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  1. GBDamo

    Worst places to work.

    I'd like to forward pubs. I have been doing reactive maintenance in pubs for four months now and they are by far the worst. Forty years of semi-professionals sinking their retirement pots into a pub has led to some of the most creative electrical installation. Today I was sent to a lighting...
  2. Andy5678

    Plumbers worst nightmares....

    Thought I’d share this, if you ever think you’ve had a bad day at work
  3. P

    Worst broadband providers

    I see Talktalk have beennamed as worst broadband provider for the second year running. I was with them for quite a few years, but left when they upped their prices and then lost all the data. Mind you, I've made some very nice Asian friends because of it, they phone me quite often to help me...
  4. HumbleWorker 91RT

    Worst and Best parts of your day to day?

    Alright guys and girls, Just wondering seen as there are a lot of different types of electrical workers on here wanted to know which parts of the job day to day wise you enjoy and which parts could you really do without? Hopefully get some decent ideas from those doing the designs to those...
  5. GBDamo

    Pricing for fitting sub board and running two circuis

    Having problems convincing company owner that us doing this is not cost effective/best use of our expertise. We are typically travelling 2-300 miles and working away so I cannot see how it can be cost effective for us to be doing this. 1, If insufficient room/capacity in existing CU then fit...
  6. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Rewire from hell

    Nearly finished it, Thank God!! Lady owner, Occupied, junk in every possible place, 26 cats (cat litters & food everywhere), cement board in half of the house, plywood boards in the attic, all brick, micro-bore heating pipes everywhere, neigbours moaning about the noise & to top it off a BS951...
  7. H

    9.5kw without DNO

    Can a 9.5Kw system be installed, commissioned and signed off without DNO notification and then notifying them or would gemserve or the supplier pick it up, if so whats the worst case scenario rather than waiting weeks?
  8. telectrix

    Volt Drop for Dummies

    done a quick excercise to give a rough guide. each cable is assumed to be carrying it's max. load, clipped direct, to give worst scenario, and a 10m length of cable. so the figures below represent the worst volt drop/10m 1.5mm ...5.8v 2.5mm....4.86v 4.0mm....4.07v 6.0mm....3.43v...
  9. R

    Recording RCD test results

    Please confirm.. On the test sheet, it is the x1 worst result that gets put on the sheet?:confused: thanks
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