1. M

    worcester green star 18 ri boilers and y plan

    so weve had stelrad elan boilers replaced in rental houses with system boilers teh stelrad hadnt died we just thought time to chamge I had a worcester combi in a house in worcester (the tenant worked for WB ) and recomended ok so we specified Wb boilers we lived in one house and the installer...
  2. B

    Installing hive Worcester Bosch

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone would be able to give me some advice on Hive heating. I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30si with built in timer (however I understand this is an option that can be removed). I would like to install Hive but have no idea how to go about it. I would consider...
  3. M

    Commercial Electricians x 2 Worcester

    I am looking for 2 electricians for an 8 week shopfit in Worcester in July. Will be working alongside my team, would be prepared to pay £200-£220 per day plus digs if needed. I have various other rollout projects coming through nationwide also. Please get in touch if Interested.
  4. M

    Hive Install - Worcester 24I RSF

    Hello all Took the plunge an have gone for a Hive setup. Boiler has a mechanical programmer fitted an no other wired/ wireless stat fitted Removed the bottom panel of the boiler an can see the main feed on the far left. Then its currently wired as CN CI CL all of these go to the mechanical...
  5. C

    HIVE - UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat wiring issues

    I have a British Gas installed Worcester 28i boiler with a UT1 programmer and ES1 Thermostat and trying to replace the UT1 and ES1 with Hive. ES1 The wiring for the ES1 is 4 wires Brown, Blue, Black and Green/Yellow. the black and yellow/green wires have red sleeves near the end. (All 4 wires...
  6. A

    Domestic Electrician Worcester hard working

    Hi I am Adrian 52 and have 17th edition.I am a reliable worker looking for work in domestic area. Can help out if need extra pair of hands rewiring etc
  7. A

    Worcester Boiler and Uponor underfloor heating

    afternoon, I am currently doing a rewire and have come to the connections for the heating system. What I have is a Worcester Combi Boiler and an Uponor Underfloor heating manifold. I also have two zone valves 1 for radiators and 1 for underfloor, I have a thermostat in place to control...
  8. J

    Worcester Bosch Condensate

    Hi all in the forum I have a Worcester Bosh 12 Ri condensing boiler (vented system) Installed in 2009 and the condensate pipe is leaking where it enters the syphon. The sealing device is what looks like a fibre washer., and there is an O ring at the top end of the syphon. I have the...
  9. N

    Sense check on Nest / Worcester Bosch 280 wiring

    I’m looking to self install a Nest Learning Thermostat on my Worcester Bosch 280 boiler, mainly as it’s a rented house, and I need to be able to remove the Nest when I leave, or when the boiler is serviced. The wiring looks straight forward, but I just wanted to sense check before I go ahead...
  10. 123

    Worcester Bosch Boiler User Manuals 2016-09-18

    User Manuals For Worcester Bosch Boilers. As this is a direct link this resource should be self updating :thumbsup: Boiler User Manuals Greenstar HE Combi Operating InstructionsGreenstar Highflow 440 Combi Operating InstructionsWorcester 24-28 i Junior Operating InstructionsWorcester Danesmoor...
  11. 123

    Worcester Bosch Boiler User Manuals

    123 submitted a new resource: Worcester Bosch Boiler User Manuals - Worcester Bosch Boiler User Manuals Read more about this resource...
  12. 123

    Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar Etc Wiring Diagram

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar etc Wiring Diagram - Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar etc Wiring Diagram Read more about this resource...
  13. 123

    Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar With Zone Valves Wiring Diagram

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar with zone valves Wiring Diagram - Heating: Worcester Bosch Combi Greenstar with zone valves Wiring Diagram Read more about this resource...
  14. J

    Worcester Boiler and room thermostat

    Hi, I have a worcester oil boiler (danesmoor utility), it is run by a drayton lp522 timer and I have a room thermostat. The internal thermostat is set to the 3 (there are 5 positions). My question is; The boiler is firing and the radiators are getting pretty hot, but I have noticed on the...
  15. V

    worcester bosch WAVE thermostat on S-plan? is it possible?

