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  1. Franad

    New member willing to talk anything electric

    Hi all, lovely to be here! I'm a newly qualified domestic installer looking for tips and advice in the wonderful world of electrics. I've already asked a question regarding MFT choices (I think I have finally decided to go Megger!) to which I had a great response so thank you already. I can...
  2. N

    Willing to shadow/volunteer for an electrician

    Hi, I'm due to start my level 2 in electrical installations at college in September. Before this/whilst I'm doing this, I would be grateful for any opportunities to tag along and gain some experience on a voluntary basis. Even if it's running around and making cups of tea and passing tools. Or...
  3. M

    Would any one be willing to fill out a simple survey

    hi all I was wondering if members would be willing to help a piece of research on the subject of the state of electrical systems . Training, and inspection and testing I would be great full if you would send me an email address I can send the link to , it is on the survey site SurveyMonkey ...
  4. L

    New Here and willing to learn

    Hi All Thanks for letting me on to the Forums, I'm an Electrician with over 35 years of world wide electrical knowledge so i'm here to learn! if anyone has a question for me i will do everything i can to search the web for the correct answer if i cant find it i will
  5. L

    I'm willing to work for free to gain practical experience ( electrician mate)

    I'm an African I moved to UK a few years ago and currently I live in London. I'm planning in the future to return to Africa as electrical engineer. I have been doing home studies, city and guild electrical and I have finished the 2365 level 2 and now I'm studying level 3. I'm planning to use...
  6. E

    Hi,new to the forum after advise and willing to learn Thanks

    Hi I'm after some advise on electric underfloor heating? I've recently taken over a job were the previous electrician (kitchen fitter) has left the job half done and left them with an unfinished job mainly all 2nd fix He's laid 2x 20m matts to cover a 40sqm room and he's put 1 prob and Both...
  7. N

    Trainee looking for work, willing to travel and stay away Nationwide. Based in Suffolk

    I have been working in a maintenance/ customer service role for several years and am saving to start my 2365 level 2 soon. My current job ends on the 30th of June so I am now starting to look for companies or individuals who would be willing to take me on full time. Willing to leave sooner for...
  8. terry1969

    Electricians Mate looking for a job has mate or labourer in suffolk or cambride

    hi looking for work got my level 2, 3 2365, 2394/95 and 17th, done some house bashing and commerical, also some testing ,hard worker willing to learn and willing to start at the bottom just need a break, have own van and tools cheers in advance
  9. S

    Pyro cable surplus to requiremets 3L 1.5mm

    PHOTOGRAPHS TO FOLLOW. Approximately 70Metres of 3L 1.5mm red, plastic coated, MICC, Pyro cable. I had to purchase a full 100Metre drum for an emergency job. Only used about 20Metres. I checked the price on this today and I was quoted £460.00 including VAT for 100Metres. I would rather not...
  10. S

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as Mate/Improver in London/North Yorkshire area

    Morning/Evening I have finished my 2365 Lv 3 and also hold my 17th Edition, Looking for any work available in or around the areas of London or north Yorkshire (residing in Richmond currently) I have my own car and more than willing to travel and work long hours plus weekends. On my final month...
  11. Paul Knight

    Newbie looking for on-site experience

    Just joined this forum as I'm studying my electricians course at the moment. Another guy on my course is helping out an experienced electrician on jobs to gain practical experience and I'm trying to find someone willing to do the same for me. I'm not asking to be paid for my time, I just need...
  12. DeanoRN

    Electricians Mate Looking for part time electricians mate work (Birmingham)

    Hi there, I've started looking for for some electricians mates work, i started doing my C&G 2365 level 2 in sept and it is going surprising well and i am desperate to get out with an electrician. My situation is i'm a 33 year old bloke who drives and would be willing to work at a reduced rate...
  13. Golden Graeme

    Domestic Electrician - New but looking for Electrical Work in hemel hempstead

    Just requalified as an electrician after a long time. My background is IT and telecomms. Now Self employed doing domestic minor works. qualified 2382-15, 2393 & 2392-10 Would be willing to be part of a team, I've got wheels, tools and test equipment. Please let me know if you need another...
  14. GMES

