

    It's been a whole year since I joined the forum

    It's been a year since I joined the forum and I'd like to thank you all for your help, advice and criticism. I've learned a lot about new products which I wasn't even aware existed, electrical regulations and best practice. Thank you all for your time and patience.
  6. Dan

    10% Off THE WHOLE WEBSITE at with this code!

    Hi Guys, Just a quick message from @FILPLASTIC :- For the first time ever, Filplastic are offering 10% off our entire site on orders above £100 (Ex VAT and Delivery) until Sunday 30th September. FilPlastic already kindly give us 10% off of Tilt Bins on their website, but this discount code...
  7. Y

    Must I rewire the whole house?

    Hello everyone, I just bought a 29 years old property and the contractor is suggesting that we need to rewired the whole house and strip the bathroom and kitchen down completely. BELOW IS THE LIST OF WORK NEEDED CU upgrade. Mains powered smoke, heat alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors...
  8. Buners

    1 ring main for whole house

    Upstairs & downstairs on the same breaker, RCD protected board. Views on this?
  9. B

    EICR IR testing on whole installation with circuits protected by RCBOs

    EICR IR testing whole installation with circuits protected by RCBOs... Say it's a single phase consumer unit, plain main switch no RCCBs, all circuits protected by RCBOs, Is this method acceptable?.... L+N to earth only. Main switch off (safe isolation), all breakers on. Temp link...
  10. Pat H

    FCU for Extractor fan

    Adding an extractor fan off of a 6A lighting circuit. Installation instructions specify a local isolator (as I would anyway) so 3 pole isolator will be used. Switching L SL and N however should I have an FCU upstream of the live? It would be 6A fused as specified which seems pointless the RCBO...
  11. A

    Help 2395 written

    hello all, Failed my 2395 written exam and from wanted help understanding the following questions that came up State two reasons why it is important that the phase sequence is confirmed throughout the installation? State two methods to confirm phase sequence with an installation? The...
  12. kingeri

    Domestic Cables in trunking boxed in with pipes

    Who would do this? Cables for upstairs circuits in trunking going up corner of room then central heating flow and return pipes on top of trunking, then whole lot boxed in. Good idea? Does it matter?
  13. H

    Commercial New dist. board

    Have a job coming up to supply a new distribution board. I am planning on running a 25mm 4 core swa and 16mm earth of a distance of 30mtrs from incoming supply to new board. The supply is 3 phase 100a tncs. I was thinking of coming out of the Henley blocks into a 100A Glasgow switched fuse and...
  14. J

    Running a submain through distribution board, right or wrong

    Hi I've been pulled today for installing an swa glancing into the top of a header trunking then taking it through the db, saying its against the regs saying a once a main sw is off the whole db has to be dead, I can't find a reference to it, normally I would always gland it in the bottom of the...
  15. leep82

    no main switch in DB

    Came across a scenario today where the consumer unit had no main switch. It was a split load dual rcd board on tt installation. The incoming tails had been taken into one rcd, and connected in parrellel over to the other. There is a double pole isolator right next to the board, but nothing...
  16. A

    On/off dimmer caught on fire

    We installed a BG on/off dimmer switch today and as soon as we switched it on it was arcing like mad and before we turned the circuit off it had actually caught fire. Luckily there was two of us and stopped it burning the whole house down any one had this before? It looked like the circuit board...
  17. J

    Varilight Power Grid switch install problem

    Hi, I've got the below... - 40558 Varilight XDQPG4 4-Gang PowerGrid Faceplate White - 90137 Varilight Z3PGRID4 4-Gang PowerGrid Gridplate - plus 4 switch modules The switch modules fit the grid plate fine, no issue here. Literature says grid plate fits into a standard UK...
  18. I

    EICR for a static caravan.

    TNS, Ze 4.35. Hmmmm. If in doubt don't. Measure it twice, cut it once. If in doubt, do it again. 0.68 that's better. Bad connection, my fault. But who else not in the know would have questioned it.
  19. M

    schedual of inspections question

    Sorry this may seem like are really daft question but during initial verification and testing do you issue one schedual of inspections for the whole installation or do you issue one for each circuit ?
  20. B

    Halogen Maddness!!

