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  1. Pete999

    I worked and lived at 6,404 feet for 12 monthsw does that make make me a Mountain Man? Troodos Cyprus

    Well does it just askingbeen watching Stan Lee Super Heroes fingers crossed
  2. Dan

    Lou has worked on some Directory Listings

    In the first image you can see some featured listing examples. :) Add your electrical company (electricians only, no suppliers!) to the forum for free: How to add a directory listing to the forum -
  3. Pete999

    Best Sparky you ever worked with

    When I first started in 1961/2, one of the Blokes I Was Apprenticed to was a Chap called Pete Orange, good Bloke good Sparks to boot, Pete taught me a lot about being an Electrician, as well a lot about growing up, not many like Pete left in this world now I'm sad to say. I followed Pere around...
  4. J

    New job wiring new builds, however I've never worked on new builds

    So I'm sick of my current employer and went out searching for a new job last week, the same day that I applied for a job, I was asked by a company to come in for an interview, today I get a call offering me the job. It's for almost double what I earn now, however, a large portion of their work...
  5. Matthewd29

    It has always worked fine.. what's the problem?

    Was asked to an EICR a building today, old church converted into workshop. This was 1 of 6 boards, this is how i found it. Was told it hasn't had a cover in 20 years and the last electrician passed it so what's the issue? Some people are unbelievable. To make matters worse it's at head height...
  6. Pete999

    Idiots you have worked with

    I was Lead on on one particular job, overseas, and I had to arange a handover to a new chap we had so say trained in the particular needs of our working practices, Any way Matey turned up all bright beyed and bushy tailed ready to set the World on fire. Showing him around the Switch room, that...
  7. D

    Worked for an Umbrella Company, you could be owed some wedge!

    There has been a recent development in a case that a pipe fitter claimed against an agency for the return of the margin fee, Employers NI deductions and holiday pay. His initial claim was rejected at an employment tribunal as they believed "he wasn't a worker" this was taken to appeal by Unite...
  8. edexlab

    India advice - entering the country with tools, test meters etc and customs officials

    Evening gents I've a short term job in mid May in Bangalore should only be a few weeks And I'm looking for advice from people who have worked in India Innoculations , medical, malaria ,food issues and insurance etc all in hand Any general advice would be very welcome I'm particularly...
  9. JohnnyRingmain

    Electricians Mate Experienced mate based Luton / Bedfordshire looking for work

    Hi all, Worked as a self employed mate for the past two years, currently in college finalising my level 2 and starting level 3 in September. Have worked on both domestic new builds, rewires, fire alarms, security alarms. Factories, schools and hospitals. The electrician I worked with has...
  10. Pete999


    Following on from Sam's request, I thought I would try one, anyone on the Forum work for DOE/PSA from 1971 until Thatcher decimated the department in the late 80s?
  11. M

    Spray bake booths

    Hi all am looking for anybody who's works on or has worked on or knows anybody who works on spray bake spraying booths
  12. Pete999

    Apprentice japes and responsibilities.

    Didn't know exactly which area to post this, anyway here goes. I went to a get together with some colleagues the other day and we got talking about how we were treated as Apprentices, and more importantly how we, as Tradesmen treated the Apprentices we had given to us to train. I know it's...
  13. D

    New PIR lights not working??

    Hi there, Is anyone familiar with the Epsom LED PIR Twin Floodlight 18w you get from Screwfix? I installed one last week, and worked fine. Installed two new ones today for a client, and they are not working. It states in the manual to mount 1.8m to 2.5m off of the ground and i have to...
  14. westward10

    You can't do that now.

    I remember in my early days of work having to light a fire under the fuel tank of an old diesel welding set which was probably army surplus to defrost the diesel so it would start, dressed in my mouldy Donkey jacket and boots also from a surplus store. Couldn't do that know. Wouldn't be...
  15. J

    Starting city and guilds level 2 and 3 soon

    Hi I am starting my level 2 and 3 c&g course on the 15th of February which i have worked 7 days a week and paid alot of money for but I have no experience in electrics I am hoping someone can help me with this if they have any weekend work going nights or days in Kent or London area I live in...
  16. S

    Multiple job offers

    Hi all Have been busy looking for a new maintenance position and have had offers from Serco, Norlands and a company called Cloudfm. Anybody had any experience of these firms and if the're good to work for? The Serco job is working in NHS hospitals and the other 2 are retail contracts. Never...
  17. T

    Anyone worked for NG Baileys

    i dont know if this true or not but if you worked for them once they have a policy not to retake you on again? is this for real? or just bull i have previously worked with them through an agency over a year ago, the same job came up recently so i thought i would give the agency a call to get...
  18. M

    Nightshirt work

    Iv been pretty fortunate to have never had to do any nightshirt work but have been asked to do some out of hours work changing some switchgear over in a substation... My question is do you get paid for missed time the next day ?.. Thanks
  19. tuckermot

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) ECA registered Jib ect

    Hi all the firm i work for are ECA registered and abide by the Jib.I have a JIB level 2 trainee electrical ecs card .question is when i travel to and back from site in a company van i get paid jib rates for the travelling can any one tell me how it is worked out i have looked at the jib site and...
  20. C

    Commercial (RAMS) Risk assessment and method statements, HR

    Hi Does anybody know of any decent risk assessment and method statement software, generic stuff that you can alter for task specific. Also if it incorporates HR stuff even better... :computer: Theres a few ive seen online but expensive and i dont want to buy with out maybe a referral Thanks...
  21. Worcester

    Solartwin - silicon tubing eaten by mice !

