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[h=1]what's the difference between Dilog DL2080 Cable Locator Set and
[/h][h=1] CLS20 Cable Locator Set apart from the price.
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CLS20 Cable Locator Set

This Cable Locator Set is the perfect device for tracing cables, locating fuses/RCDs and detecting faults and short circuits. This cable tracer can be used to detect both live and dead cables in walls and underground to a depth of 2.5m and is perfect for investigating faults on single and 3-phase electrical systems.
CLS20 cable location features
Detects both live and dead cables to a depth of 2.5m
Digitally coded signal ensures clear signal identification
Clear LCD on transmitter shows transmitting level, code and external voltage
LCD with backlight on receiver displays signal, code and line voltage
Adjustable signal sensitivity
The CLS20 cable tracing set is ideal for finding conductors in walls, conductor tracing in soil, detecting fuses, tracing hidden sockets and finding metallic water and heating pipes

Dilog DL2080 Cable Tracing Set

The Dilog DL2080 Cable Locator set is ideal for tracing and detecting cables in walls and underground, locating fuses / RCD's on final circuits and locating interruptions / faults and short circuits in cables. It enables the user to check and investigate electrical faults on single or 3 phase systems. The Dilog DL2080 cable location meter is easy to use, compact & handheld and is an ideal tool for any electrician or electrical contractor.

Traces cables down to 2.5m underground
Transmits digitally coded signal for clear signal identification
Clear LCD display signal code & signal strength
Automatic or Manual Signal Sensitivity adjustment
Operates on both live & dead cables
Auto power off and backlight for bad lighting conditions
Meets CAT III 300V Safety Standards

Other features mentoned in the instruction manual:

Finding conductors in walls, conductor interuptions, short-circuits in conductors
Conductor tracing in soil
Detecting fuses and assigning circuit currents
Tracing sockets and distribution outlets having accidentaly been covered by plastering
Detecting interuptions and short circuits in floor heating
Tracing metallic water and heating piping

Order number: DILOG DL2080

Easier to compare when both products are listed in the same place, I too thought they were very much the same but there actually appears to be a few differences:thumbsup


I must admit, the wording doesn't really help much as some are different but mean the same thing????

Hope you get the answer you are looking for. If you do have to resort to email then perhaps you could post the link to this thread and request nicely that they pop over to provide the answer on here so that other members who are interested in these items can easily find the answer using the forum search function.



All I can help with is that I've got the 2080 (bought from them, actually) and it does what it says on the tin - great bit of kit.


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I posted on the forum to help others with the same question. If there's no answer by tonight I'll email them.

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Sorry for the late reply guys, back now after a bout of gastroenteritus!

Literally the only difference is one has a brand name on it. It really is that simple.
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