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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and its due to the fact that I have my AM2 exam this coming Monday.
I just have a few questions.
- Do I need to earth bond the cable tray?
- I know that the External Loop Impedance Test is on the incoming side of the installation, and that when testing i need to disconnect the main earth from the earth bar to test. The board is a 3 phase and so do I need to test between L1-N-E L2-N-E and L3-N-E or do I just take a reading between each phase and earth then obviously record the highest reading?
- For the insulation resistance testing am I right in thinking that;
- I need to disconnect the RCBO and the fly leads completely from the CU?
- Disconnect the Lighting circuit and remove the lamps so that i can test the circuit when operating the switches?
- Disconnect the incoming supply for the CU to my motor contactor and place in push in terminals so that I dont damage the contactor?
- Disconnect the load from the unswitched fused spur for the co2 detector?
Then do a global test for the rest of the circuits at the main switch? i.e L1-L2 L1-L3 L3-L1 L1-E L2-E L3-E? Or go across each circuit individually at the cu?

Anyway thats enough so far that I can think of. Any help would be fantastic!


Not open for further replies.

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