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I've just come across this forum which looks great so a quick Hi for a start.

I'm 33 and for the past 4 months worked as an electricians mate but on new large apartment blocks so I dont do much wiring just pulling cables in fixing truncking on walls and stuff like that, So I dont have no knowledge of how it all works. But I want to get qualified and as its been asked a few times before I just wanted to know which way would be best as everyone is in a different situation. I really dont want to take 2 years at night college doina a course so I was looking at either these 2 options.

1: doing a home study course C&G 2330 level 2 for £595 thern followed with level 3 for £695. then doing my 17th edition, C&G 2391 and C&G 2377 whixh should come to another £1000.

2: Doing a 4 week full time course which include Module 1 - Basic Electrical Generic Module (5)
Module 2 - Domestic Electrical Part 1:- Domestic Wiring Circuit (5)
City and Guilds 2382- 16th Edition Wiring Regulations (3)
City and Guilds 2377 002 - Portable Appliance Testing (1)
City and Guilds 2391- Inspection & Testing (4)
EAL Domestic Electrical Installer (2)
this would cost £3000 then do my part p after.

An electrician as said to me that the second option is a con and I wouldnt be able to get work. But The money to pay dosent bother me I'm just looking at the best way. I estimate that option 1 would take around a year of home studying and practical is this right. Where option 2 is quicker but less qualified.

Sorry to be long winded but its a big decision to be made.
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Homestudy for 2330??? Didn't know this was available. Is it? How would you have anything explained/shown to you that you didn't understand?

Just my opinion...

Anyway, from what you've told us, what with working on new builds and the fact that money is not a problem. I'd go for option 2.

Option 1, besides what I mentioned in the first paragraph would be more suited if you wanted to cover a broader scope (Commercial/industrial AND domestic) though I'd look into college NOT homestudy.

Oh, and option 2 being a con?

Think Shakey ay have something to say about that! :)

Seriously though bazfalty, good luck with whatever you choose and keep us posted with your progress.

Anybody else care to offer some advice?


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Thanks for the reply

Career Essentials - Construction & Building Industry Training. thats is the homestudy course for the 2330. As I have a baby due in 6 months time I'm thinkingthe homestudy may be a little hard. So I agree that option 2 might bethe best it's just some poeple have said that it's a waste of time on the IET forum I looked at the other day. The 2 electrictricans that said it was waste of money are both nvq3 trained and JIb so I just think they say that there way is best, and it may be best for a young person finishing school who has the time it dont always suit the needs of everybody. theres only about 8 months work left on the project I'm on so wanted to get some qualifications on board before I finished.


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Well your gaining experience everyday.
As for the college/condensed learning "debate."

1 day a week at college for 2 years (Academic years that is)
4 week course, 5 days a week.

Not much between the 2 is there? Not only that, with these condensed courses, the lessons stay fresh in your mind, no week break between each lesson.


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Thanks, just got to find the right course now. I'll have a browse about the forum.
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