    Anyone else come across this yet? Thanks to another member of the forum we attnded a call out last week to find out why a solar thermal system was leaking. first time I'd seen a solartwin install, and took a while toget my head around how it worked. Basically it reverse cycles water through...
  22. D

    Rcd not tripping

    I'm stumped, fitted new cu in one bed house today RCD would not trip using test button or on test. The only time it trips is when a load is put onto socket circuit, or the socket on the cooker isolator, no faults have been found during testing. Its a TNC-S system ze of 0.16ohms IR of >999 on...
  23. T

    Been knocked BY AGENCY for three days work HELP

    Hi all heres my problem I was sent to a huge job in London by an agency (don't want to mention whom yet) we was told two to three months work but on arrival you could see there was no chance of that. It was a fire alarm job and way past the second fix stage we was just literally popping the...
  24. H

    working in Canada

    Any sparks on here ever worked out in Canada?
  25. P

    Bms panel

    Hi there anyone work or have any experience of wiring these ?
  26. S

    Industrial AHU Faults

    I'm having a problem on an AHU that will not hit btemperature the actuators to htg coil are fully open and hot water is passing through but i am not getting my set point met by 8 degrees C, can anyone give me some advice please
  27. M

    new rcd failure

    recently saw some "click" c/u advertised at a bargain price at a large local dealer, bought 2 and thought about a bit of extra profit on next job....great. installed one in cumbria (60 mile drive), when i came to test the rcd, it would not trip, either on test button or test instrument. well, i...
  28. S

    Thinking of re-training

    Hiya, I've read many of the great threads on here and decided to sign up. Long story short: (really!) I worked with an electrician for a short while on some domestic jobs, installs etc just before leaving school. I didn't end up doing an electrical apprenticeship although always had a keen...
  29. B

    Domestic Rcd, small puff of smoke and then won't test trip.

    Hello fella's, here's one for you. First post from me and I'd like to know any ideas. I went to a job today where the guy has had a new M2 board installed. Guy previously fitted m2 rcbo (6a) to a lighting circuit (no problem), 1mm live and neutral and earth going off to circuit (no problem)...
  30. G

    Working live

    Hey guys, I was wondering where if in the BGB or if you have any links you could find some of regulations regarding working live, when you should etc. As an apprentice, I have already had to work live, so was wondering what the guidelines say about it, the necessity to work live and what should...
  31. S

    20% pir

    since being self employed i am now only NICEIC domestic...but used to do PIR when i worked for a full NICEIC company about 10 years ago...and i used to do a lot of pub testing for entertainments licences so am a bit out of touch. i was called in today to do some work in a pub which has just been...
  32. J

    What work can i do??

    hi, im an electrician and i finished my 2330 just before the course changed. I am now unsure to what im physically allowed to do on my own. I don't have my NVQ yet due to constant dodgy jobs such as un-qualified employers, being horribly under paid and just generally being mistreated. ive been...
  33. D

    requirement for notifying building controll?

    Ok so Im new on here and this is my first question (so please forgive me if im being stupid) Im a qualified spark and been so for some 10 years but have always worked for a company, this company is not registered to fulfill part p as we dont do domestic work. Im in the process of starting up in...
  34. C

    Who's been using Megger's 1730 MFT?

    Hey peeps, looking at the new 1730 MFT from Megger, currently using the 1553. Just wanted to know if any of you are using it and what you think? Also interested in the no trip test speed, is it much faster??? How long do the batteries last...etc. Any info would be much appreciated.
  35. J

    elec mate ready for work voluntarily with IPAF licence :)

    Hello my name is james and i currently have my level 3 c&g electrical installation i have worked as mate for years now and am in need to work with someone for a year so i can pass my NVQ3 I am willing to work 1 day a week voluntarily to gain the gain what i need to become fully qualified. I live...
  36. N

    pir after remedials

    after completing the required remedial work (suggested onthe unsatisfactory pir the day before) on an installation, does a full pir need to be conducted again to show that it is up to scratch? thanks
  37. P

    another unfloor heating question

    just about to start a 40sqm underfloor heating job and want to pick some experienced minds :) i have worked out that it is going to draw 5600W so 24A its a 10m run so i have worked out i can use a 4mm cable with a 14v drop and a cable rating of 26a. can i get away with this ? or am i...
  38. T

    Domestic Anyone else worked for MODern Housing Solutions?

    Spent 2 unpaid weeks 'getting on the system' which involved an induction course, getting their van road worthy and generally getting messed around, till I left before actually doing any work for them. Pity the poor servicemen who are expecting a good service (they have the contract to maintain...
  39. L

    What's your hourly cash rate? Just had a grumbling customer!

    Happy Xmas fellas What's your hourly cash rate? I've just had a customer grumble on me when I charged him £15 an hour cash, I wouldn't mind but the guy has plenty of money. I got the job by him seeing my van , I went to look at the job pretty much as soon as I parked up on a Friday at...
  40. M

    Baffled and need help/advice

    Hi I know very little about electronics, it's never been my vocation. I know basics and that's it but I'm a bit baffled by something that happened the other day. If I sound like I'm waffling at any point then I apoligize in advance. I went to boot up my PC. Nothing happened, which I found...
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