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  1. buzzlightyear

    Commercial offered some work ,come on down the price is write

    so hear it goes ,customer ring up ,we are looking for a new spark can you pop in and have a chat . so they sit me down ,the spark left us and we require a new spark. but we have another spark. but he can only do a couple of days per week ,but he is not reliable . a contract is it ,so the...
  2. KEV 1 N

    Strangest thing you've had to write on an EICR.

    Has anybody ever had to write anything weird or strange on an EICR? My most memorable ones are... *No access to bedroom due to large number of wasps inside. *No access to external condenser unit cage due to large overgrown plants *socket fitted upside down (don't know why, no logic to it...
  3. R

    Struggling with my first write up (NVQ3)

    Hi guys, I'm about 4000 words deep into my first write up.. I've now got onto the fault finding section, I've go to answer the following.. Perform tests to find the following faults: Loss of supply Overload Short circuit and earth fault Transient voltage...
  4. J

    NVQ3 2017 HELP

    hi guys. I am currently doing my NVQ3 and am stuck on a unit. its 312 legislation outcome 3. they are asking for statements on various environmentally friendly systems, but I'm unsure what to write. I have the book which has unit 301 where all the info is supposedly found but there seems to be...
  5. Gazthesparky

    Invoicing/ paperwork on site

    Hey Looking for ideas / suggestions of how people deal with attending jobs straite away and dealing with paperwork I.e. Say someone phones up asking to change a socket that day. I tell them my prices verbally over the phone and then go to site. I then have a callout form which I hand write...
  6. D

    5 year testing 20%

    Just a general question on testing when carrying out a fixed wire test of 20% would you fill in all circuits identified on the circuit chart and test the required 20% filling in the results as tested or would you only fill out the circuits that you have tested and fill in N/A for every...
  7. T

    Risk assessment

    Has anyone ever written an risk assessment for the omission of RCD protection? Doing a job in a hospital and the client has specified that they don't want to have RCD protection due to the nature of the appliances being used. ie live saving equipment. Need to guidance to write one
  8. T

    Filling out Minor Works Certificate

    Just finished installing some low voltage downlights to an existing circuit , I'm going to test tomorrow to save disconnecting the lamps/transformers I was going to test LN-E 500v on the insulation resistance test , what do I have to write on the minor works certificate and where to show that...
  9. C

    AM2 drawing?

    Has anyone got a AM2 rig drawing? i've got a out of date one one with MI on it has anyone got a smack up to date one? Many thanks. Am2 two weeks today (flapping about it)
  10. uksparks

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Form questionH

    On an EIC, be it with whoeverm but using a standard one, or that of niceic online, how or here would I write the details of a control circuit from a time switch to Contactor etc? Or dont you bother?
  11. E

    Commercial Customer not paying, hanged up on me.

    Hi, everyone. If this is in wrong section, please move. I need advice on what I should do. Basically I installed a 4 core 25mm, 20 meters swa cable for a shop. The run was from a 3 phase supply to a single phase shop. The other 2 phases were being used for shops next door. As this...
  12. M


    Hi we are quite a well established company in our area, started up on my own around 10 years ago and do fairly well. However, my biggest downfall is the paperwork, I just cannot get systems in place that work (or that I can keep to). I find it extremely difficult to book work in and keep to...
  13. J

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Lost NICEIC Number

    Ok here goes - hopefully i dont get to much stick. So i cant find my NICEIC registration number anywhere at all, rang up and they said they cant give it me and emptied my house and still cant find it, is there any way of getting it ? is it stored on line at all ? thanks J
  14. B

    Any one completed the job write ups for their JTL Portfolio???

    Hi people,, I have finally completed my 3years at college and so far done all the underpinning knoledge questions apart from my job write ups and my AM2. Is their anyone out their that can possably send me a copy of thiers or an example sheet so that i can get an idea of what needs to be put...
  15. silver surfer

    RCBO operating times

    Testing a job yesterday and realised a couple of things, during the RCBO 1n and 5n tests in a lot of cases the 5n value was actually slightly higher than the 1n value,eg 1n=28.2ms 5n=28.7ms (?). Doesnt seem right that multiplying the test current x5 would have a slower tripping time (although...
  16. M

    any good pir sensors?

    I'm new to the site and new to tweeting, - is this tweeting? - I don't normally get time to use the computer, it has taken me about 10 mins to write this. Anyway, does anyone know of a good make of pir sensor that won't let me down. I'm getting fed up of going back to jobs to "reset" the...
  17. F

    elecsa assesment

    Hi got my assessment due soon, just wanted a little feed back , first when putting together your health and safety policy did you download one ,write one or use the print out they provide? Same question for the risk assessment? Any other things to look out for ? I'm quit nervous about it all ...
  18. S

    r1 r2 testing on micc cable

    when testing micc,pyro cable for r1 r2 values is it correct to use sheath as the r2 for a 2 core ?
  19. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic forms

    installed a sub board the other week for battery heating systems. i took my distrubtion from the main board in that floor. this in turn was fed from a big old fashioned swtch cabinate in the basement. The problem was that when i came to wite the cert i got a little confused on how to write the...
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