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2391 or not?

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Hi I'm a fully qualified gold card electrician thinking of starting my own business. Just wondering do I need 2391 to sign off my own work/ carry out eicrs.
You need to join a scheme to sign off your own work and there are two main types of membership Approved Contractor or Domestic Installer. You will need 2391 for Approved Contractor status but not for the Domestic Installer.

ECS Gold card typically covers 1-5 in the EAS (Electrical Assessment Specification) If you are a Gold Card Approved Electrician this would cover list 6.

1-5 covers Domestic Installer - ECS gold card typically covers this
1-6 covers Approved Contractor - ECS gold card Approved Electrician covers this

My personal opinion, having looked through the two main scheme membership lists and having talked to them they like to push the mantra that you cannot do Commercial work if you are on the Domestic Installer scheme but this is not true and I have found quite a few members who are doing Commercial work who are only registered as Domestic. That said a lot of council and other entities will only deal with scheme members for electrical work.

Lets face it most join because of the ability to self certify for Domestic due to Part P requirements.
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You only need to join a scheme to self certify for the purposes of part P.

You can sign off, as in issue an electrical certificate, without any scheme membership.
very true indeed, absolutely agree, however a lot of businesses do like their sparks to be in a scheme, so Part P aside joining the NICEIC for example as an Approved contractor can be a useful thing to do, most Councils or public services insist on membership of a scheme, some companies will not touch a spark without membership, not all obviously.
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