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Just due to start a job next week and was talking to the self employed (corgi registered part p) gas fitter.
As i saw him wiring a sw fuse for the boiler - at ceiling height and as a spur from a spur-Via a joint box under the floor i asked him if he had done his 17th edition yet.
He said no, So i asked him who was signing his paperwork (17th edition minor works) His answer was he is (both sections)as he has all the 17th books regs on-site guides and is sent how-to's from corgi, and is part p registered.
Tell me this can't be legal, I thought that if you sign a 17th ed cert you have to have the qualification to back it up.
I have already left a message with the owner that the boiler will have to have a new supply (spur off spur)
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I would be just as concerned about accessibility of the second spur (not between 450 and 1400 I think) and the inaccessibility of the JB. If the spur is from the outlet side of the 1st one it cant draw more than the fuse in the first spur. not good practice though what do you expect!!


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i thought it was between 450mm and 1200mm and thats only for everyday switching spurs and TP switches etc and still go higher.


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These heights are for new dwellings only, you don't even have to use them on a rewire, also, as far as I know you can sign 17th edition certs off without having the 17th edition qualifications, ELECSA members don't need 17th edition till next year (i think)

Des 56

The niceic have given their QS until sometime in 2010 to obtain the 17th
It is pushing and bending to the extreem,but it does not restrict the signing of up to date certificates

Any interesed parties who work in electrical installation should have aquired this multi guess certificate by now I would have expected

A spur from a spur ,could he possibly be extending a radial,in which case he may not be being a naughty boy
Highth wise,the positions during rewiring are to be no less non compliant(you cant put something higher or lower than existing)
Accessability would be the main concern

By the way,being actually competent in electrical work is not the overiding qualification for being certified to self certificate part p
Money raised by membership by whoever and whatever means is the main criteia unfortunately
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