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  1. Strima

    Tesla Fire, wouldn't want to be trapped in one...

    So there's a slight risk that a Tesla may catch fire if you crash. Who would have thought that lithium ion batteries would be so sensitive to impacts... :rolleyes: Terrifying Tesla video shows unstoppable electric car inferno that took 35 firefighters to extinguish -...
  2. Pete999

    Pete's Videos KIN WHAT

    There's something I never knew if you bend a wire it makes it hard for the electricity to get through OMG
  3. Pete999

    Pete's Videos working at height has been ignored then

    Better now??
  4. L

    Private Work

    Hello All. Here's my situation, im currently NICEIC QS where I work, im earning a half decent wage but its never enough right. Im debating with the idea of setting up on my own but the thought of trying to replace my salary is frightening, mortgage and family so very risky. Not got enough...
  5. vxwestie

    waterproof switch replacement for standard 2way

    Any one come across a waterproof IP65 or similar replacement for a standard 2way switch in a 35mm recessed back box? Ive been looking around but have come up blank. Its a finished and tiled internal wall, and furniture makes its unacceotable to have the added depth of a surface IP switch.
  6. L

    Domestic EICR - Somebody is setting the bar low.....

    Just been sent this by a customer who was charged £250 for an EICR for a property they are thinking of buying.....The customer didn't understand it and wanted a second opinion. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9wD_rwO3uBlQjBCS1VOYXlnaEk&authuser=0 Interesting......I wonder if the...
  7. D

    Crabtree c50 breakers

    Are these worth selling or just get rid? Saved from a recent mains change
  8. S

    Shaver socket above bath in hotel - dangerous?

    Hi, Sorry to bother you all. Last year I visited a 4 star hotel (part of a chain) and found a shaver socket in Zone 1. It was to the left of the sink but directly above the bath. I could definitely see a risk for a small child standing in the bath. I emailed the hotel to warn them and they said...
  9. J

    fault on N&L to CPC

    It's been a few years since college and I'm stuck on understanding this, I'm getting an intermittent fault on kitchen sockets. Causing some tripping. Broken it down and when I IR test the circuit. L to E is 200+ N to E is 200+ But when I test N&L to E thruster fluctuates between 120Mohnm to...
  10. T

    £75 for a fault

    So got a call last Friday night. A customer had tried to change there own shaver socket and taken out all of the upstairs lights, they were having to use torches and they have a baby, not ideal. Rearranged a job on Saturday morning so i could go straight around. Checked it out, managed to use a...
  11. C

    Chint boards

    Has anybody used a chint 3 ph board? For the size I need it comes in about £50 cheaper than a Hager. I've used the single phase ones years ago and they were gash!! This is the first job for a new customer so I don't want to be fitting rubbish and I'm a bit of a brand snob but if the chint is any...
  12. K

    Why is Solar so Great?

    I'm poised to spend £11,500 on a 4kW installation. Here in NI, we still have top-end ROCs and the installer ran some figures for us. He projects an annual return from the installation of around £2,000. We even have a loan option which means we'd only earn around £1,000 for the first 5 years...
  13. L

    The No Bonding / No Work rule......who obeys?

    Evening Fella's As the title says, how many of us do a small Alteration or Addition if its quite clear there is no Main Protective Bonding in place? A real close friend of mine asked me to install an extra socket in the kitchen & a FCU for a new extractor, I was going to give him a MWC for it...
  14. 5

    Domestic Converting storage room with mains in to toilet

    Hi can anyone give me some advice on this. Ive been asked to convert a storeage room into a downstairs cloakroom for a diabled family member but the room contains the mains intake and meter for the property. Could this be boxed off or would it have to be moved?
  15. T

    Panel Install Too Cheap

    Can anyone tell me how 6x sanyo HIT panels sb1200 inverter schuco mounting £6k installed inc scaffold, how do you compete with these prices!!!!
  16. R

    Pulling the fuse on top-up meters?????

    For my billionth question today, does anyone know what happens if you pull the fuse on a top-up style electricity meter (you know, the one with the card or fob and you buy credits from paypoint or whatever), would the customer lose all their credits?
  17. stef

    The Green Book

    Hi all, I read in this forum some days ago about the amended 17th and a new book. So, we have to buy a new 7671 book, a new on site guide and of course the guidance notes as well? :eek: I think they should go for an electronic version which then can be updated easily and cheap and it won't...
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