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  1. polo1

    RCBO for Wylex NSB range

    Hi peeps, anyone know if the current Wylex standard size rcbo will fit a board populated with the NSB range of mcbs? If not, anything that does? TIA
  2. J

    Wylex Stotz PSB 63A MCB

    Does anybody know where I can source an old style Wylex PSB 63A SP MCB? It's to fit an existing 3 Phase Distribution Board with fork style busbar. Thanks in advance.
  3. M

    Wylex Type A or above rcd/rcbo... where to find them?

    I'm a bit stumped, feels like I'm hunting bigfoot. Anyone know a supplier for these?
  4. T

    Crumbling Wylex Fuse Board

    Hi all, hoping to get a couple of grounded (sorry) opinions. Removed a carrier from my old Wylex box. Under the carrier there’s a flash-guard and that’s screwed to a plastic ridge which divides the two contacts. God knows why or how but the plastic ridge sheared off so although you can wedge...
  5. A

    Wylex fuse required in garage

    Hello everyone In my garage, I have an old Wylex Fusebox (see attached) containing a 5 and 15amp fuse. Both of them have now blown which means that they need replacing. From reading around the internet, I understand that I can purchase some Wylex MCB's. I've looked on Screwfix and there's a...
  6. Bubbler Bob

    Upgrading Older Style Wylex Type B MCB's to BS EN 60898

    hanks Hi new member here wishing some advise! I've a 6 Way Consumer Unit with Wylex Type B (WYB Series, BS3871) Push In/Pop Out style MCB's, which is working with no known faults. Utilising 2 x 5A MCB's re front & rear ceiling light circuits, and 2 x 30A MCB's re front & rear power socket...
  7. G

    Wylex NHTPSH100, What fuse type?

    Can't shut off this switch fuse to see what type of fuse is in it. Needed for EIC. It says 100A but not the type, I'm guessing its a BS88 but would like to know if this is all they take or if they vary, in which case it'll have to be a scheduled shut down. Internet doesn't really give any...
  8. ipd1961

    Tripping issue with Split load Wylex DB

    Got an issue at home, today I got home and found one of the RCD's had tripped on my split load Wylex DB. I tried to reset but it wasn't having it. Switched all MCB's off on the RCD (Call it number 1) that had tripped then reset. All was ok, switched each MCB on and stayed in. Put the kettle on...
  9. L

    For sale: wylex RCD 80A 30mA

    Pallet full available. 24 to a box... Make sensible offers please. Collection or available by post.
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Demonstration of an AFDD by wylex

    Saw this on youtube part of the GSH channel. Probably the best video to demonstrate an AFDD in use I have seen as of yet, It is a Wylex one and no doubt pricey, i could see the time in a few years where the AFDD and rcbo will all be incorporated into 2 modules and each circuit protected by one...
  11. O

    Wylex MCB Type 2 60 amp

    Good evening people, Next question from a non-sparky. My electrician has asked me to get a 60 amp MCB for a board, he said I would find one on ebay as the board is a few years older. The other MCBs are Wylex Type 2. I can't find a 60 amp Type 2 but I have seen Type 1, can some one tell me what...
  12. Soulcraft Electric

    Alterations to an installation with a 1980s (?) Wylex board protected by a single external RCD

    Just carried out a pre-work survey (older property and I wanted to check it over) for a client that wants a few extra sockets and other bits and bobs. The installation has a 5-way Wylex board (I’m guessing 1980s - white/cream plastic) which has had RCD protection added externally at some point -...
  13. Electron

    Does Wylex RCCB meet Regulations?

    A customer wants a house refurbished. Attached is a photo of the existing Consumer Unit. three circuits are protected by an RCCB (an old type of RCD) and two aren't. I have recommended a new Consumer Unit with full RCD protection. Is there any way the existing can be made to conform?
  14. L

    Wylex Old Style HRC 60 amp fuses?

    Apologies for newbie question- I'm only an occasional sparky and get stumped by these things from time to time- What's the best way to get hold of these old Wylex fuses? I presume they're not made any more like this? Hope this picture comes over OK....
  15. Gavin John Hyde

    Useful leaflet from wylex about 18th edition

    Had this in an email from Wylex, might be useful to people as it summarises some of the changes in the 18th edition quite well. things might change but from what I have heard industry and a lot of the various bodies pretty much know whats staying and going from the draft but cant officially say.
  16. D

    Clear reasons why to change old wylex rewireable fuse board keeps poppin up sick of lookog like I'm

    See wylex boards do they need to be changed and need de clear advise the customers always re luctant an my advice and answers seems unconvincing. What reasons wwhy and de advice
  17. happysteve

    Wylex miniature RCBO with switched neutral

    Ooh, interesting.... www.wylexreasons.co.uk I wonder when they'll be available... Edit: link to PDF about them
  18. M

    old wylex skelton unit, mystery accessory identification help

    Hi attached picture shows a 1975 wylex consumer board in a flat we are in process of buying. Doing a bit of research whilst waiting for the paperwork to get sorted. Found plenty of information on how to add a new skeleton board in and quite a few pictures of same old board. but none so far with...
  19. Dave301

    Wylex NB20 type 2 rcbo replacement

    Does anyone know if there is a replacement for the wylex NB type 2s. I need to add rcd protection to an existing circuit but unsure if there is an rcbo that will replace it or do I fit a separate rcd?
  20. P

    Old Wylex 6 way fuse board cover want

    Hi All I'm looking for an old cover, cream if anyone has one kicking around. Have an old Wylex unit on a renovation project working on and know the board should probably be changed but over budget! Happy to send some beer tokens if anyone has one. 6 way. Cheers Pauly