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230v Garden spike lights with gland fitting

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Looking to track down garden spike lights for an electrician to install for my parents. Without getting into a debate about ELV install etc, does anyone know if any garden spike lights come with the ability to take a gland connection such that SWA could be connected directly to the light fitting? Just conscious that my mother likes working in the garden etc, and I can see her severing any non-mechanically protected cable at some point as she won't have her glasses on etc. And hence wondering does any brand of spike light come without the pre-installed cable and allow for SWA to be used right into the fitting.
Probably not, as a lot of these spike lights are small plastic things. Not got the room for even one swa as these are large cables compared to flex.

Best idea is swa glanded into a IP rated box, then flex out to the light. Maybe have the box on a spike too, so the flex is up off the ground.

Maybe lights on the area that gets worked on regularly isn’t a good plan? Can they go elsewhere that doesn’t carry the risk of being cut.
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