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Steven Brooks

Hi friends,

I am in a rental property and the main electricity meter supplies two properties. An additional meter reads the consumption for the second property. However the main meter has on it 500Imp/KWH but the meter for the second property has on it 1000Imp/KWH. I am assuming I can't just subtract one from the other to get the usage for each property. Can anyone advise on this?

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Hi Steven, no one else had replied so looks I'm in thr frame.
electricity meters all register the usage in KWH which gives a reading in kilowatts, all meter makes tend to use impulses per kilowatt.
In your case eg 500imp/kwh, this is the little red light that flashes 500 times per KWH. It matters not how many times each meter flashes as the reading they display is the part you take note of.
Yes you can subtract one from the other to get the usage but be aware that the first part (normally 225 units) is charged at a higher rate than the following units so this figure would have to be charged by you to the tennant pro rata as it would be illegal to charge more than the chargable rate for fuel taking into account reasonable collection charges. more information can be obtained from the goverment website for rented properties.
Hope this helps you.
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