    Say hello to our new Moderator

    That's right guys it gives me great pleasure to announce that @Leesparkykent Is now a Moderator for the Electricians Forum. Lee has been a Great contributor to this place for quite a while now and is always willing to help out with threads and other members so it only seemed right to make him...
  15. P

    Apprentices We are Looking for an Electrician Apprentice in Leicester

    Is anyone out there seeking an Apprenticship in Leicester? We are based in Enderby. We do a Range of work from small Domestic Jobs through to Shop fitting. Our work is mostly Local but we do work away. Must be willing to work away. Must be willing to work Nights/Evenings. Long term for the...
  16. L

    Domestic Looking For Work Experience Peterborough Area

    Hi there, my name is Liam, a trainee electrician currently studying my NVQ level3 and am looking for work experience in the Peterborough city area to tick off the unit so I can qualify. I have a 125cc bike so I'm more than happy to travel but obviously I can't go too far. Willing to work for...
  17. Prime Design

    Competitive Pricing

    Hi guys, For most of my electrical career I've worked under somebody as a mate or subcontractor. I'm now with Napit and in a position to venture out alone. One thing about the electrical industry is there is always someone willing to lend support if I'm having trouble navigating through the...
  18. C

    PV Training South East

    Hi All, I'm looking to train as an electrician in the hope of being able to emigrate to NZ / Aus in a few years. I have no qualifications but would like to get a feel for the trade before forking out on training. I live in the Heathrow area and am willing to travel within the South East. If...
  19. A

    London Day Rates

    Afternoon all, been offered some work subbying to a firm doing site temporaries for a couple of weeks, unsure what to say as a day rate, what's the going rate for subbying in central London at the moment? I currently charge £30ph for my own contracts based in Surrey/Berkshire, Cheers!
  20. H

    seeking work

    Hi, all I am seeking work in the Birmingham area if anyone can help I just past my 17th edition and part p full scope and looking for experience I am willing to work minimum wage to get any experience I can .. I am also working towards my NVQ level 3,PAT testing, 2394 and 2395...
  21. H

    Sparky wanted for self build near huntingdon

    Needs to understand or be willing to home control systems. I.e. wiring back to central point and using cat 5 to switches etc. Willing to let me labour for the bits I can. anyone want to have a chat about what I want to achieve to see if we can work together on this?
  22. L

    NEED EXPERIENCE PLEASE HELP!!!! Willing to work un-paid to gain some experience!!!!!

    Hi there, I am looking to gain some experience in this field as I am new to the industry. I have recently completed the EAL Level 2 Domestic Electrical Installers course and Part P - all at my own expense, including PAT Testing and the MCS Solar PV Course. I am also an ECS Card Holder. I am now...
  23. G

    work please,

    hi every one, ive just done a Train 4 trades course, to become a domestic installer, and im looking to go out with a electrician for a couple days a week, i have all my own tools a megger, its just so i can get some tricks of trade, that you cant get in classroom,dont get me wrong i have done a...
  24. J

    elec mate ready for work voluntarily with IPAF licence :)

    Hello my name is james and i currently have my level 3 c&g electrical installation i have worked as mate for years now and am in need to work with someone for a year so i can pass my NVQ3 I am willing to work 1 day a week voluntarily to gain the gain what i need to become fully qualified. I live...
  25. J

    Trainee position???

    My name is Jack, I am 22 and currently seeking employment in the electrical industry. I am studying an electricians course with Train 4 Trade Skills which will give me an NQV Level 3. I would like to know if there is anyone who would be willing to take me on or if anyone has any ideas which...
  26. J

    Looking for a job

    Alright people, i am a 21year old looking for work as a electrician within the merseyside area. I am from southport, got a full clean driving liencse so i am willing to travel. At the moment i am at college studying eletrical and installation level 2 three days a week, but i like to work and...
  27. A

    Work Experience Needed

    Hi all Im 19 years old and looking to go back to college in september to finish my City and Guilds Electrical Installation 2330 level 3 exams. I am finding it very hard to find work in the field at the moment, everywhere i ask im told i need a years experience. I am preferably looking for...
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