1. newfutile

    Lockable sockets wired wrongly

    During an eicr i found that all of the lockable sockets had reverse polarity , presumably from the manufacturer . Of course this also questions the installation electrician and testing or lack thereof . Has anyone else encountered this ?
  2. timhoward

    Latest showing wrong forum section

    Hi The most recent post in Electrical Tools and Products is actually showing the most recent post in the main electrical forum. The thread Domestic SUpply Advice is not in that forum area.
  3. DarronF

    Poor advertising, how wrong is this?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and trade as DF Electrics - Small Job Specialist based in Ellastone, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire. I'm now back on the tools at nearly 60 after my retail business of 10 years was killed off by lockdowns. I thought I would hate it but, you know, I love my job! Anyway...
  4. ZeroZero

    What is wrong with my new TV ariel Installation plz?

    I am in UK and have just built a summerhouse and inside is a large LG flatscreen TV. I purchased an aluminium pole, ran the cable out and up (within the pole, I hope this does not matter) and attached it to the ariel. It's only picking up three channels. The cable has preformed F type...
  5. S

    Could someone please tell me if this is right or wrong please.

    Right or wrong please? , if wrong, what needs to be done to fix it? thanks in advance.
  6. R

    Is this Intermediate switching image from the Student's Guide wrong?

    Shouldn't the lines from the first switch both go into the L1 L2 on the intermediate switch?
  7. K

    What did I do wrong when installing this single pole smart switch?

    I replaced a single pole to exterior lights with a smart switch. Next to it is a 3way to my foyer light. The foyer and the smart switch to exterior works. However I seem to have killed the power to an exterior outlet. In order to get the switch to work, I had connect the red switch pigtail...
  8. S

    What am I doing wrong with this calculation?

    I have been going round in circles with this question. I just cant seem to get an answer remotely close to the options. Continuity of a ring final circuit has been tested as part of an initial verification of a new primary school. All the socket outlets are connected directly to a ring. The...
  9. N

    Brand new Pulsa Coil costing over £3 a night, is something wrong?

    Hello, Our landlord recently installed a PulsaCoil ST 180 water heater into our flat and we were told it would be much cheaper for us to run. However, our smart meter is showing that we are spending over £3 a night heating it (nothing else is on). We are on Economy 7 and our night rate is...
  10. B

    I'm in trouble wrong cable for car charger

    Doing full rewire customer asked me to run a supply for future use car charger supply I ran 6mm 3core swa to where the car charger is going in future, yesterday I watch few videos and noticed data or ct cable !!! Can anyone help is 6mm 3 core swa will work with out this data or ct cable ,
  11. incursio

    UK Wrong energy unit price on electrical sub meter

    Hello, I went to my local takeaway to do some work and the landlord complained the cost of electrics is really high, of course I've heard this a lot lately nevertheless I went to investigate and noticed this sub meter I installed previously which is giving supply to the tenant a flat above...
  12. U

    GFCI outlet solid red light - is this normal or indication that something is wrong?

    (Every GFCI in my house has a red light and is doing what im about to describe) None of these outlets have a spot for a green light (that I can see) I noticed the red light was on. (Solid, not blinking) I plugged in the outlet tester which indicted it has power and is wired correctly. I...
  13. T

    Landing Light Switch gone wrong

    I need help. I'm a British tinkerer living in Germany. I've been installing smart light switches myself throughout the house and in all places. I've not had any issues but I'm seriously stuck with this one light switch. I have taken out old switch and whilst I did all the wires practically...
  14. Wolf865

    Landscape Transformer - Wrong Replacement!

    Father-in-Laws old landscape transformer went out so went to Home Depot to get a new one to install that had a countdown timer once the photocell turned it on in the evenings. What HD send me home with was an Intermec Mechanical Timer. Long story short, hooked up a 120V timer on a 12V system...
  15. F

    Hello from *banjo* I mean wrong turn I mean WV

    Hey hey, never been much of a full on handybkan tho wires and cables always been pretty good at but I don't think I've ever failed at anything I have the tools for haha just was coaxed to say hi I live in an older mobile so lots of work to do haha
  16. LewisM

    Something has gone seriously wrong!

    Wonder what caused all this tray and basket to come down? https://v.redd.it/dz8khtr03g491
  17. K

    Why doesn’t my light turn on?

    Hi all. First post here. My old LED floodlight failed and I went to replace with what I believed was the same product from screwfix. However they’ve changed the design. Instead of putting the wires into the back of the unit (which made sense) now it’s a pre made wire that hangs out meaning it...
  18. J

    2 out of 3 phases installed the wrong way round!

    Hello. I hope someone can help. I've just discovered that on a new build house built just over a year ago there is a problem with the wiring from the incoming mains fuses to the consumer unit. Phase 1 was wired correctly. But the cable from Phase 2 on the main fuse is connected to Phase 3 on the...
  19. H

    What's wrong with this subpanel?

    Bought this 35 year-old house 5 years ago. On numerous occasions have found the 50A breaker in the main panel that supplies a subpanel in the detached garage, tripped for no apparent reason. Little if anything running in that garage at the time. I have a suspect as to what it might be, so I'm...
  20. M

    DIY - Apartment wrong 4-prong 220v wiring, how to fix myself?

    Hello all, I'm an amateur DIY home-owner that recently moved into an apartment for a 6-month military assignment and these maintenance workers here are clearly incompetent and just do the bare minimum at EVERYTHING, including electrical work. So I moved in here and my dryer had the 3-prong...


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