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I don't know if this is true or whether it is Daily mail sensationalism but:

Energy companies have been accused of rigging the electricity market to the tune of £600million and forcing every British household to find an extra £25 each to pay for it.

The Government believes some providers are using a scam to 'overload' the national grid so they can claim back 'unduly high' sums of lucrative compensation.

Since 2007 energy companies have been pocketing an average of £125million per year by claiming they have had to shut down their power stations and wind farms because the electricity network is full to capacity.

Energy companies 'rigging the market' and overcharging by £600m, costing every British household an extra £25 | Mail Online


Wouldn't surprise me if they did do this, but then again the Daily Mail generally is about as reliable as my 3 year old nephew.
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