    hi Just wondering if a worcester wave thermostat will work on a modern worcester bosch system boiler with a pressurised cylinder (1 x 2 port for heating, 1 x 2port for hot water/cylinder) I don't see how it will?, any help, thank you
  16. S

    Plug in Time clock on a Worcester Bosch

    Hi, our company is starting to install Worcester Bosch green star i30 combo boilers. On the old style boiler the internal time clocks were straight forward, just plug in then use LS and LR for room stat connections. But on the new style boilers, there is no LS, just L out and N out which are...
  17. J

    Worcester Bosch wiring advise please

    A mate of mine asked me to look at the wiring of a boiler in a flat he is doing up. As I told him- I am hopeless with central heating. the boiler is a WB- guessing a combi because there is only a boiler and room stat-no tank, cyl stat etc. the rads have 'trv's' on them- not sure what these...
  18. M

    Worcester Bosch 35kw condensing combi A1

    Hello all as above approx 10 yrs old electronic version, showing A1, pump run dry, which is running & also pumping round rads & hot water, sometimes last's for hours sometimes minutes, if I can get it through symphony fill. Get hot water & heating, I am thinking a sensor any ideas would be...
  19. N

    How to control second pump from Worcester Greenstar boiler?

    I've got a Worcester Greenstar 18i System boiler with integrated pump. The optional DT10RF controller has been installed. The boiler is used only for central heating. I've also got a Wilo pump with three-way blender mixer connected to the underfloor hydronic pipes. The three-way keeps the...
  20. F

    Domestic Minimum ground needed for Ground Source Heat to work?

    Hi, This is my first posting here so apologies for any transgressions, upsets, etc. I'm going to renovate a house and it's got a fairly large garden. I want to install a Ground Source Heat Pump/system but I've no idea of the minimum size/shape I need to make it work. Can anyone answer my...
  21. D

    worcester greenstar ri Y-Plan

    Hi all been called out to a boiler replacement with the above boiler. The problem is it wont run on heating only. have check wiring and all I can spot is that from controller there is no wire going from HW OFF to cylinder stat terminal 2 and grey on valve. Any thoughts and no spare cores in...
  22. S

    Worcester boiler and Drayton LPIII programmer.

    How you doing guys, Been asked to connect up a Worcester Greenstar 37CDi boiler and a Drayton LPIII time switch (there is NO thermostat wanted). Hands up, I've not done a boilers so needing some advice. I was was thinking along the lines of; 1) Spur supplying boiler with 3 Amp fuse. 2) Spur...
  23. W

    Worcesterlad Problems with a new solar pv installation

    Hi my handle is Worcesterlad and this is my first post, I have 16 panels of PV on a roof which is south facing, no shadow and 35 degree elevation, perfect position. The first string is giving 115volts and the second is giving 175volts, the most output is 2.3kW. When you isolate a string then...
  24. S

    Worcester R29 Boiler connection loose?

    Hi All, I had a small leak on a copper elbow that I was repairing but when I went to switch the water back on I noticed that a connector with purple wires was hanging loose, its wired at one end to the front panel and has a three hole terminal on the end and its on a wiring loom just under the...
  25. S

    Worcester, Greenstar Ri problems

    Hi all, I've been asked to wire up this new boiler which is on an existing y-plan system. It should be a simple case of giving it a permanent live...apparently. However on the existing y- plan the over run pump ( in airing cupboard) live comes off the oranges, which I believe to be the s/l...
  26. J

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 12\18 OIL combi Boiler

    Hi. I have to connect up a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 12\18 OIL FIRED Combi boiler with the following; 2 CHANNEL PROG Zone 1- HW( no cyl stat. no external 2 port valve) Zone 2- CH Rads (room stat,2 port valve.) UFH - 1 zone only so no UFH wiring centre (prog stat,ufh pump,2 port valve,) I...
  27. P

    I think these tools are stolen ( Tenbury Wells Worcestershire) Ebay

    Just looking at Ebay and came across this sale you can guarantee they are stolen. So if you or some one you know has had there tools stolen have a look at this Ebay item number 140909384891.
  28. I

