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  1. Ash_C

    Don't worry about this little guy

    Introducing myself, Ashley from Eastbourne hoping to transition back to the tools after a minor intermission in medical engineering. Hopeful to gain some of your knowledge and wisdom. Cheers
  2. reddwarf4ever

    Builder safety worry

    in 2003 i engaged a builder to extend my property. 1-when I asked for 3 light switches to control 1 light, it took him a week to find out how to do it....he ran multiple cables , just in case, until he found out how it should be done... 2-he fitted a consumer unit, but immediately it kept...
  3. T

    Don't worry an Electrician fitted these, no cert, no VAT!

    Ho hum, on my travels today asked to inspect (cursory!) state of wiring. Love the sink with induction hob. The thermal damage and exposed singles behind the oven and floppy sockets a treat to behold. Just a little light entertainment. Now...I know I need a course in photography but you can see...
  4. leep82


    Ive recently mentioned on another thread of mine that when it comes to completing EICR's my experience is limited. I have my testing and inspection qualifications but have generally only used them to verify new work that i myself have installed, all relatively easy. At the minute I am sub...
  5. H

    Dodgy kitchen and lighting circuits

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice on what is and isn't acceptable when it comes to household wiring. Our flat was wired by questionable electricians (before we moved in) and over the years lots of problems have cropped up. Each room has at least 4 spotlights, 90% of...
  6. K

    IPAF training 3a and 3b Theory test?

    Hi this is my first of many questions on here. I will be booking to do the IPAF 3a and 3b training tomorrow (pay day), Could some one give me an idea of what to expect for the theory test please? I'm new to the trade so the more I can prepare for it the better as I'm starting to suffer a...
  7. S

    RCBO trip times - no, not the usual what should it be . . .

    I was doing a board change today and 10 out of the 15 RCBO's were returning a value in the region of 19ms at 1x and 30 at 5x. Tried more than 1 MFT (both Metrel but got the same sort of results). So this is still within the 40ms's but with new RCBO's would you personally accept or return them?
  8. M

    Domestic TN-S & TT on same installation what should I class it as?

    got a 16mm earthing conductor from main supply sheath goin in to the MET + an earth electrode(rod) next to the supply with a 10mm earthing conductor comin off it to the MET Should I class it as a TT system for test results and mark the EIC as TN-S & TT :nonod:
  9. 5

    Domestic Converting storage room with mains in to toilet

    Hi can anyone give me some advice on this. Ive been asked to convert a storeage room into a downstairs cloakroom for a diabled family member but the room contains the mains intake and meter for the property. Could this be boxed off or would it have to be moved?
  10. I

    IR readings Puzzeled

    hi there carried out IR test on radial lighting circuit today. L-N 700MOhms N-E 650Mohms L-E 320Mohms just wondered why the L-E would be nearly half the value ???? ( test carried out at 500v dc, TNCS system circuit disconnected at board)
  11. C

    'Other' Trade Quotes

    Ever worked with another trade and been asked to do something against regs because it suits them? Then it's time to list them here! Here's mine for starters:- "Just install the switches at the end of the bath - don't worry that the ceiling is too low!" "Don't worry about the IP rating of the...
  12. D

    First Assessment

    Morning Chaps Have my first assessment with Elecsa on Wednesday and am bricking it. Could one of you advise me on Isolation. It is 8 flats which I rewired, so my plan is to let him pick any flat. When I arrive, I will: ALL from Landlords cupboard. Turn of power to flat from service switch...
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