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  1. Electrokids

    The Principle Work of Electrodynamometer ( Revision advice needed if some information are wrong)

    Electrodynamometer Electrodynamometer is a device that we can use for measuring volts, current, and power. But mostly this used for measuring power in the circuit. For the construction of electrodynamometer wattmeter we gonna need some important part for this stuff to work. Moving coil...
  2. JC Denton

    Something seriously wrong with my ionizer

    So I've recently purchased an ionizer from Walmart... going to withhold the name for now. Since I started using it I've experienced many strange electrical phenomena. I've done a ton of troubleshooting, and narrowed it down to the device itself. I was tempted to try a different wall wart, but...
  3. D

    wrong wiring question

    Hi All, I'm new here. I searched for existing answers to this question but did not find an answer. I was doing some sound-proofing DIY in a one room at home and pulled-in some cable to replace old 1960's cable. Now that I've sealed all the walls and floor and turned my attention to wiring in the...
  4. EricMark

    Wrong type of RCD is it even part of EICR?

    I have noted more and more items ask for a type A RCD rather than type AC, with electric car charging units it is often even better than type A required, but with car charging units it is hard wired so clearly should be part of the inspection and looking up one make of charger unit not really a...
  5. B

    What's wrong with this circuit breaker box?

    It might be easier to list the few things right with it. I have noted what appears to be burnt or frayed hot wires. I have only seen the pictures provided but this looks less than professional to me. The house is 1957 construction and may have aluminum wiring (probable cause for the burnt...
  6. S

    Could anyone Tell me the legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please my housing association says 12 inches , is this wrong ?

    Can anyone tell me the Legal distance a induction Hob has to be installed from a sink please, my housing association say they are going to install one 12 inches from my sink and I said this is wrong, also it is to be installed under my window which I have to lean over the hob to open the window...
  7. K

    Is it possible for a light to be wired wrong and still work?

    At my father in laws house, for the last 5 years two of the bedrooms lights haven’t worked. The bedrooms that the lights don’t work all seem to wired correctly. apart the landing, which does work. But appears to be wired incorrectly? rather than having a live in, 3 red loops, and black line...
  8. M

    (UK) What's wrong with my lighting circuit?

    Hello all, I recently redecorated my living room which meant stripping off the wallpaper. While doing so, some moisture got into the living room light switch (it's a 2-way). I took off the switch plate to dry it out but noticed a wire seemed to be unconnected. I'm assuming this black wire...
  9. J

    I've wired a rose wrong!

    I hope someone can help. I should have taken a picture of the old fitting but as it was 3 wires I thought it'd be okay. In the picture you can see I have the black and blue together, the connections marked 'loop' are empty, red and brown are together and earth goes to the rose. My problem is...
  10. A

    Wrong Breaker Tripped

    Oven element broke in half and started sparking even when all controls were turned off. Resident manually switched range breaker off. I replaced the element with oem replacement. I made sure all wiring was secure and the element connections are not making contact with the back cover panel.Now I...
  11. S

    Whats wrong with the fan

    So I moved in to a brand new duplex and the fan in the main bedroom seems to buzz and only seems to buzz of a night time or after the fans on for a little bit. But also can go all day with out buzzing and bam as soon as were in bed buzzes and it's all random buzzing or humming something like...
  12. S

    something wrong with breaker box

    I've lived in this house for the past 8 years, never had a problem. until a few months ago the lights in the living room, oven, fridge and central air all started to stop working sporadically. checked the breakers and they don't get thrown. noticed that the light is actually getting enough power...
  13. littlespark

    Customer thinks smart meter is wrong

    Going to see a new customer tomorrow. He thinks his new smart meter is reading higher than he thinks. I don’t know the house, but guessing at still old fuseboard rather than mcb or rcd looking at the street address. Anything easy I should be looking for to explain high usage? I’ll suggest LED...
  14. I

    I could be wrong posting here but i need help

    Dear All, Newbie here, not sure if this forum is for those who specifically electricians only or if general people can join for help and advice, so im taking a shot here, if this is the wrong website then please let me know and ill just copy and paste it there or wherever is appropriate I...
  15. L

    Car Radio, what is wrong???

    This is really pi$$ing me off now. Got an 03 combo van. Stock radio would light up but screen was smashed and couldn't get it to play anything. Bought an aftermarket radio. Swapped them over without a problem, or so I thought. It worked fine, until the van started moving then it would cut out...
  16. peeko

    CPCs in wrong holes inside consumer unit...x8!

    Hi everyone, I've recently done some testing on some welfare trailers used on building sites on behalf of the rental company at their base. Mixture of fixed wire/PAT/FAT to make sure they're going out to the customer OK. I've done 8 so far and they were brought brand new 12 months ago and I've...
  17. Paul228

    When it looks wrong.

    So, went to look at a property for a landlord. In the bathroom there is an electric shower in zone1, but it's mounted approx 2 foot above the water line. The isolator pull switch is outside zone2. Oh and the circuit is rcd protected and on a separate 45a breaker. My thoughts were....why would...
  18. Simonslimline

    I must be doing it wrong.

    93000 + views! What a muppet.
  19. A

    Kitchen appliance sockets and safe zones - right or wrong?

    Hi all, I think I'm posting this in the right place - apologies if not. I'm wondering if I could ask for a bit of help here. I'm renovating a house for myself to live in, and I've spoken to an electrician this week to have it fully rewired. There appears to be a problem though with my planned...
  20. M

    Domestic New consumer unit -I think I've done a very simple 'stupid' - help please.

