1. FatAlan

    Wondered where my long nose pliers had gone!

    My Mrs borrowed my pliers the other day when we were working on a fence next to our drive. They disappeared. Went to wholesalers this morning. Guy serving me looks out the window and says, do you know there’s a set of pliers on your van roof?
  2. PJElectricalSW

    I always wondered what the little holes are for!

    Found this on my travels today visiting my favourite customers. I hadn't noticed this previously and I can only assume this is the result of a recent 'solar PV service' the customer had last month. My customer asked for my opinion as she had also not noticed the wire previously, the words 'I...
  3. J

    Trust Mark (Tale Of Horror)

    Apologies if this has been posted before TrustMark: a £22k tale of horror - https://www.building.co.uk/focus/trustmark-a-22k-tale-of-horror/3140625.article
  4. GMES

    Sat Phones

    As title suggest's I got thinking about them while overdosing on Gold Rush , They are quite popular on the show for obvious reasons, as in the remote locations they operate in. So I just wondered If any members had ever dealt with them or indeed owns one and if so what are your thoughts, Are...
  5. D

    "Spider light" installation.Domestic

    Hi. Just wondered if anyone has any experience installing a spider lamp in a domestic premises? First time I have came across one of these fittings, it has a single rose with nine separate 0.5mm flexes, max 40w lamp. Just wondered what the correct way is to connect all the cables together. I...
  6. uksparks

    Guarantees On Workmanship

    Hi, Just a quick one, does anyone ever put anything in writing or even say to a customer if they guarantee the installation they have put in, for example, rewired a house. Do you ever say the cables are guaranteed for say 10 years by you parts and labor under normal conditions, excluding...
  7. O

    Domestic Socket outlet in a toilet?

    Hi all, just wondered if there is any specific guidance in the regs with relation to socket outlets in toilets? Just in the process of doing a full rewire and the client has requested a socket in an outside toilet, ( new one on me and god knows what they want it for but hey, who am i to pry! )...
  8. J

    Resistance bewteen circuits

    I just wondered why i would get a reading of 1400 - 1800ohms between lives on 2 different circuits one being a new circuit installed about a month ago by an other spark, the only reason i check was two ring mains that had been put into one mcb by the last sparks and told the customer he need a...
  9. keniff

    Domestic Mk stacking boards

    Hi guys anyone used these? Wondered what configurations you can have, I wanted to set up 4 rcd ways wondered if they do a wiring kit for that
  10. B

    creatures of habit! (inspection and test)

    hi i will be doing the inspection and test part of my cg2330 302 + 303 when i go back to night school in september and i just wondered if i could get some tips and tricks to help me remember certain procedures of the process. i know CRIP i just wondered if anyone has any things they do before...
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