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Hi all,

I recently done an EICR on a property. It had a few repairs, one of which was no RCD protection on sockets which could be used outside.

Because I had carried out insulation resistance tests etc and knew everything was clear, I opted to just replace the main switch with an RCD main switch. There was only a lighting circuit, a socket circuit, electric shower and cooker circuit.

And because I had already tested it, I just went in and pulled the main fuse (there was no seal on the main fuse, the meter or the 2 Henley blocks which the consumer unit tails were joined with the tails leaving the meter).

I fitted the RCD and it wouldn’t even turn on so I started trying to investigate, I was getting 240v going into the meter and only 110v leaving it. I checked all continuity etc and everything was fine.

Eventually after I checked everything I just disconnected the tails from the out going side of the meter completely removing the installation and the meter was still showing 110v.

Client has had an engineer from the energy supplier in now (around 6 days later) and he has said everything is fine, 240v leaving the meter, however the RCD won’t turn on. (I’m currently on holiday so can’t go down to investigate) - the property is empty for now anyway.

Has anyone ever came across this before? I’m thinking the meter has damaged the RCD now so I’m going to order a new one for me getting home. But I’ve never seen 110v coming out of a meter then suddenly rectifying itself a few days later - it doesn’t seem plausible so I’m now doubting myself. Even though I checked L-N going in and it was 240 then 110v going out with everything disconnected.

Sorry for the long winded post but I tried to provide the most information and context.

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Lucien Nunes

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