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  1. Donovan Vigus

    Another new guy

    I'm new to the industry and have so many questions. Hope you can help?
  2. 2

    Going self-employed as a domestic electrician.

    Hello everyone, I need some advice. I am a 61 year old apprentice served electrician. I have been " in the game for 45 years ". Mostly I have been employed by companies in the commercial and industrial side. After a recent illness and a lot of thought I've decided I don't want to work for anyone...
  3. C

    Fancy A Cheeky Greggs?

    Just wanted to let you all know that Schneider Electric have just launched their latest 'Snack or Stack' campaign. When you buy any of the promotional products you'll get a free £3 Greggs voucher to spend in store or you can 'stack' for Argos vouchers. Finally, you can also trade it in the £3...
  4. A

    22 year old guy looking for apprenticeship in London

    Hey guys, I'm Alex, 22 years old from Shropshire, I have some experience working on building sites, I am having to move into London for family reasons and would love to start an apprenticeship when I'm there. I'm a trustworthy, hard working guy looking to catch a break. If you would like to...
  5. W

    What's needed for domestic if already qualified and have 2391?

    Hi guys, I'm already qualified as apprentice trained (NG Bailey) to 17th edition (new, C&G parts 1&2 and AM2) and have 2391 test/inspect. I worked on industrial/commercial from 91-2008 then moved over to periodic inspections. I've been out of it the last three years to bring our daughter up till...
  6. telectrix

    elex. manchester, march 3/4

    OK, who's going? paul m will as i owe him a beer.
  7. I

    Becoming a domestic installer

    Hi everyone, Im looking at getting back into the game as leaving my current profession. About 12 years ago i was an engineer with ADT doing CCTV and alarms etc. I served my time at college doing my sparks course, (16th edition i think) but i have forgotten most, if not all of what i did there...
  8. B

    Square D 80a Breaker 3 pole.

    Is there such thing on the market? Its the clip on type 3 phase one. Model HQ. 63 aint quite cutting it and need something a bit beefier..
  9. S

    AM2 Question

    Does anyone know if i'll have failed my AM2 because i forgot to put brown sleeving on the strappers in one of my two way switches? Its the only fault i had with my installation and so i'm hoping its not considered to be a major fault? Can anyone put my mind at rest?
  10. onions1066

    rcd protecting tails again

    I know this subject has been done to death and I have my opinion on it but today in a domestic property new build only 3 years old. Meter tails behind plaster no protection with even capping just clipped direct. Dual rcd board in the house. Tails 8 meters long switch fuse outside in Meter box...
  11. N

    Training providers

    Hi Guys, Iam 30yrs and being working as a MIG Welder for the past 7yrs but am now consideringa career change as an electrician. Becourse of family commitnents I cannot afford to spend 3 or more years in college,so an thinking of a private training provider. I will be very grateful if somebody...
  12. H

    Working in auz

    Hi there was just wondering of anyone had any stories or info on working in auz, I'm 27 fully qualified sparks started pretty much from school so got quite abut of experience. I want to go to perth on a year working visa to see if i line it and then if i like it maybe try get sponsored and...
  13. S


    Just looking for advice on the domestic installer scheme, I am a 2391 qualified electrician and have my assessment on Thursday and I was just looking for any pointers or information the accessor may try and catch me out with. Thanks
  14. W

    Just thought I would throw this one out there - OFFSHORE work

    Chaps, Been thinking about a career either offshore or in the wind industry for some time. It is in fact, the reason I took up any interest in electrics at all if im honest. However, my current job role is all well and good, for now, but before i bang my head on the ever approaching glass...
  15. sjhall

    Core drilling

    Question for any of you guys that do a fair bit of core drilling- Do you drill with hammer action on or off ? I've got a decent enough drill ( makita 8406c 1400w) Ive found I get better results on hammer but dont want to damage the drill ... Thoughts? Cheers
  16. S

    MCS Accreditation Transfer

    Hi Everyone, So i finally came to the decision to make my exit out of the Solar PV industry and move onto other things. I have got a buyer who has been a surveyor for a National Solar PV company and has decided to take the reigns of his own venture. My only question i have which i think i...
  17. F

    Special Airport System Engineer

    Hello, I am From middle East working as Special Airport System Engineer. Could I know how can i enter the forum of CCTV and Security?
  18. S

    AM2 Result! WOW!!!

