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Can you please clear something up for me??

I am in the process of fitting downlights in a flat. Now the customer has been out a bought them all and they are OK to use in Zone 3 of a bathroom (wall or ceiling).
The question I have is...............
If the height of the room is only 2180mm from floor to ceiling, the fittings are OK to use on one side of the room but do the fittings have to be IPX4 rated above the bath (cos Zone 1 is up to 2250mm)?? I am a little confused :confused:
zone 0 = ip67
zone 1 = ip44
zone 2 = ip44
zone 3 = no ip required in zone three ;)

hope that helps, after the height of 2.25m then its zone 2 which is the same ip rating as zone 1.

regards luke


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Thanks Luke
I was just unsure if the zones/ratings related to the ceilings


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With regards to zones. I too have a question. We are now in a position of zone 1 and zone 2 being designated areas. I then interpreted regs as saying 0.6 outside zone 2 was ok for general items (if protected by rcd). However, onsite guide states 3mtrs for a socket outlet. Does that include switches (plastic wall mounted dimmers) or just stuff that plugs in?
big al
i'm guessing yea, because your most likely to be electricuted by a socket, due to the equipment been on a flex cable, you can then get closer in on the zones??????


Unless you're having sex you can't have too much protection and even then it's debatable. Bathroom D/L for me are alwaays IP44 all round so they match and the light spread is even IP44 lamps are held higher in the body than conventional luminaires. Any switch that can be accessed by a naked body is a lot more likely to receive a deadly shock,

Did I have a post removed for mentioning a manufacturer of IP44 switches?
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