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  1. Andy-1960

    Wayne’s World!

    Prepare to be enthralled! View:
  2. Pete999

    World Cup - Bad luck wales

    Bad luck Wales!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. T

    Volt drop in the real world

    Has anyone ever had a volt drop issue? Just for fun.......... yes i said fun, i cant believe i would be saying that in my mid 20s But i did a calc for a radial circuit in in swa B32 mcb 4.0mm 3core swa 35m run (mV/A/m) So...... 11X32X30/1000 = 10.56 Way over the 5% in table 4Ab Am i...
  4. V

    Back in the real world

    Hi All Just retired after 35 years in FE, mostly spent with Scottish electrical apprentices. Still have a few years left in me so have joined the forum to help keep my finger on the pulse. Cheers.
  5. oracle

    Electrical compliance in first world is not as good as the third world

    This is how we do things properly in South Africa When you contract an Electrician ask him for a copy of his Wireman's Licence, and a copy of his DOL Registration Certificate, don’t let him just show some paperwork that in any event will mean nothing to you. When you have these copies phone...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Welcome to the world of the 18th Edition

    Now we are officially on the 18th edition, has anybody bothered changing anything on stationary, websites etc.. or encountered customers moaning about new regulations affecting jobs/quotes etc...
  7. GMES

    The world is doomed.

    The title is probably more spectacular than the thread. So I've just been to McDonald drive through for me and Mrs Ape, I place my order which mine was chicken legend no sauce, the options were mayo-spicy- barbeque Didn't fancy any so had plain. Get to the window to pay and I'm greeted by a...
  8. C

    Wonderful world of electrics

    Pic from a electrical mag,is this what we expect now,is this neat.. I don’t think so.
  9. Frimley111R

    Hello from the world of EV Charging

    I noticed a little nudge from Dan about deleting our account if we don't post an intro and so here it is. I run Chargebase and we are an EV home and commercial charger installer based near Fleet in Hampshire. The business is owned and run by two of us and our work is contracted out to NAPIT...
  10. Pete999

    The bestest Daddy in the World

    Watch till the end
  11. Captain Black

    Hello World... Another introduction from a newcomer.

    Hi all, Just thought I would do as requested and put a short bio. Have only been sparking for a relatively short time (10yrs), compared to some of the others I see on here. Made the move over after a career in I.T Networking, WANs not LANS, when the company I worked for tanked and I decided...
  12. S

    Solicitors - Can you all do the world a favour,

    please, waste their time, don't return calls, charge them extra for the slightest of things, charge them extra on top and then post up about it on here to make me feel better........... ;o)))))))
  13. diyterry

    Hello good people of the electricians forum

    Hello World Just to introduce myself. I'am a keen diy who likes to do things properly it's a bit of an obsession really so I hope you don't mind me asking the odd question. I have experience in other building trades so I might be able to help other members there.
  14. S

    A different world - heath and safety nuts look away.

    Last week I went to Moldova doing some work with a charity on people's houses. Nothing electrical, mainly painting, fitting false ceilings, rendering etc. But I though you might like some of the things I saw..! The local village substation. You can walk up and poke it. During high winds the...
  15. C

    Site agents rule the world

    Right t...t of a site agent,requesting all workers at all times to wear hard hats,no shorts,he's always right on any works,told him literally to f..k off,real unpleasant site to work on,anyone had the same treatment.
  16. westward10

    Seriously angry.

    Get a call this morning at half five, fire outside sister in laws house and no one can raise her. Fly down there in car, only two miles away in next village while we manage to raise her on the way. Get there three fire engines with road blocked off by police. Some horrible b******* have set fire...
  17. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Say it like it is Mate

  18. Dan

    New Zealand Earthquake

    New Zealand earthquake: evacuations as tsunami heads for east coast – live - Not good news!
  19. GMES

    Bank Holiday

    So who's working on Monday, I have managed to get a rare day off but knowing me I will end up going to the office as I need to print and go through a load of designs for an upcoming job, This will be after a trip to buy an A3 printer. It is probably sad but it is the best chance of getting...
  20. G

    Blairs faults

    He started world war 1 He started world war 2 He was responsible for the Miners strikes He invaded the falkland Islands He invented the Poll tax He started the American banking crises He called a police officer a pleb He started the Bedroom Tax He started the pasty tax He decided to raise...
  21. G

    Isis or Isal or whatever they are called

    Independence Day - Let's nuke the bastards - YouTube
  22. D Skelton

    Latest HOC committee (20/01/14), DCLG get grilled this time

    A link to the video stream of the meeting is below. Player Since watching this I have sent a short email to Mr Betts outlining my concern about the misleading use of the phrase 'Qualified Supervisor', as we all know that the minimum required qualification of a QS is the 2382. Bear this in mind...
  23. N

    Immersion Heater Circuit

    I have a plumber mate who is installing an (3Kw I believe) Immersion heater into a property and needs it wired in. I know in an ideal world, i new circuit from the CU, 16A CB and 20A FCU, as we all know the world is not always ideal and getting a new circuit from the CU to the airing cupboard...
  24. H

    Out side socket

    Ive been asked to install a outdoor socket to a property on a TT system with split load board one side 30ma rcd the other on 100amp ms, assuming to carry on and conect the socket to the 30ma side test and note and inform the homeowner that dual rcd protection should at some point be fitted...
  25. MarkRibbands

    PV Panel War: Sanyo v. Hengji. The ultimate side-by-side long-term, real-world test.

    Having been confused and irritated by the conflicting stories I heard about the relative merits of ‘expensive’ versus ‘cheap’ PV panels, I decided to find out the truth for myself. I have just fitted an 8kW installation on my shed roof, comprising one 4kW array of 16 x £177 Hengji Solar...
  26. D

    bloody wind

    BBC News - Drive killed after tree falls onto car in County Durham happened while i was working down the road!! FECK!!
  27. Amp David

    4mm radial to grid switches

    Looking at quoting to install said radial for kitchen appliances. Can anyone say if they've ever fitted the Click Min Grid modules with 4mm looped into each switch. Click tech say max 3x2.5 or 1x6mm, but want to hear real world advice or experiences
  28. T

    Electro-technical Officer training in the merchant Navy.

    Hi all. I'm currently a self-employed electrician, working on mainly domestic installations alongside a Part P registered electrician, like alot of people, we've not really had a lot on so I've been searching the net for various avenues, Oil Rigs and other types of stuff I've never really done...
  29. S


    hi, do i have to do all the electrical tests even if i am only replacing a light switch? cheers
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