    Received an email at bang on 12 today with my results. To my surprise i have passed everything! I was certain i failed most of it but wow! WELL happy now :D
  19. A

    mcs accreditation

    I recently did a c&g pv course and have the chance to do a couple of installations. Can anyone advise on what gaining mcs accreditation involves and who is it best to go with?
  20. J

    Mounting onto SIPS panels (warm roof)

    Anybody had any experience mounting onto a roof with insulation over the rafters, a so-called warm roof? Could you put hanger bolts down through the SIPS panels as some installers do on a slate roof? (but let's not get started on that discussion on this thread!) But would still have a problem...
  21. S

    !..Benefits of a Business Bank Account..!

    Hello Each.... I have a seperate bank account but was thinking of getting a business bank account. I know some offer free banking but costs aside what are the real benefits. E.g - Is there a business advisor on hand..? Financial support/advice..? Offers such as insurance etc, etc..?! Any...
  22. C

    AZUR solar system's l.t.d.

    hi has anybody used the above named product's ? if so what are they like quality and performance wise ? and also customer service delivery e.t.c. i'd also like to ask as a new and inexperienced solar p.v. company is it best for us to buy our p.v. product's in all in a box kit form ? and does it...
  23. D

    Do I need my own insurance for 'foreigners'?

    I'm currently employed doing electrical maintenance. Some work is coming up that will be notifiable to the LABC. The boss wants me to enrol in one of the schemes and he's happy for me to do my own work at weekends etc. Will I need my own PL insurance for this, as I'm sure the companies policy...
  24. B

    First job large install...help!

    I'm going to quote a job on Sat and although I have done the course and got the t shirt, I am nervous about the quote as it is a big install for my first job, a baptism of fire on a farm barn roof. If you could help me with any info about quoting for this type of install rather than a small...
  25. F

    Oil and Gas Insurance

    My new employer wants me to go self employed and I need £5million of Public Liability Insurance for myself covering onshore Oil and Gas I'm not having much luck with finding this insurance as the moment I mention Oil and Gas no one seems interested.I was wanting some advice on what insurance...
  26. U

    SWA - RCD required at supply source?

    Looking to rewire supply to detached garage. House CU has RCD main switch and I wish to avoid nuisance tripping, so plan is to split tails, install isolator and run SWA to an RCD board in garage. SWA route will be out through bungalow loft and along catenary wire for 2 metres to garage...
  27. G

    Just Joined ELECSA

    Well if they have me, I have just paid online for ELECSA, hopefully the rest of the process is just as smooth........:D
  28. J

    think ive just stuffed my am2

    On the m.i.c.c cable the 3 phase from the board the resistance between each phase is about 88 mega ohms so think ill get marked dorwn for that also the in the board the conducters are about an inch short of the breaker the only thing im pleased with is the conduit oh well got another 2 days of...
  29. S

    elesa assessment

    hi guys im pretty new to this site. just a general question about elecsa assessment if anyone is registered with them i have my assess booked and the assesor is paul dudley does this name ring a bell to any one. i live in somerset so that must be his general area
  30. D

    Part P book Yes or No?

    Hi just about to start Part P on Monday, they have recomended buying the book for the course its £80.00 do i really need it thanks
  31. H

    Solar Sign Lighting

    Hi. I need a solar setup for an 8'x4' sign. I'm thinking in lines of 2, or possibly three of these for light source. LED Flood Light (160 LED's) 8.5w White IP65 It will involve using 12 to 240V invertor, a dawn to dusk photocell and a time switch. The lighting source will run from dusk till...
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