1. Midwest

    Wikipedia donations...............

    I often use Wikipedia, to make myself appear knowledgeable on this & other forums. This ain't that bloke holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy; don't look like him. Dear Midwest, I'm feeling the pressure. Millions of people across the world read Wikipedia, but only 1% of readers give. We have...
  2. Edtwozeronine

    Correct symbols for physics notation

    Our tutor wants us to use what looks like a Beta symbol for Tesla's, but in our official notes from city and guilds they want us to use a capital B. Another thing that I'm having trouble with is the proportional to symbol. What does it mean mathematically speaking? Is there a button for...
  3. Joshua

    Electricians Working Rights Initiative: Sign the petition

    Sparks link : Electricians Working Rights Initiative - Please can you take a minute to sign and share this petition. It's been well known for years now...
  4. Meg464

    Unsure of exactly what the question is asking and how to answer it!

    Hello, I'm a little stuck on assignment 303, id appreciate a little shove in the right direction, I'm not looking to get answers, just need to pick your brains to get on the right thought track as the questions are worded oddly on some of them and I think I'm over complicating it!! 7b) Likely...
  5. darkwood

    Challenge of the day -

    I have alot of fun trying to convince the flat earther theorists on YouTube that the world is a sphere, given everything we know as an educated bunch I assume you all are it has so much evidence from many different aspects of science to clarify this BUT... this is apperantly all a scam and we...
  6. D

    Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

    Just wondering if any of you had heard or had any interest in it. Personally I'm against it as I believe it is ultimately going to have a negative effect on our society (especially the Investor State Dispute Settlements part), even if it is good for (big) business. The Tories support it as do...
  7. C

    anyone know what is in a 3 phase power correction capasitor

    Disconnected a old one today stood about 600mm off floor said on front contains hazardous substances. Does anyone know if they full of copper or just oil.there was some copper links in top . Has anyone ever dismantled one
  8. J

    Domestic still thinking about this job

    I'm in a lovely warm conservatory, underfloor heating,owner has done all the electrics and installed a rfc also.2.5mm t&e on top of heating mat .32a, don't know why he didn't do a radial 20a . Just thinking about derating the cable because of the heat/pulling it all out?
  9. P

    Question about USA Solar

    Hi Guys Does anyone any idea if there's a FIT 'equivalent' in the USA? If so, how does it work? Ta Newb
  10. K

    wiring Data and how it works?

    Hello, this a field of work i havent really touched or done much with and just wanted to get my head round it.., In a commercial building i know that you wire single runs from the patch panel to the outlets within the building, How does it all work, when its all connected up at the patch...
  11. 1capybara

    ELCB or RCD requirements or best practices?

    Im a Yankee sparky doing a 17th ed install. Besides in a shower room, where else is required a RCD or ELCB? For ex., next to a kitchen sink? And beyond requirements, what is the best practice?:confused:
  12. N

    Domestic What are these mystery sockets?!

    Hello! I am a non electrician lady in need of your expert help, pretty please! :confused: I've bought a flat recently - its about 5 years old - and in the living room and bedroom there's these weird sockets. They're the same size as normal electrical sockets, but they have no on/off...
  13. E

    RLC circuit

    Hello to everyone! i hope you can help me with that RLC circuit! I want to find the transfer function G(s)=Y(s)/U(s) How can i do that with that spesific RLC circuit?i have looked at the internet but i can't find the same one nowhere! please help me... thanks in advance
  14. A

    megger 1889

    Jack Davidson.C.Eng. FIEE. thinks this goes back to the 1890s when E & V produced their first insulation testers, (now universally known as Meggers). This famous brand name dates back to 1905, when the first portable insulation tester was introduced with the MEGGER brand name on it. and its for...
  15. J

    Domestic Rewire radial circuit in kitchen

    hi all, Myself and an other electrician are currently doing a rewire of an empty 3 bed detached house. We have installed separate ring circuits for up and down stairs but are thinking about putting a radial circuit into the kitchen as it is only small and will only have 1 switched fused spur...
  16. M

    How would a Fluorescent light work in detail?

    Hey I know what a Fluorescent light works, by wires etc but I wan't to go into real detail in how it all works. This is what I know so far... "a light bulb has very little in common with a fluorescent tube. In a light bulb, the light is generated by a filament. On the other hand, a gas is...
  17. spamwize2

    schedule of inspections poser!

    on completing the schedule of inspection checklist, what does "presence of earthing arrangements for combined protective and functional purposes." mean? to tick or not to tick? someone from IEE said NA my boss said tick but i would like to know what i'm ticking or not!!
  18. ian.settle1

    How does a MCB work

    Originally posted by: lsuk :rolleyes:I dont understand how the MCB's work, if you've got a fault live to earth somewhere down the line on a circuit, why does it trip off? how does it detect the fault via the MCB and trip?:rolleyes: I came across this posting on the IET wesite :eek: Do any...
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