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  1. Spoon

    Got to meet my first forum member yesterday.

    As the title says, I got to meet my first forum member yesterday. I had a problem with my upstairs lighting circuit that was tripping the breaker. I have no test equipment and didn't want to keep tripping the breaker by dismantling things and seeing if it pops again. So I asked @telectrix if he...
  2. 123

    An interesting callout yesterday....

    No power to the house, didn't take long to find the problem.

    Came across this yesterday

    Domestic supply to a first floor two bedroomed flat above a shop sharing the service head with another flat next door. I haven't been next door so don't know what or how the cable has been terminated but if it's anything like this ......
  4. GMES

    Finally Done

    Well that's it locked the office up lads paid up just landed home and don't plan on moving till Jan 3rd lol. Typically though I made the decision to get yesterday and today in the office with the lads to tidy up and get all invoices sorted and the Bloody laptops and printers decide to go on a...
  5. gatuka

    2394 multiple choice passed

    passed 2394 multiple choice anyone done the typed 2394/5 need more info as I have another exam on Monday
  6. A

    Problems With Niglon RCBOs: Anyone Else?

    I had five out of eight Niglon RCBOs fail to respond to the test button today/yesterday . Three 6A, and two 16A . One of the 16A 'blew' / 'exploded inside', after pressing the button a few times. Wasted half a day because of it :banghead: Anyone else? I'm just wondering if there's a wider...
  7. K

    R2 test on a ring main where the conduit is the earth

    What readings would expect for the wandering lead method whilst testing from the consumer unit to the sockets, would you expect in the region of less than 0.10 ohm?
  8. B

    MCS sign off problem

    i have just fininshed and tried to sign off a 9.8kw system on a 3 phase supply but MCS wont issue a cert, any ideas why as i cant get hold of anybody there!!!!!!!! thanks. i need a holiday.
  9. T

    upsolar pv system

    Hi guys, i have just installed my first pv system for a company that has just been set up (used for mcs accreditation all passed fine) The problem is the system is only generating 800watts an hour on a very nice sunny day. Its a 3.8 ish system with fronius ilgt3.6 inverter. The panels are 17...
  10. D

    Customer service - good and bad

    So last week I bought a couple of bits (nothing expensive) off Test Equipment Direct (also known as Ordered Sunday, shipped Monday, delivered Tuesday. So far so good! Yesterday I was using the Fluke LVD2 when it suddenly packed up. (Its a no contact voltage...
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