    I've just swapped out an old consumer unit for a new one - like for like in terms of circuits. One lighting circuit will not set. I've disconnected the earth on that circuit and it still won't set so I would appear to have a live-nuteral short. However I did nothing to that circuit at all...
  21. Martyn Fletcher

    Can't find a reg on it, but it just seems wrong...

    Went to a job to check out a fault on an outhouse. Turns out that the outhouse is supplied via a 2.5mm T&E from the main house CU, which runs for several meters along an external wall (outside and unprotected) then disapears into a 50mm plastic pipe underground. The good bit is that at the other...
  22. R

    This one beat me and I'm not sure why I'm wrong

    RCBO offers protection against 1. Basic contact 2. Short circuit current and earth fault current 3. Short circuit current 4. Short circuit and overload current
  23. gazdkw82

    Metrel update gone wrong??

    Anyone had any issues updating a metrel MFT?? I've tried updating the firmware and now it's not doing anything. I just get a blank screen. In fact I left it a few hours turned it on and it beeped loud and then all the relays/contacts started going crazy and screen flashing. Help needed :-/
  24. Z

    Switch is switching the wrong light

    I have been asked about a switch unit in a hall which has a switch for the hall and another for an outside light. After changing this switch to a sensor switch everything is working fine apart from when hall light is switched on it switches the bedroom light on as well.
  25. M

    New ceiling light - what am I doing wrong!!!

    Hi all, New to forum, apologies if this is in wrong place. Purchased a replacement ceiling chandler and wired up, but obviously wrong as fuse keeps tripping. I've got the two green wires from light (hand photo) to green on curling fitting, where old yellow wire is. Blue wire from light (hand...
  26. T

    Maybe one for the trainees and improvers out there, what is wrong here?

    So what is wrong with this picture? What do you think you should do about it? It is really amazing the things people do with electrics!
  27. B

    I think this is wrong, thoughts please

    Hi guys, been doing more testing and reporting on small blocks of flats and came across this scenario. Block is PME with a small intake at the bottom containing most of the meters. The sub-mains/laterals then run through pvc conduit to the ccus in the flats where there is an Henly block making...
  28. T

    Electrical certificate from a decade ago anything wrong with it?

    Hi again :cool: So my Son sent me the attached file as the cert for electrical work and there appears to be something missing or was it so different then? This if for a house he is about to purchase.
  29. mhar

    Can't go wrong, bargain

    NWS SIDE CUTTER , VDE 6 In 1 Cutter 190mm, + NWS WIRE STRIPPERS BARGAIN PRICE | eBay - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NWS-SIDE-CUTTER-VDE-6-In-1-Cutter-190mm-NWS-WIRE-STRIPPERS-BARGAIN-PRICE/252783887393?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  30. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Plasterers no good, cut the wrong sized hole for your switch ?

    Don#t worry use one of these beauties.
  31. Davisonp

    What do folk do when given a CU with switch on wrong side?

    I came across this earlier this week doing an EICR and would value your opinions on this matter. I have occasionally been given a CU to install only to arrive and find the switch is on the wrong side of the CU and it will not fit in the current configuration. I was taught to move the switch and...
  32. C

    Main gas bond connected in the wrong place

    hello guys I need some advice on and EICR job. On the MET we have two main bonding conductors 10mm each. Water is fine however I cannot find the gas bond connection on the pipe. I know it is connected to the pipe as a long lead test gives me 0.02. The pipes resistance rises as I disconnect...
  33. I

    What is wrong with this light rose wiring!?

    Hello, really hoping you good people could help solve this problem that's been bugging me for over a week now. Recently changed all the sockets & light fittings in my home only because the previous ones were looking a little old-hat & worn out. All fitted & working fine with no problem; until I...
  34. AndyL

    Pretty sure my cps assessor was wrong

    So I had my yearly assessment today with my friendly local engineer. He was fair enough but there was 2 points he pulled me on that have niggled me because I am sure I was right. Would like some other opinions please. Firstly a 60 Amp TN-S supply to a domestic property. ... what is the minimum...
  35. S


    what is maximum amount of spur sockets taken from a main , the main amperage can be changed easily the wiring is 2.5 and a ring main is not possible without a lot of work as this is a large old house which has been wired this way , there will only be one large consumer a water heater .
  36. Morgie007

    new to forums

    Hi to all thought this forum might help me out with some elec troubleshooting, i am just a DIY r although i know a bit about wiring and the basics. Im really trying to sort out British Gas dodgy installers shortcuts that are going wrong now.
  37. S

    MCS Commissioning date - amended?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if they have ever applied to MCS to have a commissioning date amended? I need to alter the date of a Certificate for a system commissioned earlier in the year and it just needs changed by a few days. Has anyone done this before? Is it straightforward? What "excuse" did...
  38. UKMeterman

    Very simple alarm panel needed

    Hi, I am looking for a panel to replace a 20 year old System Four alarm panel, the simpler the better and has to have integral PSU and key pad. What would the group suggest? Thanks
  39. B

    Volex cu rcd

    My mum has a Volex CU which has been nuisance tripping last few months, tried disconnecting, switching off various things but found nothing that causes it. After a while it will come back on, but it has gone now and will not switch back on feels as no tension in RCD switch. Problem is cannot...
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