    Worcester Greenstar 15i wiring help

    hi, I am relatively new at boiler wiring, but I am trying to learn, - - looking at the diagram for this boiler it has L N Ns Ls Lr, my question: are L and N used internally for pump overrun, internal programmers etc and are the Ns Ls Lr for external controls ? if using external controls do both...
  29. B

    Worcester bosch boiler programmer

    I have been asked to add a programmer to a Worcester Bosch boiler. I am more of a commercial industrial spark and don't usually deal with domestic heating switching but want to give it a go. Will any brand of programmer be compatible with a WB boiler and does anyone have a wiring diagram? Also...
  30. Worcester

    Giot Some Spare / Want A few Panels?

    At the request of a previous post we just threw up a quick website for a "solar panel swap shop" It's a very simple site, and has no great pretentions, just to help every one out. At the moment no posts! - Just pop over and register, and post your requests for panels or surplus panels for...
  31. Worcester

    Installers Wanted - Worcestershire, Forest of Dean, South Glos, South Warks, Kent

    As per my other post, we have a rather large order book for commercial installations, so I am looking to supplement my teams for the next 5-6 weeks I am looking for (ideally) MCS certified Sparks or Sparks with 3 phase experience to cover installations in the following locations: South...
  32. Worcester

    An Apology from Worcester Renewables

    Guys, I know I've been outspoken over a few issues, however I hope you have found my contributions valuable. Due to the FiT changes, I am going to be unable to contribute much to the forum over the next 6 weeks, as we have now got 5 months scheduled work to fit into 6 weeks. This has left me...
  33. T

    Worcester Bosch Installer Documentation

    As we've had a few questions on the worcester bosch installations recently, here's a link to the worcester bosch installation guides: Gas boilers from Worcester - Worcester, Bosch Group UK installer site
  34. B

    Urgent help needed pls:Worcesterboiler ( conventional ) wiring issue.

    dear all, i am going to wire a worcester conventional boiler, the old oiler, has Perm L, N, E, Pump L and Switch L, but the worcester boiler has: 1. Main L 2. Main N, 3. E 4. Ls 5. Lr, 6, Ns, 7, External Pump Nz 8, External Pump Lz i dont know connect which to which really, anyone can help...
  35. S

    On Roof DC Risk Assessment

    I'm in the middle of reviewing our mcs documentation including risk assessments and have realised that we haven't got a specific on roof dc connection risk assessment for our roofers. Does anyone else have one specifically for the roofers?
  36. rainstorm

    Worcester Greenstar 40cd1 / Y Plan

    Evening all. Getting a little confused with regards the wiring for a Y plan when there is no controller to wire to (an internal programmer is being fitted). Since the main feed is wired into the boiler, then a switched live, switched neutral and boiler demand is taken to the wiring centre (no...
  37. R

    Reverse Polarity blow PCB? Worcester boiler with overun

    Ok guys had a day and half today....Y plan Honeywell room stat, 7 day prog 2 channel. Worcester boiler with over run...... Some how the mains L/N got cross and had few 3 amp fuses blow in spur before we established issue...boiler fuse was ok though and once established that a donkey had...
  38. M

    Worcester combi + Underfloor heating

    Hi, Can anyone help me regarding wiring combi with underfloor heating master wiring centre. I have always ran a feed direct to boiler from fused spur,then the same to the master wiring centre. Could I power the boiler from the wiring centre so only having the one spur? If so how ?
  39. S

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar I system

    Problem we got here is we thought it was a Combi and wired it in as planned. We then realised that the old tank below wasn't disconnected as the plumber said and has a 3 port mid position valve but there is no pump extremely or internally to the boiler. The fault is no hot water available...
  40. O

    Worcester Jounier Boiler/21

    Hi Guys, Looking For A Bit Of Help Please, Went To Wire A Bolier Up Tonite No Darwings Going Back In Morning No Connections Made As Yet ,, 5-core Flex From Spur To Boiler, 3-cxore Flex From Spur To Room Stat , Spur Feed By 2.5 Radil As Any Body Done One Before. Looking For A Bit Of Help...
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