    Hi i posted once before with a problem with my house alarm which i was able to solve with some advice thanks guy My new problem is this The house i have bought has 50w halogen spots all over the up stairs put in by the first owner. Sadly the next owner put a loft floor in that covers several...
  21. 1

    Domestic Underfloor Heating

    Quoting on a 3 storey house underfloor heating system, I've installed some very small mats in bathrooms before but not a whole house, I've used heat store in the past and not had any problems, does anyone have any recommendations for a good manufacturer?
  22. L

    Domestic safe holding accounts

    Thanks in advance. I have been asked to do a new build for a family but there is major problems with planning to a point the whole place may be forced to be pulled down. I have no problem doing the job but I need to secure the final payment. Is there any accounts out there where the customer...
  23. P

    2394 tonight

    Just done it... Found it hard :(
  24. V

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic

    Does anyone know if the niceic are moving the goalposts on April 6th?
  25. M

    minor works

    Hi guys Ive installed a bathroom fan, off existing lighting circuit, which i use a minor works certificate, can i get away with testing the new addition to the circuit or do i need to test the whole circuit, already rcd protected, main bonding complies with 17th edition, dont want to cut corners.
  26. T

    voltage between live and earth

    hi all im currently doing some testing on a university the install is metal trunking and metal conduit used as the earth for the whole installation. when we disconect neutral and carry out isulation resistance test we are getting a 12v between live and the earth bar, and our metrel tester wont...
  27. E

    Testing rates question

    Just a quick rates question, been asked for quotes on a complete electrical installation on a 6 bedroom house (new build, year in use), a garage periodic (unsure of full or part) and a periodic on a farm house, npot the whole farm as far as i know. Been put at £3-400 for the whole install...
  28. H

    Questions about RCD's

    Helllo all, Just a question about the operation of RCD's At work there is 8 containers all fed from a panel. Each container is assigned a 132A RCD from this panel. The feeder units in each container have RCD's for lights, sockets & heaters ect. When I was fitting some new sockets into one of...
  29. Jay Sparks

    Reason for theEICR????

    Hi Guys & Gals, So Im doing an EICR on Sat for a customer. Now the story is, he had some work done a bit ago, an extra lighting circuit, an extra socket circuit and a smoke alarm circuit, all fed from an extra cu. Now the problem hes got is the work was done by John Wayne & Billy the Kid, so...
  30. A


    Hi all If i have extended a circuit i/e added a low voltage fan to a lighting circuit or extended a ringmain into a conservatory, do i need to give a test cert for the work i have carried out or for the whole circuit. I have been given conflicting advice so a bit confused. Thanks all
  31. M

    How does fits work for a 45kw system

    Do you get 21p for the 4kw, 16.8p for the 4-10kw and then 15.2p for the 10-50kw parts or do you just get 15.2p fit for the whole system?
  32. I

    addition to lighting circuit

    hello there just been to look at a job, customer wants 2 new wall lights in main bedroom. now there is currently no rcd protection ( wylex board BS3036 rewireable fuses) (main bonding all ok) the additions will involve cable <50mm from surface so RCD protection is definately required. Now i...
  33. T

    Cables in cavities and RCD spurs

    Called to look at a job the other day and noticed the customer was having a new conservatory added to the house. The conservatory company included the sockets and light point in their price when the cutomer accepted the quote. Anyways while there i decided to have a look, the guy has run all the...
  34. T

    What to test + form for new circuit..

    Hello If I am adding a new circuit then i would need a full electrical install cert. What tests would i be expected to carry out? just this new circuit or the whole installation? thanks Tom
  35. S

    Domestic New outdoor socket.

    I have been asked to wire up a new outdoor socket. There already is one about 15metres away from the proposed new one. Which would be better to pick up of. The existing outdoor one or a socket from inside the house?
  36. P

    Domestic Advice on Fuse box please

    Hi there. I am fitting a new bathroom for someone and I know i will need an Electrician for the Fuse box aspect of the job. The current box shown has only 3x 30amp fuses:eek:. Will I need to replace the whole fuse box under current regulations requiring RCD, or can the sparky just fit a 45 amp...
  37. N

    Xpelair Premier Lo Volt

    Hi, I have a problem with the above bathroom fan. The tranny seems to be knackered, is it possible to just by one of these, or do I need to buy the whole kit? Cheers Nick
  38. T

    MEM RCD - What BS ref?

    Hi Guys Just looked at a CU today and couldn't find a reference on a MEM 80A 30ma RCD ref:404ELHNC. Anybody know what it would be - seems too old for 61008.. Thanks Tony
  39. J

    Tools for AM2

    What tools should i be taking in my AM2 I know ill be taking in screwdrivers and such but what else do I need take in? i know i need take in an electricians knife as stanleys are banned but what about tools for the conduit like a hacksaw or a bush spanner (which no one seems to sell anymore been...
  40. tuckermot

    using a rcd spur!!!

    :)can anyone answer this question please !!!! fuse board is non rcd with 3036 rewirables job is to run power and light out side !! Question !! when taking the feed from the lighting radial or ring final if i used a fused rcd spur to extend the circuits would this be acceptable with...
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