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  1. SairaJoy

    I'm currently an EE college student. Need to ask 6 interview style questions regarding workplace writing requirements for EE's

    Current EE college student with questions for advanced technical writing assignment. (I am supposed to interview an Electrical Engineer about workplace writing expectations/requirements)... 1 - On a daily basis, how much time/energy do you spend on writing/producing documents? 2 - How often do...
  2. H

    NVQ Electrotechnical Level 3 (Maintenance) evidence writing query

    Hi there, I am on my last year of my apprenticeship and have started the nvq part. Long story short I want to start writing up my evidence of work (with provided pictures of me carrying out the work), however I can't figure out a structure to follow to write out a job. If anyone is currently...
  3. O

    Writing cert for two DB's

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for all your input for other posts. Writing out my certificate for a job and was wondering how best to approach it. Previous sparky made provisions for the garage wiring by putting in a small distribution CU direct from henley block and a wire to the then proposed garage...
  4. H

    Help for Writing my 1st CV

    Hi Guys I’m after a little advise / help. I looking to create my first CV and wondering if there are any templates to view to get some ideas on the correct style I need. Although I’m nearly 40 and been working since I was 16 I’ve never had an interview and only had 2 jobs. So this will be a...
  5. rolyberkin

    Sign Writing & Roofrack Recommendations

    So a quick question, should I or should I not sign write my van and also recommendations on a roof rack mainly for ladders and a pipe holder, swb Trafic van do I need a two or three bar solution??
  6. H

    Latest on USB Sockets

    Hi, After doing a search on the forum I can across a few threads about USB plug sockets and the verdict was that they should be avoided, but these threads were all quite old. So I was wondering what's he current verdict on the USB plugs sockets. Is it worth replacing standard double socket to a...
  7. T

    Help with a letter to company I do work for

    Hi All I do a work for a company that manly do new kitchens. I have been doing it for a year or so now I want to write a letter to let the company know, that when I have finished my work it is safe and tested to regulation. my worry is that the tilers come in and don't put some sockets back...
  8. Phil L

    typical customer

    In middle of rewire customer said they were doing some decorating told them to wait to Monday and I would loosen of the accessories so the could cut round them (all polished chrome) went out to watch the football came back and got a call saying they had a problem the lady of the house had got...
  9. G

    Domestic TN-S supply 4.2ohms, this is the solution from the DNO!

    I recorded a Ze on a TN-S supply as 4.2ohms. Consumer unit is an all insulation Wylex twin RCD unit. I spoke to the landlord of the property which was currently empty (now occupied) and told him he needs to contact the DNO with regards to the high Ze. They came to site and this was the result...
  10. S


    Hi Guys, As work is quiet, at the moment (unless you are MCS and in that case your going to be really busy for a few weeks) I'm getting around to writing my own website. how many of you guys have written your own websites? had one written for you by another company? what sort of responses do...
  11. L

    Wiring a commercial cellar

    Hi Guys just a quick one I'm working on a consevative club at the moment doing a 3 phase re-wire, all the normal circuits are in FP but i have to do the cellar where the barrels, beer are e.t.c can FP be used or do i have to use SWA????
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