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I am looking to expand my business, i mainly deal with security systems, communal tv systems etc.

Most of the electrical work i do is mainly minor woks and simple stuff, i do some work for a couple of big property management agencies in liverpool and they have asked if i would take on there electrical work. The type of work is replacing of lights, general maintenance, emergency lighting, CU changes in appartment blocks, also we could take on further electrical works on the domestic and commercial side.

A good spark would benefit me no end to be honest.

I am just really looking for advice on what exactly i should be looking for in a spark with regards to qualification and experience? I know 2391 is handy but is there anything else i should be looking for?

Also how much should i be looking to pay him?

Any advice appreciated.



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JIB rates are


thats for none transport + transport provided

But you pay them what you want really

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Apprentice trained.
Experienced (At least 4 - 5 years under his belt after serving his time)
2391 is not required for the work you will be taking on - (the experience will make up for that qualification anyway)

You will either need to employ a part-p sub contractor or register with a part-p provider yourself

A subby would be looking for significantly more than the JIB rate.

£15 - £35 an hour depending on how much work you have.
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If you want to sub it out your looking at £25 ph ... Employing someone .... Decent £15 + ph I'd imagine


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A bit of advice would be to check references and work history thoroughly!! They should also be able to let you see the originals of any qualifications they claim to have!

Be wary of jumping from job to job with agency's.

Ask lots of questions. Some tough technical questions can soon show up any shortcomings in ability.

Hope this helps and good luck.
do you not no any electricians yourself another time i would of been interested as i live over the water from you


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You need to consider the other expenses of employing someone. If you can sub it out at say £20 an hour you'd be better off I think by the time you've taken into account NI contributions, holiday pay, sick pay etc etc
Yes your cis card


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It's done through a UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number now, HMRC do not issue CIS cards anymore.
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