1. Dan

    5 Week Wonder = 'electrical trainee'

    3, 4, 5 and 6 week wonder (short version) will change to "electrical trainee" from now on automatically. Let's try and get rid of that terminology. They're trainees who are trying to get into the industry. End of. They shouldn't be knocked for it. We don't know their circumstances. No...
  2. B

    Tested a mobile home today and sometime you just wonder why!

    Tested mobile home today and you sometimes just wonder why
  3. G

    No wonder we're up against it...!!

    Just caught a bit of ch4's 'love it or list it' where kirstie alsop stated, when doing up a kitchen "if you fit a new oven or hob you'll need a qualified engineer if it's gas, or a thicker 6mm cable if it's electric" Cheers kirstie...
  4. Lekky1

    3 week wonder training newbie

    Hi guys, I have just completed my Key stage, PART P, 18 EDITION, & INSPECTION AND TESTING Exams and training and thought where better to come than a sparks forum!! I understand I will probably get heckled as a 3 week wonder, but I have been doing some electrical work every week for 2yrs as...
  5. telectrix

    wonder why we bother sometimes

    as title. see photo. wet-pants had a diagram showing the exact position of my downlights.so where does he run his wet works? had to reposition all 4 lights. the cables in the pic are in the alternative hole. lucky i didn't drill his pipe.
  6. the pict

    Now I wonder what this is

    EcoVolt - saves you up to 50% on your power bills - http://specialoffer.ecovolt.net/cms/en/root/ecovolt/promotional/gray?affid=1&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=en_ecovolt
  7. widdler

    Hello everyone, I wonder if you could help me...

    I am trying to collect some data together to see how things have come along in the past few years. There were meetings in 2014 with the department of local government with regards to the changes in Part P and the schemes got a bit of a wrist slap. They were given a couple of years to improve...
  8. sparkdog

    ELECSA Certification Scheme ELECSA price

    Just got a letter from ELECSA , their price is going up from £39 a month to £41 a month about £490 per year now. I thought they might have come down with Stroma being only £280.
  9. Leesparkykent

    MK RCBO product recall

    Thought I should share this for anyone that's not aware.
  10. B

    Anyone seen this light switch before ?

    Don't think much thought went into the actual position of the switch !
  11. M

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) techinican jib card enquiry

    hi to all does many of you have a jib technician card and if so are they worth while.i see on jib website they require City & Guilds of London Institute Electrical Installation Work Part III as a requirement does any1 know what course this is thanks mk
  12. A

    solar pv instalation course 2399

    anyone recommend this course........and anyone in the solar pv industry. just booked onto course and cant find much on tinternet on current and future demand for work, juslookng for some feedbk thanx ant
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